WOW To Migrate Spectrum In August 2015

July 13, 2015

WOW is notifying customers that Spectrum Migration from UHF 38-69 to UHF 21-50 will occur in August 2015.

“In 2003, World on Wireless Limited was granted a license for TV broadcasts in the UHF 38-69 range [also known as the 700Mhz group],” the company said.

“The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has advised that they wish to re-allocate the majority of these frequencies to make them available to the cell phone industry for LTE products, and to this end, have requested that WOW relinquish the 700Mhz frequencies and migrate to UHF 21-50.


“As a result of this realignment, WOW customers who have Topfield receivers will need to have these replaced as they are unable to receive signals at the lower levels. We are expecting to receive and complete installation of the new transmission equipment in early August of this year.

“We ask our Customers who have Topfield Receivers to contact our Sales office at 292-1969 to arrange equipment replacements as soon as possible to avoid any loss of services.”

WOW’s V.P. of Operations, Dwight Denbrook, states, “We are happy to comply with the RA’s request to move to an alternate spectrum and have been working at contacting as many customers as we can to complete the Topfield receiver replacement.

“At this point we are doing very well. Along with the receiver exchange we will be replacing antennas at all customer premises with a new, more low profile type. These antennas are on island and we expect to start replacements by July 14.”

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  1. Soooo says:

    One would hope the RA is refunding WOW for any losses as a result of this change. The RA have been doing a lot of this “changing the playing field halfway” which has cost companies time and money…..