Live Blog: Shoppers Out At “Black Friday” Sales

November 26, 2015

[Updating] Some of Bermuda’s retailers are offering a host of sales and offers for Black Friday, with some stores set to begin offering the specials this evening [Nov 26], while others will begin in the early hours of Friday morning.

Stores opening either Thursday evening or 4am, 5am or 6am on Friday morning include Logic, iClick, the Complete Office, Annex, Brown & Co, Phoenix, Ptech, Coopers, Gibbons Company, CellOne, Digicel and more.

We will be updating as the night/morning progresses, and you can view flyers from some of the stores offering specials here, and all our past coverage of Black Friday here.

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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  1. Luis Suarez says:

    I love it. Queue up all night to pay 50% less, for something costing twice as much to start with.

    • smh says:


      • Nanny Pat says:

        And it’s last year’s model at twice the price of this year’s model on-line. No thanks.

        • Rewind the Spin says:

          For what exactly? Show examples? where you are paying 2 x the price for last years model? Or are you just ASSuming.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Luis, either way you want to look at it, it’s a bargain. And we all love bargains.

      Bye Felisha!

  2. Walk in their shoes says:

    Stay warm, all you shopaholics…

    The person who opens up a pop-up coffee or soup stand will do very well tonight :)

  3. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    Pathetic,you could have got any of these items online for the same price if not less!

    • Rewind the Spin says:

      @Vulcan you are the Pathetic one. Cost is relevant here in Bermuda. I have no idea what you do for a living but I trust that you get paid at least 2 times more than someone in the same occupation in the US. You also demand more benefits , health insurance and so on. Perhaps you are a contractor, lawyer, doctor, carpenter, on someone providing a service. Do you charge your services out at the same rate in the US? Imported goods are charged duties typically between 22.25% and 33.5% duty, plus shipping, customs clearance, insurance not to mention traditional operating expenses.

      When you say something is half the price online are you being truthful when you purchase online? Do you factor in the import duty, shipping, customs clearance etc? I doubt that you are! What happens when you buy something online that doesn’t fit or work? What then? Who do you turn to…Amazon , for help? Good luck.

      I will continue to support local businesses when possible, especially those that support the community. Its because of idiots like you that local business are suffering and unable to donate to, support or sponsor the many events, teams, concerts, charities like they used to. Good luck trying to get Amazon to sponsor your next event , sports team, church function, concert or whatever else! You would be luck to find a telephone number for them after you make a purchase.

      • Herb says:

        @ Rewind the spin

        Thank you very much for that statement it tells the entire truth and reason why we must support local business and like you say one of the reasons that charities are suffering and people are out of jobs because locals dont spend their money in BERMUDA.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          I hear you but the bottom line is that it is MY hard earned money and if I can get something cheaper online including import fees then I’m stupid to pay more to shop local. You cannot seriously argue with that and you know it. Sad but true.

          • Rewind the Spin says:

            It is your hard earned money and you have the right to spend it as you wish. Just remember, the next time you hear that a person in need, an organization, a charity, a church function, school raffle, sports team, sports event, concert, Christmas Boat Parade, May 24th , Cupmatch, Radio Stations, TV Stations etc… are unable get financing to bring you these services, get charitable donations for projects and sponsorship we will know who to blame. All of these things rely on help from local businesses. Where do local businesses get things from, the people that understand the importance of buying Bermuda whenever possible. Do you think if you called eBay or Amazon for a prize for your kids school raffle, or your kids soccer team, or for the next concert to reach these shores they will help you? Good luck!

            I trust that you do not work in retail. What do you do for a living? I ask for a reason. At least when you compare pricing on products when know are unavoidable fixed costs, like the cost of the product itself, import duty, wharfage, freight, customs clearance, insurance, foreign currency exchange, wire transfer fees, damage, warranty, theft and more. Remember also that if a retailer imports something and it does not sell, they have to eat the loss and have no way to recoup duty, freight and all those other costs paid up front.

            With your ignorant statement I guess you are in the service industry!? I assume you provide a service/labour like a Nanny, painter, doctor, lawyer, nurse, farmer, police officer, EMT, firefighter, truck driver, electrician, repair person and so on, I will bet that you demand 2-3 times more money for your services (labour than someone offering the same service in the USA. However, with labour, there is no inventory to buy and therefore no up front fees import duty, wharfage shipping, damage, theft, insurance to pay for so why do you charge for so much for your time??? I bet you want it both ways, charge lots for what you do but don’t like it when you have to pay out for what others do.

            I doubt that I will change you mind but that’s okay. Someone once told me ” you can’t fix stupid”.

  4. stevie says:

    Agree. I shop online too. Get better deals without being ripped off by store owners.

  5. Izzypop says:

    Funny, ask them to get up that early to go to work and you would get the eye. Wonder how many will be late for work today.

  6. Truth Hurts says:

    Consumerism is alive and well in Bermuda.

    Yet, the next day, people are ‘suffering’.

  7. Bermudian says:

    How much more Americanized can you get? Lining up for already overpriced vanity items like phones and clothes….sorry not for me.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Bermudian, just do you and keep it to yourself. Simple!

  8. Hurricane says:

    @ izzypop, not so fast with your judgement. There are hundreds of workers who made early ( extra early) time this am. Thus the stores are open.

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