Photos/Video: Parsons Rd Playground Re-Opens

August 6, 2015

Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier, today [Aug 6] held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially re-open the newly refurbished Parson’s Road Park Community Playground.

“The former playground at Parson’s Road Park had reached the end of its life span and it was necessary to remove and replace the playground,” the Ministry said.

“The Parsons Road Playground is well used by people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods, children and teachers from preschools and primary schools nearby and the wider community, as the Playground is located in a highly populated area.”

“The Department of Parks has been working on playground installations and improvements for several years now. Recently installed playgrounds include Mullet Bay and Somerset Long Bay.”

“This playground has proven to be a safe and popular amenity in Pembroke Parish,” said Minister Cannonier.

“This highlights the importance of maintaining an open public space designated as a safe and fun area for children and parents in and around the Parsons Road community.”

“These playgrounds encourage healthy lifestyles and help children to gain confidence in their physical capabilities by making exercise fun and rewarding – indeed, these children probably aren’t even aware that they are exercising! Playgrounds have been shown to aid in both the sociological and physical development of children in a positive way.”


“I encourage all of the users of this playground is to please help to keep it clean and please report any issues of vandalism and graffiti or any broken parts so that we can keep this playground safe and pristine.”

“Thank you to all involved in bringing this project to fruition – the Department of Parks for all of their hard work here, and contractor Horsfield Landscape and Design for installation of the play pieces. I am sure many families will enjoy this playground for many years to come.”

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  1. All The Way Bermuda! says:

    What will Premier Cannonier do after 2018?

    • Like Stormin Norman said when he first was elected, Jink could’ve ran and got elected.
      Don’t get FOOLED AGAIN, Back of Town People, part of their election campaign.

    • frank says:


      • Ian says:

        He definitely could use some good PR right now if he wants to survive another election. Now sure why he’s not doing more for his own voters in area 12. That depot in the BG seems like easy low hanging fruit for him to pluck to his benefit.

    • Ian says:

      Well he’s not won a lot of votes in his own constituency over that Botanical Gardens truck depot that’s for sure.

      • SMH says:

        Putting a new truck depot in the Botanical Gardens would be a such a huge mistake and there would be no going back. I saw the 3D plans of what it will look like on FB a while back and its worse than I though.

  2. Frank says:

    Its looks awesome! My kids used the old ones a lot and i am sure we will be down there soon to use these.Thanks

  3. impressive. says:

    Im very happy for the Parsons Road Community and surrounding areas,, Kudos to those that made this happen………………………..

    ………………..As for the photo op, I guess someone, somewhere who is seeing this isn’t having their intelligence insulted.. Bless them.

  4. rhonda says:

    Now for the bathrooms. And the weeds in the sand.

  5. Somerset resident says:

    I agree with all the comments express in this story. Now I asked the community to drive along Harbour Road starting at the junction with Manse Road. Travel west to Greene”s Guest House and the Minister responsible could not find one area that would make a good photo op. The overgrown vegetation in the describe area presents so many safety issues with pedestrians having to walk into the road to traverse these areas. Minister address these safety issues. Doing the basics in certain communities should not be opportunities to generate photo ops. Photo ops do not address legitimate safety concerns caused by overgrowth in so many places island wide.

    • Not worst then Happy Valley.

    • SMH says:

      The Parks dept is badly run and has been for a long while now. It’s too bad because they have a lot of great people working there. Same does for Conservation Services. Good bunch there including the Director. Maybe he should be promoted to Dir of Parks and finally turn that Dept around to where is was.

  6. Awesome says:

    Looks very nice. Thanks

    Hope the other playgrounds will get upgraded soon as well.

    • Ian says:

      Now if only he would out that much effort and do something for his own constituency. What about that maintenance depot planned for the Botanical Gardens?

      • Greenie says:

        It would be a real shame for the island and our tourists if they decide to go ahead with outing that in the BG. No one wants to see that in a public park. Something industrial and dangerous like that has no place there.

      • Mary C says:

        That whole plan is a farce. The entire Botanical Gardens have been left to ruin.

    • Drew says:

      I was involved in building over 30 playgrounds island wide at various schools and parks. Which playgrounds are you referring to that need repairs? This island is very fortunate to have a government (plp or oba)that invests in this type of equipment for our youth. Job well done!

      • Onion of the Soil says:

        What about playgrounds for the central parishes? Why isn’t there on in the Botanical Gardens instead of a maintenance yard. Seems pretty obvious that the kids need a place to play

  7. Nice Photo-op says:

    Nice that it has been upgraded. Great photo-op for the minister. It would have been nice to invite the community children and the parents who will be using the playground to the ribbon cutting, but it’s really not about the community is it?

  8. Quo vadis says:

    An election is coming. This is an old UBP tactic. Build/repair playgrounds and the community is happy right before the election is called.

    Where are the 2,000 jobs?

    • PBanks says:

      I get the sentiment on timing of photo-ops, but there’s no evidence at all that an election is forthcoming before 2017?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Well do you think they want to risk a possibility of getting voted out the same year as A.C is being held? So logic is to push the election forward to 2016 while still riding a potential high public confidence thus lowering the risk of a loss. No facts to this just mental ramblings on my part.

  9. SMH says:

    Great job everyone. What about fixing up the Botanical Gardens now for our tourists?

  10. Ombudsman says:

    as always the government does things half @$$ why would you have a ribbon cutting ceremony with out it being fully completed….finish the job off then have the opening….bathroom still not fixed… better to have everything working

    • impressive. says:

      I guess it reflects their haste to continue to “save face” of this Minister and their eagerness to create the perception that he is actually doing something that is not “under handed”. smh

  11. Onion of the Soil says:

    Is this the same MP that wants to put a truck terminal and marshaling station in the BG? Talk about being two faced

    • Bermudian Son says:

      I think Craig’s a lot smart than people think and will come through for his voters on the Botanical Gardens project. Nothings seems to be happening there so there so there must be a good reason. In the end it’s all about votes if your a politician

    • Greenie says:

      I hope not. Are you referring to the maintenance yard in the Botanical Gardens. That would be horrible for all the tourists that go there. They must be able to move that to a better place? What a waste

    • Mary C says:

      Yes unfortunately

  12. nothing up my sleeve says:

    How long will that plastic last in bermuda weather?