Consumer Affairs Dept: Honda Fit Car Recall

June 30, 2015

The Department of Consumer Affairs have advised on the recall of certain Honda Fit cars in Bermuda, saying that 106 cars with the inflators were sold in Bermuda, and the vehicles affected are Honda Fit 2002 and 2004 models.

“The recall stems from an announcement made by Takata Corporation on May 19th 2015 regarding the recall of airbag inflators in various brands of cars,” a spokesperson said.

“The recall covers several types of driver and passenger side inflators manufactured by Takata. The performance of some inflators could be affected by long-term exposure over several years to persistent high humidity, potentially in combination with other factors, including manufacturing issues. Under certain circumstances these factors can result in the over-aggressive deployment of some inflators.

“Consumer Affairs, in partnership with local car distributors, have undertaken the necessary recall procedures for identifying any recalled vehicle in Bermuda.

“After an exhaustive joint investigation it was found that 106 cars with these inflators were sold in Bermuda. The vehicles affected are seventy-three Honda Fit 2002 and thirty-three Honda Fit 2004 models.

“The car retailer involved, Auto Solutions, has been very proactive in this recall,” explained a spokesperson for the Department of Consumer Affairs.”They have ordered replacement parts and contacted car owners by letter arranging for immediate repairs. So far fourteen of the cars have been repaired.

“Consumer Affairs and Auto Solutions are concerned that, due the age of these vehicles, owners may no longer be at the address that is on file, may no longer own the vehicle or may not have their vehicles serviced with Auto Solutions which could result in outdated owner contact information. Those owners who fall into any of those situations are asked to call Auto Solutions at 295-5000.

“Consumer Affairs would like to take this opportunity to thank the car dealerships for their partnership in this recall matter.”

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