Bermuda Airport Smoking Lounge Closed Down

April 6, 2016

The smoking lounge at the airport has been closed effective April 1st, with the Ministry saying the lounge has now “been decommissioned” however “smoking continues to be permitted at designated outdoor areas.”

In explaining why it was closed, the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport told Bernews, “In 2005, legislation seeking to make all Government buildings smoke free was introduced in Bermuda.

“In 2007, the Department of Airport Operations applied for an exemption in order to have a designated smoking room in the U.S. Departures Lounge as the smoke-free policy was new not only for Bermuda, but for airports in general.

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“The L.F. Wade International Airport also had scheduled transit flights from Europe that required passengers to temporarily disembark, leading many to utilize the smoking facility on a regular basis.

“However, since the discontinuation of those flights, there has been little to no demand for the facility by other passengers.

“As more countries have gained a better appreciation for the impact of second hand smoke, non-smoking policies have been introduced in several other jurisdictions worldwide and are now commonplace in many international airports.

“Accordingly, the smoking room inside the L.F. Wade International Airport Terminal has now been decommissioned. However, smoking continues to be permitted at designated outdoor areas.”

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Comments (31)

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  1. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Now, smokers have to go to Asia for a chance at the dignity provided by shelter! Kiss a smoker today!

  2. Lioness on the rise says:

    Oh no, sorry for you smokers who want to get your last puff in before you board . As far as I know there is not a designated smoking area outside once you go upstairs .

  3. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    BOOOOOOO! how can secons hand smoke be a problem when its an enclosed room with vents? Pure mugness

    • Yahoo says:

      Because the stench from that place spreads all around the gate area. Glad it is gone.

      • Cup of tea anyone? says:

        Uh. No. It doesn’t. Take your self righteous butt and go sit 5 ft in the other area if u have super sensitive smell that can smell through glass. Jesus when did the world become so soft? Still have a bar there for people to get drunk before they get on the plane. But guys cant een have a smoke, in an enclosed glass room (like an animal at the zoo) with vents sucking out the smoke. Bunch of soft baby bird poo people.

        • whatever says:

          Smoking is horrible. Even if we can’t smell it through the glass, we can smell it on your clothes, on your breath, when you walk out of the smoking room with a cloud of stink around you, etc. You just can’t smell it because you don’t have a sense of smell anymore.
          Alcohol is poison, too, I agree with you there. But no one has ever died from “second hand drinking”.

          • Full Fuulish says:

            Hear hear!

          • Bloop Bleep Bloop says:

            Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

          • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

            1. Should they ban people who have bad Body odor? They have a cloud of horrible stink around them too.
            2. People have died as a result of others drinking. Thibk about it for a minute. If i smoke in an enclose room with vents, how is my second hand smoke going to kill you? Its not. Unless you go into the room and live there for years on end. If i get drunk and abd decide to drive you and run you over you die from 2nd hand drinking.
            Cig smell on clothes aint gonna kill you. This is just self righteous pompous pr1cks being silly

            • DTG says:

              Bad body order doesnt kill, SECOND HAND SMOKE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • What?? says:

            Really. I would venture to guess that many,many more people have died from someone else’s drinking then from someone elses smoking.

  4. aceboy says:

    I always felt it was the one good thing that came out of David Burch being a Minister. Now, that’s gone. Oh well.

    • Mixitup says:

      Funny. I find nothing good with Fahy…absolutely Nada.

      • aceboy says:

        At least Fahy didn’t actually try and destroy the island and claim he was smiling when he saw all the For Sale signs on homes after the recession hit. That is the legacy he left behind. I can do without smoking at the airport. This island is still hurting as a result of Burch and his buddies. I would happily trade a smoking room to have never had him as a Minister.

        • mixitup says:

          I won’t get into childish tit for tats, but I will tell you this, put Fahy and Burch on a scale of worst ever and see who tips it… It won’t be Burch, I’ll tell you that.

          • Tired of it all says:

            *foreign born (just like several PLP MPs, but they get a pass of course)

  5. Sick & tired says:

    Pure BS … Wonder how many flights will be delayed now? Jus sayin

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Ok so who was the moron that made this decision?? Not that this will bother me in the least but I have to ask, is there a purpose they have in mind for that room?? Or will it just stay closed up?? If the intent is to keep it closed up, then all that is being achieved is we now are making it uncomfortable for those who smoke and that includes by the way our VISITORS!! As a person that uses that airport at least 8 times a year, I can say someone is totally lying when they say it is hardly used, everytime I am waiting for a flight, I see people in there!! Way to go Bermuda, we have a dwindling tourist sector and you are doing your best to make the situation worst!!

  7. Annoyed airport worker says:

    I work at the airport and that room was busy all day. By tons of passengers, as well as frazzled employees needing a quick chill out. For them to say it was rarely used is a crock. I’ve been dealing with pissed off passengers since the room closed. Bad call by airport management.

  8. Pete says:

    Does the BIU know about this wow lets march

    • Mixitup says:

      Is this your lame attempt at mocking the Bermudians on the hill? Fail

      • aceboy says:

        If that were the case Pete would have claimed to be on a hunger strike and sipped smoothies while camping out up at the airport lounge.

  9. Coffee says:

    Don’t holler when Bob pokes his head up from under the hood and makes smokers PAY an admission fee to use that room ! Go OBA !

  10. Hair says:

    How many people are HIGHER than de plane when it takes off!!! Just saying…

  11. Paula Paget says:

    Why close the room….. Can’t it stay open until the New airport is built? Wait…. Will we even have a say when the new airport is built?

    • Maddog says:

      I am glad…make it harder for smokers and maybe it will be that one more thing to help encourage them to stop. Everyone knows what smoking does to you, and can do to the people around you. And, then I might not have to sit next to someone on the plane who ranks of smoke….it ain’t pleasant, and I should not have to inhale your smoke fumes…perfume by the way does not get rid of the smell!!

  12. Rock Watcher says:

    cant smoke in any other airport so why should you be able to smoke here? oh forgot privileged Bermudians its our right…NOT ,,,,But the PLP would have to do the same thing hen tell us they had to lie to us how we forget the past so quick

    • Tell the Truth says:

      Get your facts straight before you comment! You can still smoke in Miami and it one of the most used by Bermudians!

  13. just wondering says:

    here is a classic case of our Civil Service in action (maybe that should read “Civil Service INaction”!!) anyway what a cleaver idea – instead of simply removing the smoking sign and keep the room to be used for another purpose they put a “permanently closed” sign and shut the room!! brilliant!!

    • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

      Classic case of self righteousness. Absolutely no one else is being harmed at all from that smoking lounge other than those who smoke in there. None. Not one person. So what is really the rationale behind closing it?

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    “However, since the discontinuation of those flights, there has been little to no demand for the facility by other passengers.