Newport Bermuda Seeking On Board Reporters

May 29, 2016

[Written by Talbot Wilson]

With the single aim of encouraging sailors to capture and share their “real” ocean racing experience during the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race, organizers have announced the first ever Onboard Reporter Initiative for video reports or blog posts filed during this year’s race.

Interesting stories will be shared through social media and on Andy Green’s daily race commentary programs on the event website

The quality can be shaky, the photos blurry, or it can be a picture perfect production. Whatever your medium for recording your race, we want to hear from you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, picture, videos, audio or live. Try anything and send it to the hashtag #bermudarace.

Nasty Medicine’ sets her sights on the finish.

Nasty Medicine May 26

“We know everyone is excited when they start the Bermuda Race,” says Andy Green, sailing commentator, who will be producing the race’s daily reports as part of the media team.

“What we want to see, from different perspectives, is what is happening out there on the ocean. There are so many fantastic stories and experiences, it is a shame we miss out on these every two years. That’s what this On Board Reporter initiative is meant to uncover.”

We want to see your Gulf Stream, the exhilarating experience of tackling a late night sail change, being woken up for a dog watch, enjoying ‘fine’ offshore cuisine or seeing the colorful houses dotting the hills of Bermuda for the first time.

These are best captured through the lens of an astute crewmember with a digital camera, a laptop and an antenna to send out their experience to the world.

Register now for the Newport Bermuda Race OBR initiative. Email with your name and boat name and you will be sent the communication protocol and content criteria from the race’s media team.

Those gunning for professional quality productions are recommended to follow Dawn Riley’s, creator of Oakcliff’s OBR program, tips for producing media content from onboard a racing sailboat

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is maintained on the race website to help explain rules and procedures.

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  1. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    Perhaps I can sign my mrs, my kid and the dog uo for this. Would give me some peace and quiet for a few days.

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Been there several times.

    To get the same feeling it is no different than climbing Mount Everest at night and just as dangerous and that is only the half of it.

    If you have a fear of sea sickness.

    You could just stand in a cold shower at home for 5 days while tearing up $100,00 bills.