BMHF: Extending Protection Is ‘The Right Thing’

December 1, 2015

The Bermuda Mental Health Foundation [BMHF] said they are pleased that the Government will “amend the Human Rights Act to extend protection under the Act for the mentally ill,” saying that it is “simply the right thing to do.”

Plans to amend the Human Rights Act were announced in the recent Throne Speech, which said, “To make life in Bermuda more fair and more inclusive, the Government will bring forward amendments to the Human Rights Act to expand human rights protections.

“The Government holds that, to the extent possible, people who suffer from mental disability or impairment should not be discriminated against in employment, accommodation or the procurement of goods and services.

“It will therefore introduce an amendment adding mental disability as a protected ground under the Human Rights Act.”

In response, the BMHF said, “The Bermuda Mental Health Foundation offers congratulations to the Human Rights Commission which has led the charge to add basic human rights for those that suffer with a clinically diagnosed mental illness to the Human Rights Act 1981.

“Statistics show that 1 in 4 people suffer with some form of mental illness and the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation is pleased to receive the news that the Government will amend the Human Rights Act to extend protection under the Act for the mentally ill.

“The Bermuda Mental Health Foundation has advocated on behalf of the mentally ill for 21 years and intends to continue to work with the government, the Human Rights Commission, and community members to ensure that the amendments are effective and truly protect those who suffer from mental illness.”

“Amending the Human Rights Act in favor of giving basic human rights to the mentally disabled is simply the right thing to do,  added BMHF spokesperson Jodi Lewis.

“While Bermuda is one of the few jurisdictions that has not granted human rights protection for those who suffer with a mental disorder, we are confident that the Government now will move swiftly to amend the Act in this Parliamentary Session.”

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