PLP Announce Diallo Rabain As Candidate

December 10, 2015

[Updated] The Progressive Labour Party announced that Senator Diallo Rabain will be their candidate for the bye-election set to be held in Constituency 13 Devonshire North Central,

The bye-election has been prompted by the retirement of PLP MP Glenn Blakeney, who submitted his resignation letter to the Speaker of the House, confirming his retirement effective December 7th.

According to his bio on the PLP website, Senator Rabain was educated at Elliot Primary School, Saltus Grammar School and Florida A&M University, graduating in 1995 with a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering Tech. He has served on numerous Government and Private Boards, as well as serving as the President of the Bermuda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

In the 2012 General Election, Senator Rabain ran for the PLP in Constituency #7 Hamilton South, which was won by the OBA’s Sylvan Richards with 59.71% [569 votes], while Senator Rabain won 38.2% [364 votes] and Independent candidate Gershwyn “High Priest Shiloh” Smith received 2.1% [20 votes].

The date of Devonshire North Central bye-election has not yet been announced, however the formal writ is likely to be announced in the coming days, while the actual bye-election is likely to be held early next year. The One Bermuda Alliance has not yet announced their candidate.

In the 2012 General Election, Mr Blakeney defeated the OBA’s C. Anthony Francis by a margin of 19 votes, winning 51.18% of the vote [411 votes], while Mr Francis won 48.82% of the vote [392 votes].

In the 2007 General Election Mr Blakeney won 53.52% of the vote vs the UBP’s Albertha Waite, and in the 2003 General Election Mr Blakeney won 57.22% of the vote vs the UBP’s Hilary Soares.

Update: Replay of the press conference is below:

The press conference has just concluded and we will post additional coverage as able.

Update 12.40pm: Photos from today’s announcement

Diallo Rabain rollout Dec 2015 (3)

Diallo Rabain rollout Dec 2015 (2)

Diallo Rabain rollout Dec 2015 (1)

Update 2.10pm: The remarks from Opposition Leader Marc Bean are below:

Good Afternoon to the press and people of Bermuda.

I am pleased to be before you today to announce the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the bye-election that will be taking place in Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central, following the resignation of Mr. Glenn Blakeney, who has retired from public service. Mr. Blakeney has been a champion for the people and given our community a voice. I thank him for his service and commitment to the people of Bermuda, the Progressive Labour Party, and the constituents in constituency 13.

This bye-election is particularly important as every vote will count, and the outcome will speak significantly to whether the people of Bermuda believe in the direction that our country is headed. The PLP have laid out a vision of a Bermuda that provides opportunity for all, cares for and protects our seniors, invests in our youth and protects the rights of Bermudians while maintaining our attractiveness as a business domicile.

This agenda requires a team that is talented, committed and has the ability to deliver. With that said, I would like to present our candidate for the constituency 13 bye-election, who I know is well capable of assisting in making this vision a reality, Senator Diallo Rabain.

As a senate member since 2011, and Opposition Senate Leader since 2012, Senator Rabain has proven to be a dedicated individual, who always keeps the people’s interest as his priority.

As a member of the party’s parliamentary group, he has been instrumental in shaping policy positions and ensuring that we continue to work and stand strong for the people of Bermuda.

Diallo is a father, husband, business owner, man of integrity, and an inspiration to young people aspiring to make a difference in their community. He has stood and worked for the people, which I am confident he will continue to do once elected to the House of Assembly.

Well capable of speaking for himself, I now turn the mic over to Senator Rabain who will say a few words before we entertain questions.

The remarks from Senator Diallo Rabain are below:

Good Afternoon, Opposition Leader, party officers, members of the media and the people of Bermuda.

As has been announced by the Leader, I have been given the privilege to stand as the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central bye-election.

Before I speak to my viability as a candidate, it would be remiss to not highlight the work of Mr. Glenn Blakeney, the retiring MP who has dedicated over a decade to public service. Not only has Mr. Blakeney been committed to bettering our country, he has also been a strong advocate for the people of his constituency. I thank Mr. Blakeney for his service, and wish him the best as he retires from public service.

With that said it leaves us with the question of why I, Diallo Rabain, should succeed Mr. Blakeney in representing the people of constituency 13?

Since becoming a Senator in 2011, my understanding of the legislative procedures of Bermuda has grown tremendously, my understanding of our community’s needs and struggles has expanded, and in turn has helped to fine tune my ability to be a voice of reason and progress.

