UK Overseas Territories Meeting In Bermuda

July 20, 2015

Premier Michael Dunkley will host UK Overseas Territories [OT] Heads of Government in Bermuda this week for the Pre-Joint Ministerial Council [JMC] Meeting, the Cabinet Office advised.

This is the second time Bermuda has hosted the Pre-JMC Meetings which take place at Rosewood Tucker’s Point from July 22- 24, 2015.

Representation to the forum includes Premiers, Representative Leaders, Cabinet Ministers and senior Civil Servants of the Overseas Territories.

Premiers and leaders attending the meeting this week include, Premier of the British Virgin Islands, Dr. the Hon. Orlando Smith OBE, Premier of Cayman Islands, the Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Dr. the Hon. Rufus Ewing, Deputy Premier of Montserrat the Hon. Dolmades Ryan, and the Hon. Roger Anthony Edwards, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands.

Other OT territories of the South Atlantic will be represented remotely including, Ascension Island, Tristan Da Cunha, St Helena and Pitcairn.

The Pre-JMC Meetings are a precursor for the upcoming Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council [OT JMC] meeting to be hosted by the UK Government in London later this year. The JMC process under the remit of the London Office works in cohesion with Overseas Territory representative offices based in the UK to ensure Bermuda’s overall interests are upheld.

Premier Dunkley, who will be chairing this week’s meetings said, “Bermuda is very pleased to welcome the OT Heads of Government and OT representatives. The Joint Ministerial Council is the highest political forum between the UK Government and elected leaders and representatives of the Overseas Territories.

“It’s objective is to provide leadership in delivering shared priorities as set out in the 2012 White Paper. So the pre-meetings provide an invaluable opportunity for us to have frank and meaningful discussions about critical matters facing each of our countries in preparation for the OT JMC meeting later this year.

“Areas of focus at this week’s meetings will centre on social and economic development, environmental and security matters and the relationship between the OTs and the UK. This will be my second year participating in such a forum and I am looking forward to having these important conversations with my counterparts.”

The Premier will hold a press briefing later this week to formally welcome the OT leaders and to highlight the two days of meetings.

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  1. Good opportunity for us to show our disgust with this Government.

    • When I read letters from you and those that think like you, I can’t help but get the impression you, (nor them) “have a pot to piss into or a window to toss it out of.”
      I think you don’t give a rollin’ “F” if we were to become another 3rd. world Island. In other words, its them like you that cause so much unnecessary problems for so many others that are concerned about Bermuda’s future!

      • So Norman, it’s ok for you and your group to show their disgust toward Dr. Brown and his party but no one can do it to yours, you threw your stones now your glass house is a target.
        Stay tuned for the unfolding of Harbor Front Gate.

        • Zevon says:

          Another gate, kunta? You didn’t use the word oligarchy this week yet. LMFAO.

    • Anbu says:

      “Your” disgust mate. U dont speak for everyone. Bunch of crybabies in your party. Go stomp your feet up there then. See where it gets you. Lmao

  2. I, along with countless others do thank you Premier Michael Dunkley for holding such an importing meeting here in Bermuda…

    • Next election says:

      You do recall that the oba didn’t win by much. They have what 2 1/2 years left to fulfill their election promises. I remember 1998 they paid for my plane ticket home to vote for them. Ubp/oba. 2017 after the Americas Cup is the period, looking at Christmas time again.

  3. Alvin Williams says:

    Yes now is the time to show this government up; how dare they expect loyalty when they have no respect for the Bermudian who they consider have no birthright in the country they were born and who has a politician that considered her Bermuda status has more value than a Bermudian. We have nothing in common and may the day come quickly when we will liberate our country.

    • Staffernee says:

      Many countries consider their nationality a privilege – not one you happen upon by an accident of birth but one you EARN by being a good and active citizen. Why should it matter who was born in a place if they don’t contribute to the betterment of that place? Who is a better citizen? The person who contributes nothing or worse, actively makes society worse or the person who chose to live in a place and wants to make their life and the life of those around them better?

    • Zevon says:

      Lies and threats again from Alvin.

      What if the threats started coming in the other direction?

  4. mj says:

    bermudian is not a nationality, some bermudians have British citizenship overseas territory) so people that get bermudian status do not have bermudian as their nationality, they already have a nationality they just choose to acquire bermudian status..Some of us were Given the overseas territory citizenship and we have no idea what benefits come along with it because we are not British..does anyone understand… Nationality is when there is an allegiance of status by birthright and leniage…. All persons residing in the islands must have status to remain here and must contribute to some degree before feeling like they deserve status… some of us happen to be born here of ancestors who had no choice but to accept the citizenship of another country that we are subjugated to, yet we do not share the same traditions and cultures with… there is a difference in nationality but not status… everyone that is called bermudian is just got status, not nationality.