Edwards: “People Are The Key Assets Of City”

May 8, 2015

“In my role as Councillor for this term, I would also like to reaffirm my commitment to work for the people who are the key assets of the City of Hamilton,” RoseAnn Edwards said after being re-elected in yesterday’s [May 7] Municipal Elections.

Ms Edwards attracted the most votes in the Hamilton Municipal Residents’ Councillors election, which saw the top four earn seats.

The results were:

  1. RoseAnn Edwards 155
  2. George Scott 120
  3. Carlton Johnson 110
  4. Henry Ming 100
  5. Aaron Scott 91
  6. John Holdipp 79
  7. Derrick Phipps 58

Two other positions were also up for election, with Charles Gosling defeating Carlton Simmons [409-158 votes] to become Mayor of Hamilton, while the election in the east saw Quinell Francis [278 votes] defeat the incumbent Garth Rothwell [177 votes] and Alfonso Harris [23 votes] to become St George’s Mayor.

The full statement from Ms Edwards is below:

As a resident of the City of Hamilton who has lived here for most of my life, I have much experience navigating the complexities of city life. With experience in small business and a keen passion for the revitalisation of North Hamilton, my core interest is in the human value of our city.

Human Value In The City

The people and families who live, play and work in our historic city, matter. Every day, the vitality of our city can be attributed to those who work, create jobs, shop, perform, create and socialize. The people are at the heart of everything that matters.

North Hamilton

I grew up in the same traditional Bermuda cottage where I live now. Development has affected the ambiance of my garden with the erection of an eight-story building with the view of a yellow brick wall. Development is critical, but we have to consider the social impact and architectural legacy of our historic neighbourhoods and ensure that we strike a good balance. In fact, I am pleased to have been a part of the ongoing refurbishment of Ewing Street project and with the support of Henry Ming, John Holdipp, Ashley Raynor and our passionate community members we were able to preserve the beloved olive wood trees that provide shade, a beautiful habitat for the birds and a connection to the beautiful and historic Bermuda we all know and love.

The Homeless

We cannot forget the substantial community of men and women who sleep in the city. Homelessness in our city is a very real issue that demands our attention in finding sustainable solutions, and compassionate alternatives. I was a part of the Homeless Committee and we researched the work done in the City of London, Ontario where the municipality collaborated with the Salvation Army to alleviate the pain of homelessness. It is my hope that in the lead-up to this exciting period of growth in our city’s history, that we can be a solid partner and facilitator for these organisations along with the Government, and the private sector. Church without Walls and the Salvation Army represent some of the best work being done to uplift and protect this community. Perhaps the work that we do can support the dedicated and loving work they have done for this group of Bermudian people who represent a broad spectrum of people with rich histories. I have been inspired by Derek Phipps, a former pension lawyer who uses his brilliant mind to advocate for the homeless. His story is just one of many stories of redemption. From his position as an internationally recognised lawyer, he fell into drug addiction, and entered the ranks of the homeless. With the support of community, the work of the Salvation Army and his own courage, he was able to reframe his world and escape homelessness to give back to our community. His commitment to creating paths for others inspires me.


Residential Parking is a critical area of concern and I pledge to advocate on their behalf. I would like to improve compliance to benefit residents through public awareness, signage visibility and consultations with the traffic enforcement division to help to introduce new solutions for this issue. I have been researching successful residential city parking options in cities such as Miami which has residential permits that can come with limited number of scratch-off 24-hour guest passes for purchase. Enforcement will be a key pillar in this effort and I seek to enlist our partners, the Police as well as lobby for the appropriate legislative support. Generally, parking is an important part of the City’s income and we will need to work together to ensure that we maximise that revenue stream.

The Arts

As an artist myself, I am well acquainted with the rich rewards and specific challenges of the creative community. A vibrant city must celebrate and showcase the creative spirit and enable commercial opportunities. I want to see the growth of the Arts –and I envision an artist’s co-operative with mobile art festivals for the city on the streets and in our beautiful parks to bring greater access to the arts for all Bermudians. Chewstick has been a rich contributor to the arts in North Hamilton and beyond. I wish them well in their new location as they continue their positive impact on the City and see them as a model organisation for us all.


I wish my colleagues all the best and wish to thank my family, friends, neighbours and City voters for the support they have given me over the years. In my role as Councillor for this term, I would also like to reaffirm my commitment to work for the people who are the key assets of the City of Hamilton.

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  1. swing voter says:

    Only 2 ex-team Hamilton persons deserve some level of respect….one resigned almost immediately, and one stayed on and risked his professional and personal credibility to voice his objections to some pretty hair raising initiatives….

  2. All the Best says:

    Dear RoseAnn,

    I have great respect for you, and am very confident in your ability to influence. Always enthusiastic, polite, and optimistic.

    You have earned permission to lead, and we are ready to help you where possible.

  3. stunned... says:

    if RoseAnn Edwards is not publicly recorded as having dissented to the shennigans and maladministration of the Cabal of Hamilton (COH )does it mean that she was in full agreement?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      What to you mean she is not “publicly recorded”. It was not a matter for the public.

      • stunned... says:

        so much for transparency

      • aceboy says:

        It absolutely IS a matter for the public. Prime real estate owned by the people of this island is now in the hands of some Mexican financial institution. Mr. MacLean has a lawsuit that threatens to cost us all $90 million. Did she support all of that or not? It is a very reasonable question and one that must be answered.

        • I totally agree with you, “aceboy”. Contrary to what Ms. LaVerne Furbert and a few others wish to believe we the people have ever right to know!
          “Prime real estate owned by the people of this Island is now in the hands of some Mexican financial institution. Mr. MacLean has a lawsuit that threatens to cost us all $90 million.”

    • Zina Malcolm says:

      @stunned. Good question. Roseanne Edwards was in fact publicly recorded challenging members of the Council. The media last year reported on Councillor Edwards challenging members on possible conflicts of interest in the Marston Webb contract renewal. The minutes of every meeting are not always picked up by the media so every disagreement is not publicly recorded.

  4. serengeti says:

    Since she apparently went along with the Dream Team giving away the car park, she is being consistent when she says “people are the key assets”. Once you give away all the real estate, she’s right.

  5. dee says:

    so sick of the COH all they want to do is take take take. The streets are dirty, the roads/sidewalks have holes in them and the cost to come to hamilton for the average working person is OVERPRICED. I have complained to them and road and safety and nothing has been done

  6. frank says:

    it is time for the c of h to be done away with

  7. You should then have a representative from Mexico city as well….they should consider a councilatory emmisary…of course.There by inviting investment.