I am a true believer that there are few higher callings than that of Public service, and to serve your community, not for personal accolades, but because it is the honorable thing to do. This is a calling that requires hard work, community service and spending time genuinely listening to the people of our community and all of these things I will endeavor to do.

As the candidate for the PLP, I represent a party that has committed to working tirelessly to ensure we continue to grow from strength to strength, and represent the interests of the people. The need for this is apparent, as I have begun to meet the members of constituency 13 and hear concerns that resonate with me as a father, husband, small business owner and taxpayer.

I have heard the worries of parents who, like me, want a bright future for their children, and heard feedback on initiatives such as our education agenda that will build a better education system, allowing my daughter and her peers to compete in a rapidly evolving world. I have listened as seniors tell me about health costs and concerns, and assured them that if elected I will be their voice.

I have listened and heard the troubles of the people of constituency 13, and I will advocate for my fellow Bermudians, to ensure their interests are guarded and their shared assets are preserved through the passing of good governance laws. I will work hard to ensure the voice of the members of Constituency 13 is heard, and I will carry myself in a way that is deserving of their support.

I look forward to meeting the remainder of the community in constituency 13, and show myself a worthy candidate to become their MP. I thank you for your time and in advance, your support!

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  1. watching says:

    Well done PLP! Good luck Senator Rabain.
    He has been a consistent strength in the Senate and will be an asset in the House of Assembly.
    I anticipate a strong turnout and performance in this by-election.

    • hmmm says:

      I’ll ask you again. What has he done that is so wonderful in the senate?

      • watching says:

        Listen weekly.
        His performance certainly outshines the Government senators.
        he is always well prepared, measured in his remarks, and stands up for Bermuda and Bermudians.

        • Double S says:

          If the last part was true he would be admonishing his own Party, who is solely responsible for our dire financial position.

          Read the AG reports and the six consecutive qualified audits on the consolidated fund to confirm.

          It is amazing that you can post of every OBA article and every PLP article (that doesn’t equate to negative news), but refuse to even acknowledge the articles regarding the nonsense I refereed to above.

          You and yours truly do put Party before country no matter how damaging your party has been. And you lot did more damage to a vibrant economy than anyone else.

          PLP supporters truly hate Bermuda by supporting a Party that not only oversaw our public financial demise, but also our economic collapse by short-sighted protectionist policies that do not work for a 21 sq. mile island in a globalized world.

          On top of that you guys support an organization that spreads hatred amongst the community by spewing some of the most racist and hate filled rhetoric that would make even Trump blush.

          PLP and the supporters are more anti-Bermudian than any other political organization to grace our shores.

          • Impressive says:

            “PLP supporters truly hate Bermuda by supporting a Party that not only oversaw our public financial demise, but also our economic collapse by short-sighted protectionist policies that do not work for a 21 sq. mile island in a globalized world.”

            I know you have your own opinion and you present your facts very professionally, so good at times that others can’t even reply. However, with the part in quotes, I think you let your emotion guide your better judgement.. So PLP supporters hate Bermuda for supporting their party?? smdh.. and I had so much respect for your opinions up to this point.. unfortunate

            • Double S says:

              Well I get a little tired of certain posters coming on here and insinuating that the OBA and their supporters are all anti-Bermudian, love foreigners more, aren’t ‘real Bermudians,’ that ‘they don’t care about us’ yada, yada, yada.

              ‘Watching’ did that again with his last comment in the post in which I replied and it is nauseating.

              It is tiring to constantly hear on this site, the radio and social media that only the PLP and their supporters are somehow only ‘real Bermudians’ that only care about these ‘real Bermudians’ and that somehow if you aren’t a follower you don’t deserve the title of Bermudian. It is highly offensive and beyond ignorant.

              People like that are no better and no different than Trump.

              Next time you read the above accusations from a PLP supporter, against perceived opposition, I expect you to rebut them as you have done with my post. I hope you also will label them as being sensationalists.

              What is even more frustrating that posters like ‘watching’ can make a negative remark on every OBA related article, but stays silent about the numerous reports highlighting, again and again, as to how we arrived at the position we are in today.

              The inability to accept that the PLP did truly screw-up in many areas which in turn hurt Bermuda as a whole, and then turn around and state that they are the only PArty to remedy the ills, brought about primarily by their actions and/or inactions, is more than frustrating.

              I can freely admit that the OBA has disappointed in some areas, but at the same time they have been dealt a pretty screwed up situation when they came to power. In 2012, when they won, I said they are going to wish they didn’t, as the actions they will have to take to right the ship will be unpopular, but necessary.

