St John’s Standby During Hurricane Joaquin

October 6, 2015

St John Ambulance Brigade were out in force for Hurricane Joaquin with ambulances positioned at strategic points across the Island.

Ambulance crews were stationed in the east end of the Island at the Lambe Foggo Urgent Care Center, and in Hamilton St John’s members manned St John Headquarters Dunrossil House next to the King Edward Memorial Hospital on Point Finger Road with ambulance crews ready to be dispatched in the event of emergency.

Pictured are ambulance crew Andre Steede, Davon Adams, Tierney Gibbons, and Erin Lovell.

SJA ambulance crew Bermuda October 2015

Chairman of St John Justin Williams said; ‘St. John were on stand-by to answer calls as needed throughout Joacquin and were pleased to be working in conjunction with the Bermuda Police Service, Fire Service, KEMH and Regiment to serve the community as required. ”

“My thanks to the St. John Executive Team who were on stand by throughout the national time of need, Commissioner Gareath Adderley, Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Borges and Chief Training Officer Veronica DeSilva as well as lead ambulance driver Chevaun Simmons.”

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