OBA: “Example Of Opposition Disinformation”

August 27, 2015

The “PLP say the government wants to privatize the airport” which is ”factually wrong, and one more example of Opposition disinformation,” the OBA said this evening.

The airport deal was announced in late 2014, and has been the subject of debate since that time. Earlier this week, the PLP held a press conference on the matter, saying the project “will see our airport terminal privatized to a Canadian company for 35 years without a tender” and “the OBA spin doctors have devised a campaign that deems everything opposing their policies as misinformation.”

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In a statement this evening, an OBA spokesperson said, “The Government is progressing a plan to build a new air terminal through a public-private partnership, as the PLP Government did in building the new hospital wing.

“This is a fact ignored by the Opposition PLP in its campaign to undermine a positive initiative that will create hundreds of jobs for Bermudians and a strategic asset that will serve the Island for decades to come.

“Instead of acknowledging the PPP fact, the PLP say the government wants to privatize the airport – to hand over ownership of the terminal to a private company.

“That is factually wrong, and one more example of Opposition disinformation.

“It’s amazing the Opposition misleads with such conviction. It’s because they either really don’t know what they are talking about or because they’re deceitful. Your guess.

“One question worth asking is why the Opposition is so bent out of shape by the planned Airport PPP when they weren’t for the Hospital PPP they put in place while in government.”

“The depth of their deception is further underscored by their diversionary attack against privatization. Consider the fact that the PLP Government privatized a lot of government activities, from Health Department functions to TCD, not to mention – get this – critical airport operations such as ground electronics, weather service and air traffic control.

“Consider also David Burt’s pro-privatization comments when he was Junior Minister of Finance, “It is my hope that, as the government looks to open up the budget process and looks to medium-term planning, that we take a serious look at what government services may be able to be provided by the private sector in a more efficient manner. It is my belief that, as this Government considers all of the available options, there may be room for some government services to be privatised.”

“Sounds like hypocrisy is at work.

“Deceit, disinformation, hypocrisy; whatever the motive, whatever the angle, the Opposition is not playing straight with the people of Bermuda.

“The Airport terminal project is about creating much needed jobs for Bermudians now and career opportunities long term. It’s about building a strategic asset that will serve the Bermudian people and the economy for decades to come. And it’s about taking advantage of a unique commercial opportunity that will enable us to do it without adding to the public debt.

“The Government will sign a deal with the Canadian Commercial Corporation that will deliver the project on time and on budget, replacing a very costly hodgepodge of failing buildings with a terminal complex that will uphold Bermuda’s image as First World destination.”

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  1. Coffee says:

    Ok , ok I get it ! What about Larry Burchall ?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Sooooo now you take Larry Burchall’s word as bond? I’m not saying you shouldn’t but before you called him an OBA operative.

      Funny that.

      • Coffee says:

        Bring proof … In the absence of real proof that Coffee called Larry Burchall an OBA operative , then I’ll call you an unbelievable Lying clown .

        • Unbelievable says:

          Like I’m actually going to troll through pages and pages of website archives just to show you. You know exactly what I mean anyway so please don’t even remotely bother trying to deflect from the fact that you have attacked LB before cuz you know for sure he’s given the PLP a piece of his mind too.

          Sit down.

          • Coffee says:

            Any thoughts at all about Larry Burchalls piece ? Any consideration from a constructive point of view ?

            • Unbelievable says:

              Please. You have no analytical thinking. Don’t even try. Go back to work at Belco.

      • ReallyReallyBETTTY says:

        The recent polling indicated that the “PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR THE AIRPORT DEAL”….the PLP had to do nothing or Burchall ….the PEOPLE SPOKE IN THE RECENT POLL, and it said that at least 60% to 75% of the people are against the Airport deal.

        The OBA are fighting what the PEOPLE OF BERMUDA ARE REJECTING……….

        THE OBA are fighting to convince what the PEOPLE are saying NO too….

        Come on OBA, your fight is with the PEOPLE Of BERMUDA who have clearly indicated that they DO NOT WISH AN AIRPORT an at this time…..these people are from all political parties and other……..really

        The only disinformation is what the OBA are SPINNING OUT DAILY…….fooling themselves……..lack of TRANSPARENCY…….

        • Person who knows a little says:

          I really wish they would release images of the conditions the people working at the airport have to deal with so the so called, “people of Bermuda” that you refer to could see just how poor of a state the building is in.

      • Coffee says:

        Bring proof..

        • jt says:

          Ditto re waterfront bribe allegations.
          Put it in my mom’s bank account. Please.

        • kangoocar says:

          Why should he?? You have already been proven yourself to be a liar, remember when you were claiming to be a white female?? I do!!! You fit right in with the plp (progressive lying party ) don’t you??

