Climate Change Rally To Be Held On Nov. 27

November 26, 2015

Greenrock is calling on people in Bermuda to attend  a climate change rally to be held on Friday, November 27, from 12.30pm to 1.00pm on the front lawn of City Hall.

A spokesperson said, “These climate change talks begin on November 30, and the people’s climate change march was due to be held on November 29th to encourage these talks to develop a new deal on limiting greenhouse gas emissions post-2020.

“Following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13th, the French Government cancelled the planned march in Paris citing security fears. Despite this, the organisers of the march are intending to proceed with the demonstration – expected to see over 200,000 people.

Solidarity with Paris Climate Change - Bermuda [FINAL 25NOV2015 - reduced size]

“While not everyone can attend Paris, we thought it was important to demonstrate our solidarity with Paris and the need to act now to mitigate climate change. To that effect, we are organising a rally from 12:30 to 1 pm at City Hall, on the front lawn.

“This is an opportunity for Bermuda to demonstrate both our solidarity for Paris in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks there and to demonstrate our support for action to mitigate climate change. Global climate change driven by greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions represents one of the great challenges of the 21st Century.

“Human-induced climate change has already seen a global warming of 1C since pre-industrial levels, and a recent analysis of the climate change action plans of 146 countries [accounting for 90% of all GHG emissions] indicates that they will only reduce global warming from a 5C increase in 2100 on a ‘business as usual’ approach, to 2.7-3C in 2100.

“While this is welcome, it is nowhere near enough, and still represents a catastrophic level of climate change…

“Greenrock believes that the world can do more to reduce the impact of climate change, and we believe Bermuda has a role to play in this too.

“Many residents may well be familiar with the saying ‘think global, act local’. This Friday, we ask that you think global, and act locally by joining us at City Hall to demonstrate your solidarity with those calling for urgent action on climate change.

“While Bermuda is small, and in terms of our contributions to global GHG emissions we are equally small, we are also at greater risk of the impacts of global climate change, be it in terms of rising sea levels, our dependence on imported foodstuffs, our dependence on catching rain water, our vulnerability to hurricanes or our reliance on coral reefs to protect us from wave erosion. Global climate change will have a negative impact on us on all of these.

“We may not be large contributors to global GHG emissions on an absolute level, but we are large per capita contributors and so have a responsibility to help lead the way in showing a low-GHG emission future. This rally is about demonstrating that belief and helping focus conversation on what Bermuda can, and should, be doing to reduce our GHG emissions.

“There will be representatives from the City of Hamilton, the Government and the Opposition giving short speeches on the issue, and a static demonstration of our solidarity.

“This Friday lunch hour, take some time to think global and act local.”

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  1. mj says:


  2. PC says:

    I cannot believe how people believe anything scientists say. Climate change is made up. I’m not saying pollution is good, it was made up.
    It’s the same thing with heart disease. Fat ain’t bad for you. Processed foods, artificial sweetners, and pesticides is what is wrecking our health, including lack of sleep. All bad for you.

    • jack ward says:

      When 97% of the scientific community agree on anything chance are it’s true. There is consensus – climate change is real.

    • Sara says:

      Climate change is not made up. And regardless of that pollution of our water food, and air is affecting our health and the health of all species on this planet. The ocean and world is full of toxic hormone disrupting plastic. Instead of focusing on climate change how about we all agree that polluting the whole world is bad news regardless of your belief and we need to stop doing and change our ways. Plastic is made from oil so everyday we are throwing oil into the garbage. Any way you look at it the world needs to clean itself up!