Column: Devonshire Voters Heading To The Polls

February 2, 2016

Melvin Joell bermuda  (2)[Opinion column written by Melvin A. Joell]

In a few days the voters of Devonshire North Central are going to the polls to decide on who will represent them.

While this is not a new request, it will certainly be a precedent setting one simply because they are not being asked to decide on a party, they are being asked to decide on a man who represents a party.

What will also make this by-election a precedent setting one is that a mandate for the OBA party candidate will send the message that the people are more than satisfied with their management of our country’s affairs.

By contrast, a mandate to the PLP candidate will clearly say that the so-called disunity within the party it is not significant enough to take anything away from their representative.

My message…

When the common goal requires people to work together in a family, business, church or nation, their individual contributions demand a commitment to the understanding that without unity and harmony, the only outcome that can be achieved is conflict, and conflict left to its own devices will only create division, and division most assuredly leads to destruction.

Therefore, the question for our community is not just one that faces Devonshire North Central, but one for all Bermudians…do we want a government that embraces civil unions as Mr. Simons has clearly stated he supports, or do we want one that endorses a referendum where all the people will have an opportunity to decide on the issue of same sex marriage says Mr. Rabain.

What is the bottom line to my message?

We can all choose our sins, but we cannot all choose the consequences for them!

- Melvin A. Joell


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Comments (13)

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  1. hmmm says:

    Simons believes in equal rights.

    Simons being voted in has no impact on the issue of equal rights.

    If an OBA majority mean’t this would be passed, it would have happened ALREADY.

    Melvin the bottom line as you put it is “We can all choose our sins, but we cannot all choose the consequences for them!”

    You choose sins, wow. Which ones do you choose? That is incredible.

    Then you go on to say that there will be consequences…you are threatening people here.. SHAMEFUL …. You want us to live in fear …. nasty man Melvin A Joell… A man who tries to scare people…. Go reflect on your actions Melvin.

    • What article did you read?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        The one above, course he doesn’t make his distain for SS marriage and used it as an argument to dissuade people from voting for the OBA until the end. He actually tried to disguise this message by starting off sounding like he was being impartial.

  2. Rhonda says:

    My question on definition of marriage remaining between one man and one woman, is who decides what the definition of marriage should be. Who decides that marriage should only involved two consenting adults, why not three of four consenting adults.

    Again, who should decide, if you say the people, does that mean a referendum.

    • Mike Hind says:

      The question is: is the current definition of marriage discriminatory, as it does deny rights to citizens that are asking for them?

      I’ve yet to hear a defensible argument that say it isn’t.

    • Mike Hind says:

      And, I suppose, are we ok with baselessly discriminating against and denying rights and privileges to citizens of our country?

  3. hulk_too says:

    Mr. Hinds .. there is no defensible argument that say it isn’t. so… where do we go from here …rights and privileges …interesting choice of words… tell it to those who are trying to seek work….everyone wants equality ….. help me here …. i don’t see you fighting the age old war there …

    • Mike Hind says:

      Well, I’d have a better idea of what you were talking about if I knew who you are and whether or not you’re someone who in in a position to see who and what I fight for.
      I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about. What “age old war” are you talking about?

      As for where we go from here? We remove the discriminatory clause from the books.
      It’s not hard. Just remove 15c and allow folks to get married.

      Does anyone have a reason why we shouldn’t?

      Oh, and it’s Hind. Not Hinds.

  4. JCS says:

    Don’t threaten me, Mr. Joell.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    “We can all choose our sins, but we cannot all choose the consequences for them!”

    this sentence alone is enough to have any right thinking person realise what this mans motivation is.

    I feel sorry for him, and for others who actively prevent other humans to enjoy equal rights. Get into the 21st century Bermuda, and dont let some church hold us back!

    • Equality... says:

      Its sad that for some reason we just can’t seem to learn from history’s mistakes.

      The twist of perspective to suit ones individuals world view is very sad.

      Everyone deserves equality–not just some.

      You are entitled to your opinion Sir–but many that walk this planet do not agree. The is the beauty of freedom–embrace it don’t hate on it!

  6. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Another Bible thumper….who is this man anyway?

  7. thief says:

    The bottom line for the by-election is between unions or same sex marriage? What about the economy, America’s Cup, curbing corruption, improving Bermuda’s international reputation in Business and tourism? Please confirm this message is funded by a narrow minded special interest group.