Video: BIU Press Conference On Marine & Ports

October 15, 2015

[Updated] Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] President Chris Furbert is presently holding a press conference this morning [Oct 15] in relation to Marine and Ports matters. You can tune in and watch the press conference live on our Periscope stream by clicking here.

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Update 11.44am: The press conference has now ended, and the video coverage is available to replay for 24 hours online by clicking here.

Update 2.28pm: The video of the full press conference is below

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  1. Um.... says:

    That guy will never be able to convince me that he cares more about this country than the issues of his party and members.

    • Self says:

      As the President of the B.I.U. of course the issues of his members have to come first. Sometimes one just has to do what one has to do.

      • serengeti says:

        This whole things is contrived to disrupt the most important weekend in Bermuda for years. He doesn’t care about Bermudian jobs, or Bermuda’s economy, or what’s best for Bermudians. This is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to screw things up.

        • Regina says:


          • Spit Bouy says:

            @ Regina,

            Yup. Don’t stop with M & P either, Parks, W & E as well.

            Sadly that takes guts and the present Govt hasn’t got it, and the PLP will just carry on pandering to the Unions.

      • No says:

        No, he is first a citizen of Bermuda who owes a duty of loyalty to this island. He is wrong to abuse the rest of us to advance the narrow interests of his membership.

      • They said the same thing about Dr. Gordon , Ottie and them and guess what, in another 20 or 50 years or so whoever is the President will get the same backlash from the Anti-Union cheerleaders.
        Oligarchy spirit is still kicking.

        • hmmm says:

          Yep the union leaders are the oligarchy

        • Onion Juicer says:

          Oh I don’t like it and I’m a miserable plp member who is full of negativity. I am so miserable I wouldn’t bang a door.

    • Southampton says:

      Of course it has to come now, when the Americas Cup is upon us.
      Furbert, give Bermuda a break. You really want to spoil a good thing for Bermuda.
      BIU, can kiss my A_____s.

    • Justin says:

      So my boi Furbert lodged a complaint over a month ago and now is threatening to strike. Why not strike next week then? No coincidence to me! Party before country every single time.

  2. San George says:

    Define country. This is not our country. Unfortunately Chris and his followers are doing what is normal to them. If they changed their economic behavior then they could say this country really belongs to them.

  3. enough says:

    What the heck is their problem now. They don’t like their boss so they are gong to strike over it, poor them . Please get a life and join us in the real world. He’s strict and we all know you guys can’t deal with that can you. maybe just maybe he’s trying to make that specific department actually productive. Come work in the private sector where you have to work hard to get a raise not strike about petty things.

    • That’s the good thing about Democracy. Don’t hate because ya Boss treats you like S!@# and you cant do nothing about it.

      • True onion says:

        Do you have inside information that the boss really is treating them like s!@#? S!@# always runs downhill man. And before you start your rant it is that way for everyone.

        BTW when do the next financials come out?

        • True Onion says:

          Where did Onion Juice go?

          • Onion Juicer says:

            Oh I don’t like it and I’m a miserable plp member who is full of negativity. I am so miserable I wouldn’t bang a door.

      • hmmm says:

        The issue is between the boss and the employee then isn’t it….
        Why do other people have to suffer who have nothing to do with that relationship.

        It is wrong ! anyone who advocates it is wrong.

      • Real Onion says:

        Onion Juice …what do you know about working and a boss. you obviously don’t work. Now, I didn’t say you didn’t have a job. Lets not confuse the two. Based on the 50-100 times a day (and all day) you post about a story or reply to a comment with some dumbask negative comment, it is clear you don’t work.

        I just hope you were able to save and put away some of our missing 800 million dollars that are noted as “unaccounted for” during the 14 years of famine.

      • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        Your BIU knows nothing of Democracy, not that that has anything to do with this stupid a$$ “meeting/strike” that Chris Furbert and company called at the worst possible time. Goes to show the BIU could care less about 60k people in Bermuda who I call the “people”!! They only worry about the 4k members if they have that many with outdated ideas, childish reasons for illegal strikes (meetings)! Calls into question the real reason for this BIU crap!

  4. BDAFriend says:

    In summary……NO CASE and NO SUPPORT from the members.

  5. Confused says:

    I’m dropping my trash off at Union Square tonight!