              But you’re right I did let me emotions get the better of me in the above post and the reasons are as stated above. I, like others, am just tired of this nonsense and tired of responsibility being shirked by some, despite the evidence staring and slapping them in the face.

              • impressive. says:

                Fair enough,, we are all human, I just felt your post seemed a bit illogical, which is well below your normal high standards. By the way, I am not trying to sound like the voice of reason, but I respected your posts, even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of it all of the time.

          • Impressive says:


          • Unearthed says:

            PLP Supporters don’t hate Bermuda. You are a BIGOT capitalized. OBA supporters are always throwing shade.

            • A few queries says:

              How is that person a bigot? Not sure you understand the meaning of the word.

              Does that mean that the PLP and its supporters are also bigots as they continually state that the OBA and its supporters are anti-Bermudian and cannot be consider real Bermudians?

              What about that shade, huh?

            • Anbu says:

              And plp supporters always shirk around the issue of where our money went. U are obviously a pee el pee supporter so ill ask u. Where the HELL (capitalized) did our money go?!!!

        • hmmm says:

          “His performance certainly outshines the Government senators.
          he is always well prepared, measured in his remarks, and stands up for Bermuda and Bermudians.”

          Erm, so you like the sound of someone, great, BUT WHAT HAS HE ACTUALLY DONE.

          Yuu said “stand up for Bermudians”….That is interesting, because ALL the senators on both sides stand up for Bermudians. I can’t believe you tried to spin that in, do you think Bermudians are dumb!!!!!

          • watching says:

            Do they really?
            I think the OBA Senators many times stand up for everyone BUT Bermudians…

            • Double S says:


              would you say that this dopey post above is also sensationalist?

              • hmmm says:

                Yes Watching’s post is sensationalized misinformation.

              • Kangoocar says:

                You are wasting your time Double S, the plpers become deaf, blind and certainly DUMB when their own act in that manner!!!!

                • impressive. says:

                  Please Kangoocar, you are the most biased poster on this board. Whatever good points you may have are buried on your extreme subjective views which often time lack rationale and logic.

              • impressive. says:

                Hey Double S, yes to a certain degree..

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          You hit it right, ‘performance’. More often than not, parroting the PLP line, while at the same time avoiding the critical details that are needed to prove that the PLP ‘Vision’ isn’t anything more than a pipe dream fantasy to appeal to a voting base that is happy to take them at their word, and not at the truth. His recent tripe on education indeed still fell short of what our students need, it isn’t the middle school that is failing, it is in part the administration, the curriculum, the implementation and also the home. This later I feel plays the greatest part, as an excellent student can excel in a bad school system with support after school, but without that support, even a strong student will fall in an excellent school system. Unfortunately, for some, it is hard to provide that support even though they want to, but there are also others who think school is a waste for their children and it is that attitude that is the most erosive to any community as a whol. Because that mentality then get passed on to those children and so on, multiplying as it goes to the next generation, overcome by too few a number. How do you nurture the importance of a strong base education in someone, when they aren’t taught it by the most important teachers in their life. Course you don’t hear the PLP address this fault, because blaming voters won’t get them votes, so it must be the education system’s fault.

  2. SANDGROWNAN says:

    BYE-election?? ha ha ha ha snort… BYE-election.


  3. Systematic says:

    Same old faces, same old ideas, same old PLP

    • Family Man says:

      Check your spelling. It’s spelled feaces.

      • mixitup says:

        Feaces? Really? A candidate that has a decent record, who is attempting to make a contribution.. Have you even met Senator Rabain?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        I had a laugh at this, ” The PLP have laid out a vision of a Bermuda that provides opportunity for all, cares for and protects our seniors, invests in our youth and protects the rights of Bermudians while maintaining our attractiveness as a business domicile.”

        Their vision is to increase spending by hundreds of millions of dollars again, but with no real response to how they will raise the revenues to cover those increases. Mr. Rabain comes across as a well spoken presenter, however, I have not really heard him say much beyond the parroted PLP dogma with little further insight into just how the PLP can actually pull off their grand vision. Without that substance, their vision is little more than a pipe dream of fantasy wishes that appeal to those who don’t look past their words to the truth of what they I’ll actually mean after an election.

  4. serengeti says:

    He’s already boasting that he will increase the margin of victory threefold. Not exactly a show of humility, and quite interesting given that his party’s so-called leader is showing clear signs of paranoia.

