OBA Parliamentarians Donate To Local Causes

September 29, 2015

One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] parliamentarians have made donations to two local causes, including Gina Spence’s ‘Each One Reach One’ and Fern Wade’s ‘Hands of Love’ back to school fundraisers.

The donated funds totaled $4,000, with $2,500 presented to Gina Spence’s ‘Each One Reach One’ and an additional $1,500 donated to Fern Wade’s ‘Hands of Love.’

Cheques for the donations were presented by MP Susan Jackson to Gina Spence and Fern Wade directly, with the funds to help cover the cost of back to school supplies such as shoes, clothes, and backpacks for students in need.

MP Susan Jackson presents a check for $2,500 to Gina Spence:

OBA Parliamentarians Donation - Each One Reach One - September, 2015

MP Susan Jackson presents a check for $1,500 to Fern Wade of Hands of Love Ministry:

MP Jackson Donation - Hands of Love - September 2015

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  1. Good Show says:

    That is a great gesture by the OBA parliamentarians and well received I expect. Lets not have any negativity.

    • Friends n Family says:

      Donating to Gina is like donating to OBA friends and family plan as she was a candidate and UBP/OBA senator

      • Pastor Syl says:

        That comment is unfair and unkind. Gina Spence has been a tireless community worker for many years now. OBA or PLP, the money that was donated is not for her own pocket but for Bermuda’s less fortunate

    • So if PLP gave donations to one of their former candidates, what do you think the comments would be like, yes I agree its a great gesture, but you threw as much fiery darts as you could during PLP’s term but now expect no backlash in return.

      • Zevon says:

        It’s because she went on to do something positive in the community. Dreamer.

        • I’m not disputing that, I countered Good Show’s comment.

          • Good Show says:

            There were no political innuendos in my comment. I could care less what party made a contribution nor to whom, you seem very opposed and hurt. As point i never during the plp reign threw any fiery darts at the charity area. My point simply was to hopefully have NO NEGATIVE comments and offer my thanks

      • Coffee says:

        Today they wear the cloak of transperancy , or is it the cloak of invisibility . Perhaps even the cloak of self righteous maybe … Fling them darts ,cause we see clearly the cloak of b******* they attempt to hide behind .

        Anyway where did the money really come from ?

  2. With the present economic climate in Bermuda you would think that charities that give so much, would would receive much because of the high demand, and to cap it all off, we have these same parliamentarians making sure there are millions allocated for the America’s cup, so in reality your $4000.00 donation is a Joke, a real big Joke.

    Get your priorities in the right place.

  3. Navin Johnson says:

    If the PLP Parliamentarians gave anything to a charity I would expect the world was coming to an end…and besides they would be giving back our money and not theirs…..just sayin