  6. X says:

    Bring in UBER taxis and get the ppl of Bermuda and their visitors where they want to be. If people want to work, let them, those who don’t won’t get paid and just suck it up.

  7. Starting Point says:

    Are you trying to tell us the ferry service was not already on a work to rule? Up until now, that service is considered to be going above and beyond the terms of their contracts……yikes……

    just so we are clear, if the deckhand sleeping on the bench is above and beyond, what will the work to rule version of that be? the union simply needs to communicate to the public so we can have realistic expectations lol

  8. Hoolieh says:

    Totally inept leadership!
    Hurting the very same people that need help!
    Choose wisely!

    • X says:

      I think they are bleating about having a strict boss … isn’t that good leadership?

      • Ex Boss says:

        something they are NOT USED to. Well WELCOME to the REAL WORLD AH’s. See onion suck can’t answer a simple question either as a pro union dip

  9. BDAFriend says:

    Did, I hear Fubert correctly that Lieutenant Commander Russell is being represented by the BPSU?


  10. Miguelito says:

    Furbert does not care about Bermuda. Period.

  11. Some Beach says:

    Indeed…priwatize!…..this is a fine vocation…..why mess it up?….to me…this action is insane and stupid…take it anyway you want tu!

  12. Terry says:

    Same s…. different year.

    Red bull come to mind.

    Years ago I worked with many of the older guys doing Marine work and all they did was drink and eat and be on standby during docking/undocking and at times they were there for 1 day or even 2 days.

    They get paid to drink and eat on Governments dime.

    They still do.

    The Lt. Cmd should be an Admiral but his crew is letting him down and Bermuda.


  13. Silence Do Good says:

    How dare someone manage the BIU workers and instruct them in their task. They know what is best because they are the ones doing the job. Any attempts by management to exercise it’s right to manage will be met with industrial action, rightly so. When you bring in skilled foreigners to manage they should receive a course in how not to manage BIU workers to prevent industrial action. Don’t forget the good morning, afternoon or evening before not giving instruction or anything else out of your mouth is rude. I think everyone forgets that the BIU pay the workers and the workers will not work without its membership full consensus and agreement. After all the minority rule.

  14. Sage says:

    Chris and crew need to stop looking like they just sucked a lemon everytime they sit around the table. Guess that’s their “you better take me suriuos” face.

  15. Bermyman says:

    Can we have a survey, you know one of those ones that survey about 0.5% of the population but it reflects the opinion of the entire Island?

    The survey should be on who supports the BIU and their behaviour over the past decade?

    I really wonder how this small portion of Bermuda’s working population can hold the rest ransome, and cause such great economic damage on a daily basis.

  16. Dr. Who says:

    i wonder what brother kim il Jong would do about this

  17. Some Beach says:

    Thank you for sorting that….

  18. No Longer A Member says:

    Mr Chris Furbert, your telling me you could not wait until Monday? I would of had respect for your leadership. As I well know, and I am glad not to be part of it, like we use to say…….It’s a setup!!!! Unfortunately, everyone loses, especially Bermuda…

    • That’s sooooo true, only Bermuda and Bermudians will feel the repercussions of such inconsideration :-( Sad yes, but so true.

  19. sunny says:

    Who, understand, when Mr Furbert speaks, raise your hand!

  20. navin johnson says:

    The boss “disrespected” the workers… of the two excuse words of the Union…disrespect and mischievous code words for “we do not like what you are saying and we are going to strike…..

  21. Somerset says:

    Well, someone needs to be terminated for bringing to light what a lot of government workers have been doing for years? Please, Marine and Ports workers have been their positions for years. They are not the only government departments doing so. I agree, privatize these departments and lets see who ends up with a job!

  22. J devine says:

    Mr Fubert said that they want to get what they want or words to that effect. Surely the essence of industrial relations is give and take on both sides until an agreed settlement is reached. If the management are at fault take appropriate action & if necessary replace them.Equally if the workforce are not working to the terms of their employment, warn them,discipline them,and then replace them if they continue to break the terms of their employment. By replacing them you are giving work to more deserving Bermudians who are prepared to work.

  23. jt says:

    It seems the members know to tread lightly. Good for them. Here’s hoping it continues.