    • hmmm says:

      Paranoia is a side effect of ganja.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Whatever happened to those random drug tests for MPs?

    • watching says:

      I just think he is confident that he will win and do the work required to win. Besides the only people that seem to have seen Anthony Francis canvassing are media people as I haven’t heard any of that verified. And do we even know if Anthony Francis is the OBA candidate?

    • jt says:

      A bad batch can get you that way.

      The last thing Dunkley wants is Bean out.

      “The Doc and Dunk” …sounds like a 70′s sitcom.

    • Increasing the margin threefold(19×3=57)seems about right.

    • inna says:

      LOL 19 x 3 = 57. Good aspiration i guess?

      • Right now it’s all speculation but come election day we’ll all know for sure. I stand by my prediction and would like to know yours.

        • hmmm says:

          It will be a PLP win and Bean will have another backer.

          Will he actually do anything of value for us Bermudians once elected. I doubt it

          So his first reference is to grow the PLP and his second to represent the interests of “the people”.

          “As the candidate for the PLP, I represent a party that has committed to working tirelessly to ensure we continue to grow from strength to strength, and represent the interests of the people.”

          He then references everyday concerns that exist whether we have all the money in the world or none. Note he references small business owner. That business website doesn’t work. GO look for yourself.

          “concerns that resonate with me as a father, husband, small business owner and taxpayer.”

          He then goes on to talk about bright futures for our children. The PLP ensured our children will be in financial chains for some time.

          “I have heard the worries of parents who, like me, want a bright future for their children,”

          Then he waffles on about education, he has nothing. He really has nothing. Make sure you take him to task on this. what exactly will be different? Moving chairs, re badging, removing middle school system…It will make ZERO difference.

          ” and heard feedback on initiatives such as our education agenda that will build a better education system, allowing my daughter and her peers to compete in a rapidly evolving world.”

          He then goes on to talk about Health Costs. Under the PLP Health Costs SOARED for senior citizens. So unless he is thinking of breaking against the PLP, he ain’t going to do anything, but talk.

          Ah, we get to the reality now….. He has listened and will be a voice. SO he will just talk, not actually do anything…just talk.

          ” I have listened as seniors tell me about health costs and concerns, and assured them that if elected I will be their voice.”

          Please vote for Rabain, so you can see what he really achieves for us.

  5. Serious Though says:

    OBA got this

    • Unbelievable says:

      well we hope so anyway.

      • Betty Boop says:

        No, we know so, this guy is a clown just like all the rest. I’m sure he means well, but hasn’t done anything that warrants a vote from me.

    • Response to SERIOUS THOUGH: Chicks shouldn’t be counted,SERIOUS THOUGH,until hatched.

      • serengeti says:

        What, like when someone boasts about tripling the margin during the announcement of their candidacy?

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Sen Rabain states ( we will increase our margin threefold? ) it is now official, silly season has begun!!! I can see the plp are no less arrogant as they were leading up to the last general election, on Dec 17th 2012, the plp had their butts handed to them by loosing 9′seats including their sitting Premiers seat!!!! The plp still have not learnt from their past mistakes and this proves it!!!!

  7. Terry says:

    I listened a bit then scrolled along and his first words were “Thank you party leader”.


  8. Informed Bermudian says:

    Senator Rabain has always impressed me, and I wish him the best of luck in this upcoming bye-election as I am sure he is well deserving of the seat. Hopefully he is replaced in the Senate by someone who can bring a new face and perspective to the Senate on behalf of the party.

    • hmmm says:

      What has he done that impressed you?

      Or are you just spouting nonsense.

      • Informed Bermudian says:

        If you listen to him, which based on your comment I assume you do not, he is a well spoken individual who seems to give a lot of consideration to pieces of legislation. He appears to do his research and from my perspective always seems to bring up the level of debate in the Senate.

        My opinion though, your are more than entitled to yours. Even still, however, only the opinions (& votes) of the residents of Constituency 13 matter right now.

        • serengeti says:

          He is “well spoken”….that’s what impresses you?

        • hmmm says:

          Give me some examples.

        • Betty Boop says:

          People like you make me laugh. Sure he’s well spoken, he should be being he;s a senator already. Stop trying to make out he’s the best, because I have never heard of him actually doing anything worth while. Think before you vote!

    • Sunfish says:

      Your not very “informed” how can you be Rabain hasen`t done anything. And if he has, please enlighten me.

      Testimonials should not impress anyone!

  9. fast forward says:

    Good luck I hope you win!

