Oracle Team USA “Ready To Go” In New Year

January 12, 2016

Oracle Team USA have returned to work in Bermuda following a month long break, and said the AC45S testing program will resume next week, when a modified Boat 2 is scheduled to return to the water.

The team said, “It feels a bit like the first day back at school here at the Oracle Team USA base in Dockyard as the team returns to work in Bermuda following a month long break.

“While stories and belated New Years wishes were exchanged amongst reunited team mates, it didn’t taken long for work to begin. And no wonder; this is a very important year for the team.

First day back at the gym as the team gets ready to tackle 2016. Photo by Peter Rusch


“The work that we do this year, the decisions that we make over the next weeks and months, will go a long way to determining whether we are ultimately successful next year in the America’s Cup,” says team general manager Grant Simmer.

This was emphasized to the team at an all-hands meeting on Monday afternoon, when the 2016 schedule was laid out.

The AC45S testing program will resume next week, when a modified Boat 2 is scheduled to return to the water. The newest AC45S, Boat 3, will follow at the start of February.

“We’re looking forward to getting sailing again in a week or so and getting back into our routine,” said Tom Slingsby. helmsman and sailing team manager.

“We need to get our fitness back up [certainly I do!!], get back into our meeting schedule so we can contribute to making some good design decisions that need to get locked in over the next few months.”

Mr Slingsby says the sailing team is chomping at the bit to get back on the race course at the first Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event in Oman at the end of February. The team lies in second place on the leaderboard, but for Mr Slingsby, that means there is room to improve.

“I was actually disappointed with last year. Second is not good enough. We want to lead at every turn and win every race. So that’s our goal for the team this year,” he said.

With the full team now reconnecting in Bermuda after a month-long break, the usual team banter carried on throughout the day with no missed opportunities to comment on holiday adventures.

“I’ve only just walked in and already we’re all giving it to each other,” Mr Slingsby laughed.

“It’s great to see everyone. That’s going to be our longest break of the campaign, so it was important for everyone to get away and re-charge. I can’t wait to get into the gym and out onto the water and the rest of the guys feel the same. We’re ready to go again.”

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