    • Onion says:

      This has nothing to do with Larry Burchall and everything to do with the PLP being both incredibly hypocritical and deliberately trying to mislead the public.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Taking a step back… who is it that actually said that the government would hand over control of the airport fees to CCC as part the deal to build the airport. I don’t think that the government ever actually said they would give CCC the entire airport revenues, I believe they said that the airport revenues would be used to pay CCC for the redevelopment. Does this actually mean in their entirety or in a percentage.
      As has been explained in recent press releases and at the phase 2 commencement signing, they are only just starting the process by which the economics of the airport will be negotiated, what this means is that they will first need to determine the build-to design requirements or the final function and design the airport must meet. Once that is done, then and only then will they be able to understand and speculate exactly what costs will be to manage and maintain the airport, a more accurate estimate of it expected expenditures. Once the parties are mutually satisfied on the expiditure numbers, then can they actual negotiate on the revenues that will need to be provided back to CCC/AECON to both cover the airport development cost and the expenditures for which AECON will be responsible for. As far as I have read so far, the only people so far to say that the compensation will entail the entirety of the airport revenue stream has been the PLP. minister Richards is actually right to say they don’t know what the new airport profits will be, because everything that has been said so far has been based on the old airport operating costs.

  2. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Ok …cancel this deal and then freeze every bermudians bank account and use their money to build a new leanto down there…This way every bermudian would have shares in profit derived by it…then we can all wait for our dividends at the end of the fiscal year…how does this sound to all of you anti-government minions…actually right now around the globe there is a policy that if you are anti-govt. You are considered and put on a “terrorist” list.

    • Impressive says:

      What exactly are you implying?? It appears you are suggesting that noone should question the actions/decisions of the Government of a country, and those who do should be labelled as terrorists?? WOW, Socialist much. Keeping it real heh,, maybe from a martial law point of view, you will certainly be keeping it real.

  3. kangoocar says:

    I will make this real simple for the slow out there!!! The plp are DECEITFUL!!!!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      I think you better use a picationary…For them slow ones…lmfao

    • I find the O.B.A. to be sneaky and truly deceptive. 2000 jobs! What could be MORE deceptive than that???

      • Lois Frederick says:

        2000 jobs in their first term. That means they have another two and half years to meet that goal. Can you accept that? Don’t tell me you thought they would pull 2000 jobs out of a hat on Dec 19th 2012? It takes time to create the opportunities for those jobs, like Pink Beach, Ariel Sands, the new hotel in St. Georges’s, Morgan’s Point, America’s Cup and the one you and others like to object to, the new Airport Terminal. Those projects and others will create many, many jobs over the next few years. Get it now? Or are you purposely missing the point?

      • kangoocar says:

        Nice try plp/alaska hall!!!! Speaking of deceitful??? You have just proven my point!!! ( have some backbone ) is a latest name straight from the plp, are they paying you by the word or by each post??? You pathetic plp parasites get more desperate by the day don’t you????

      • Unbelievable says:

        @have some backbone…that’s not deception. That’s an election promise that is proving to be difficult to achieve. It’s not some seedy shadowy thing that the PLP will have you believe. The PLP meantime drove away a ton of jobs – why don’t you criticise that instead?

        But in fact, in a very short space of time, the OBA have actually done a lot. Why don’t you just stop the vitriol and go and actually speak with the OBA. You just might be surprised.

    • Impressive says:

      I will make this real simple for the mis-guided and criminally biased out there. There are deceitful people in each party as there are credible people in each party..

    • frank says:

      kangoocar why are you always so stupid

  4. aceboy says:


    The brilliance of Burt…able to speak out of both sides of his mouth.


  5. Trulytruly says:

    I hope the OBA can continue with press releases and get ahead of this “controversy”. The more engaged the better. I keep hoping for this more actively engaged PR and maybe this will be the start and in the lead up to the election. The plp have essentially been in election mode since they lost the last election. Just shows how desperate they are to regain power. We need the same fight and engagement from the OBA. Of course doing all this PR adds to the work of actually running the island, so it’s much easier for the opposition to sit around hatching offensives. Time for the OBA to step it up now especially now there is so much positive news to keep talking about. The opportunities are lining up for those who want them. Keep talking about job creation for Bermudians, as that is what this is all about. To suggest otherwise by naysayers is plain wrong. Many can’t grasp the concept/plan that is now bearing fruit and have swallowed hook line and sinker what they have been listening to from their own leaders and mouthpieces. Hard to change their minds. It’s the ones in the middle that are now waiting patiently for results from the govt. and will determine the next election.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      There is one trouble with the OBA being able to keep running commentary on developments of this… Non Disclosure Agreements. Standard practice for contract negotiations, meaning that generally only item that have been completely agreed to would be announced with permission of all parties until a final agreement is signed. And since it is going to be at least another year before the final deal will be vetted by the UK and signed. There won’t be too many announcements. But since the PLP isn’t involved in the negotiations, they can pretty much run off whatever they want, whenever they want, but again, since they aren’t directly involved, anything they say would be entirely speculative and not necessarily fact. Course NDA’s would make that hard for the OBA to dispute with actual details as certain points might not yet be finalized or even in discussions yet… a point the PLP will happily exploit.