  10. Awesome says:

    Go Diallo!!
    PLP got THIS!!!!!

  11. cup of tea anyone? says:

    this is great! for the OBA

    guess all his childish and condescending comments on Fb to voters has paid off!


  12. I heart 441 says:

    Sorry to say but this PLP team is lacking a wealth of experience! For the record I’m neither PLP or OBA.

    • Shut the hell up says:

      If you took out time to type that, you either vote for one or the other.

  13. Sunfish says:

    Nothing to shake things up here. just more of the same. How so very boring and uninteresting.

  14. James says:

    A serious question, as I genuinely do not know and it is not mentioned above, but what does Sen. Rabain do for a living / his day job? What is his private sector experience?

    • hmmm says:

      A little research shows something called Compu-CAD
      It’s facebook page has two posts from Robain

      The actual reference website brings up an error.

      So based on that, I’d say VERY LITTLE

      • hmmm says:

        (nothing wrong with the above…all facts, go check them yourself)

    • Bermuda Jake says:

      He runs an architectural and surveying firm. Has been in business for over 15 years. Just a good guy making his way in the world.

  15. Balanced Facts says:

    Of course its one of Beans Senators its the only way he can insure support cause they are appointed! Robain is a Bean Man, he actually said he did not think the recent issues on resignations affected his chances! Wake up! Bean is looking to add one more to the “Shallow Cabinet”…a VOTE FOR ROBAIN IS A VOTE FOR MARC BEAN!!!

  16. Terry says:

    Well he was appointed by the PLP for the Senate where he serves, I guess.

    Maybe they will appoint Dr. Brown to the Senate on the nex-go-rahn.


  17. Here is the new Bean-Pie puppet. Wow, the arrogance of the PLP to say they will win this by-election handily. They take their supporters and other concerned citizens for complete jokes. Does MB and the Senator know about the Auditor Generals Reports, do they forget who failed a generation of students, are they aware that half of the party doesn’t support MB as leader including the real party leader the Dr.? Arrogance…indeed.

  18. Serious Though says:

    Senator Jeff Baron…will be OBA choice

  19. Lois Frederick says:

    This will be the plp’s problem. By discarding the old stalwarts, they will be left with a lack of depth when it comes to experience running the govt., making the OBA look like veterans. Really starting to look like the NPLP – the New Progressive Labour Party. No depth at all. I suppose on balance, given the choice of having tainted former Ministers with experience, or not, bean has decided to “clean house” and start a fresh. This is something akin to a Hail Mary manoeuvre.

  20. 32n64w says:

    Did Betty return for the announcement?

    • Widget says:

      Yes she did, you didn’t know? I seen her standing Court street just last week with a sign saying ” I’M NUTS IN MY OWN MIND” my the woman love her signage.

  21. Widget says:

    I have rather enjoyed reading all the humor within this article today. PLP 3% and OBA 97%. Those are my results plus or minus 3%. I surveyed 183 Bermudians, two American visitors, no Camdians and one evangelist.

  22. Bermuda Jake says:

    Congratulations Dilallo!
    As the comments above will confirm, partisanship is as strong as ever. The PLP needs fresh faces and you have been consistent over many years in service to clubs, organizations and Bermudians as a wider group. Remember that a healthy economy is in the best interests of all Bermudians, and we must all sacrifice to get there.
    If you can keep your head…you know the rest Church!

    • Wahoo says:

      You forgot fresh thinking – fresh faces are good for TV.

      I remember when we did have a healthy economy…..those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end – oh yes those were the days.

  23. Some Beach says:

    Mr. Diablo is an intelligent choice…a lot of racist remarks have been spouted by this party though..and they are hard to dismiss as they spoke of secular interests,in a world of diversity…I prefer human race as my champion.Of which we are all a part of…moving on…next point of order???

  24. For real says:

    What does Mr. Rabin do for a living? No mention of that.

  25. Common Sense says:

    I would guess that Sen Rabain or any PLP candinate would have a hard time with voters who have read the Auditors’s reports.

    • Wahoo says:

      He will just cover his ears and close his eyes and chant “Jet gate, jet gate, jet gate….”

  26. Lone Wolf says:

    If the PLP really want to get re-elected, Mr. Bean needs to step down. Until then, they can expect to stay in the shadows. Plain and simple.

  27. Encyclopedia says:

    Mr Bean will have no option but to step down. He cannot lead them to the next election or else it would be a OBA walkover.

    His weird remarks would have already ranged most of the party against him.