Bermuda Featured In Climbing Magazine Spread

October 15, 2015

Bermuda has been featured in an 11-page spread in Climbing Magazine which promises to teach readers “how to have big fun at small crags” on the island.

The story, published in Climbing Magazine’s November 2015 issue, focuses on deep water soloing in Bermuda, with writer Jeff Achey advising readers to visit the island in the winter to tackle its steep cliffs, saying, “Plan your sport climbing trip for winter, when conditions in the caves are best – you’ll find the best conditions for roped climbing from December to April.”


Glenn Jones, BTA’s director of public and stakeholder relations, said, “This Climbing Magazine feature is consistent with our marketing team’s outreach to adventure-seekers and explorers who want a thrilling vacation experience.

“And more importantly, this article proves some of Bermuda’s most unique adventures are available to travellers between November and March – a time of year we are working to grow vacationer demand.”

The full Climbing Magazine feature follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. be careful says:

    Ive climbed the shore rocks and stuff since I was a little child, and growing up I can tell you nobody else did it and I used to get mocked for enjoying it. I never used equipment of any sort but never did anything stupid. Only in the last few years or so have people tried make this ripple into a wave for everyone to ride. I love the “sport” which I regard as a hobby, but I can tell you from experience that the rocks in the last decade have begun crumbling. Many times I was up in the air grabbing a solid rock and it turned to cookie dust in my hands and I almost fell to my death. Enough times right under my feet broke n crumbled likewise almost killing me. It is entirely unpredictable and one soft spot can be next to a hard spot. It is far too dangerous to be doing this nowadays, we have gotten older as an island and weathering and causarinas have made a lot of rock dangerously soft. I would hate to see this hobby hyped up into a sport for tourists and the like and then people start suddenly falling to their deaths! Please take my warning seriously! My job also involves me working around the island in endless locations and I know how much the rock can vary, even on my job I have had rock crumble underfoot while like 20ft above sea. Take care!

  2. SMH says:

    Here is yet another example of a poorly researched idea from the BTA. I get that we need some new ideas, but they must be sensible. Reminds me of the “72 hours in Bermuda” article that listed all kinds of awesome things that aren’t available, like renting a paddle board to go from Paget Island to the Town of St George.

    • brigadooner says:

      what in the article is not available?

      • SMH says:

        Nice try at twisting my words but I never said that things in this article are not available. What I said was this is another example of a poorly researched article. The example I gave of a different article which listed activities which are not available was intended to highlight the habit of poor research. What was poorly researched was the dangers inherent to climbing soft limestone cliffs in Bermuda.

        • brigadooner says:

          Climbers come to the island and wrote an article about how the climbing scene is here. How did the BTA ‘poorly research’ something? You realize the article was not written by the BTA right?

          Also no twisting was intended, sorry if I misunderstood what you were trying to say.

        • Brett says:

          Climbing Magazine showed interest in Bermuda, the BTA wouldn’t even pay for documentation of the day. I know because I offered to film.

          Dangerous yes, but to each their own. They climb everyday and love it, why not share?

      • Sickofantz says:

        Glenn Jones is always trying to promote the island as an active centre. He has pretended you can bike along the railway trail (well you can as long as you don’t mind stopping every 50 yards to climb over stupid gates. He has also promoted the high ropes course on Paget island which is a little tame in comparison to even children’s high ropes courses in the rest of the world and isn’t available anyway.

    • bermy says:

      Wah wah wah, whine whine f&%k^#@ whine! Since when did being miserable and whining and complaining become such a national obsession!

    • True Onion says:

      What does SMH mean?

  3. hmm says:

    Not safe climbing limestone. But whatever floats your boat.

    • someguy says:

      Seems to me that millions of people safely climb limestone every year. You know, most of europe, thailand, about 1/3 of colorado and utah, cayman brac, ontario, and cuba. Maybe these guys and gals know a thing or two you dont.

  4. hotcrossbuns says:

    Reading this and just shaking my head. So you’re blaming BTA for a magazine that comes here, does a positive story on Bermuda, and probably will attract some folks to our shores. What am I missing. Just like America’s Cup, BTA wins the bid to host a world-class event and all we get is: “This won’t help Bermuda”. Be forewarned, you will be overwhelmed by positive news in coming days. You’ll hate it.