    • Rubbish says:


  6. Ryan says:

    At least the OBA proofread their press releases.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    “It is my hope that, as the government looks to open up the budget process and looks to medium-term planning, that we take a serious look at what government services may be able to be provided by the private sector in a more efficient manner. It is my belief that, as this Government considers all of the available options, there may be room for some government services to be privatised.”

    UH OH! The PLP went & stepped in their own dog poo.

    Except for customs & imigration everyone is on the private payroll already. Where is the problem?

  8. Unbelievable says:

    Whoa OBA! Where’d you get those boxing gloves? Ain’t that a surprise about David Burt’s comments – it’s amazing.

    Nice one.

  9. Again lets just do it. Tired of their ( PLP,Union & so called Peoples Campaign ) relentless horse poop. I really don’t know who is worse out of the three, pretty equal in the long run

  10. Jurist says:

    Who listens to the PLP propaganda?

  11. 32n64w says:

    Mr. Burt says there is “no private company operating the new hospital wing”.

    Well he might to ask why Paget Health Services, “a consortium of leading Bermudian and [predominantly] international companies which was formed to DESIGN, BUILD, FINANCE and MAINTAIN a new facility at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda” is set to receive $1,000,000,000 of taxpayer funds over the course of their contract in accordance with the PPP agreed to by the former PLP Government.

    Unlike the anticipated deal with CCC and AECON, which won’t require a dime of direct taxpayer expenditure. But why let those pesky facts get in the way of the opposition’s verbosity and lies.

    This is yet another example of hypocrisy, duplicity and misinformation being propagated by various PLP talking heads as part of the combined opposition’s efforts to overtly spread untruths and lies through their various misinformed (or even worse, willfully deceitful) agents purely for selfish political gains at the direct expense of Bermudians’ best interests. How shamefu

  12. Jr Smith says:

    I hope the youth never look to these politicians as role models, we need a new generation of progressive politics in Bermuda…

  13. lululadila says:

    Progressive politics? Lot of good that did Bermuda. What the country needs is a good dose of Thatcherism and a kick up the pants. If not already, we are becoming a perverse joke to anybody poking their head inside the door.

  14. rhonda says:

    I haven’t read anything in this article that satisfied my angst, if we are are getting value for money, or that new is the absolute only option.

    Secondly if TCD is so called privatized, and I agree it is, why what is being proposed for the airport, is not.

  15. clearasmud says:

    The Minister had the opportunity to correct any misinformation and choose not to. Instead he choose to call people names,

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Unlike the opposition, he is under NDA’s that would limit what can be openly discussed that hasn’t already been signed to or that all parties have agreed to release.

  16. Starting Point says:

    LOL sounds like Burt voted OBA.

  17. swing voter says:

    2017….do or die OBA

    • Lois Frederick says:

      That is one of the main reasons the plp are trying to derail the airport project. They know that without it going ahead the OBA will not be able to achieve their goal of 2000 jobs by the end of their first term. Of course the airport will be built and plp supporters and members, will work in the construction phase and then operations once completed. I have noted that the number of comments and even likes and dislikes, in airport related stories online have decreased from what they were earlier in the year. To me this indicates that the public are not as engaged in the debate, or as concerned as the plp might have hoped for.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What are you expecting? They have already done more in 2 1/2 years than the PLP did in 14. This inspite of the PLP obstructing them every step of the way.

      I know the PLP supporters expect so much more from the OBA than they ever expected from the PLP but what do you want?

      All the PLP had to do is sport around in their motorcades or go on weekly jaunts somewhere to pick up some meaningless award. That was all fine. Now if a road is a bit overgrown you expect the area MP to personally be out there cutting back.

  18. Ed Case says:

    Pathetic PLP at it again. Give it a rest.

  19. Axelrod says:

    This airport deal is a scam. For this deal to work the government must guaranty a minimum receipt of revenue from the airport to the Developer. That is the only way they would be able to go to the private equity loan market to get the funding…..THE DEBT….needed to build the airport. They are borrowing the money FOR US you dummies! This airport deal will be the deal that pushes the island over the edge financially. We will be downgraded by the RAs for taking money that we claimed we did not have, could not raise, to close out our deficit and stabilize our debt, and using it instead to build a new fully floodable airport terminal! This is a scam. And all Bermudians who support it must leave their names…..so we can send you a bill after the reckoning arrives in 2017! No such thing as a free lunch!!