Police: Rayshun Edwards Has Been Arrested

June 10, 2016

25-year-old Rayshun Edwards — who was wanted by police in connection with an incident that occurred in Paget on 8th June – has been arrested, the police have confirmed.

In June 8th, the police said they were searching for a suspect after an incident in Paget which saw the police stop a man, who then “suddenly reversed” his car — hitting an officer — and then reversed again at a “high rate of speed” before hitting a car and two walls.

Rayshun Edwards Bermuda June 9 2016 TC

The following day, the police said they “wish to locate” Mr Edwards as he was “wanted in connection with several offenses committed”.

In a statement this afternoon, a police spokesperson said, “25-year-old Rayshun Edwards, who was wanted by police in connection with an incident that occurred on Lovers Lane Paget on 8th June, has been arrested and is presently in police custody.

“The Bermuda Police Service wishes to thank the public for their assistance in locating Mr Edwards.”

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  1. UNREAL says:

    Give him the slap on the wrist and let him go now!!

    • Mrs Edwars says:

      Thank you I so totally agree! I love you Bae!!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Hmmm…what’s the charge for running into an Officer of the Law intentionally..?? I would think it’s attempted murder…no?… don’t know what other charges he’ll be charged with but the attempted murder charge should carry enough weight to offset the other crimes…but i agree with your comment …he’s probably home already…hahaha

    • Ian says:

      Only privilege kids get slaps on the wrist.

  2. Kangoocar says:

    Ah, this is great news!!! Now this guy will have a new pic to attach to his resume when hi is searching for his next job!!!

  3. sad says:

    Sad when he was younger mother and grandmother eyes did no wrong.

    • life says:

      You are saying anything, do you know his mother and grandmother?

      • sad says:


        • life says:

          Well you don’t know them that good because you are saying anything so you need to get your information right. Mother and grandmother would stick by a child if they are right or wrong nobody is perfect. That’s what’s wrong with our people quick to run somebody family down when someone does wrong. Plus he is a growing @$$ men he can think for his self on the choices he makes in his life.

      • Sage says:

        Yeah – she’s the moron writing how wonderful this criminal is.