Video: Automated Bike Wash Business Opens

August 11, 2016

BikeSpaBda — an automated bike wash service — has opened in Hamilton, with the business pledging to offer a “quick, inexpensive way to clean bikes.”

Located at Bull’s Head Car Wash, BikeSpaBda is open daily from 5:00pm – 8:00pm and on Sundays from 8:00am – 5:00pm, BikeSpaBda is the brain child of Devray Denwiddie.

BikeSpa Bermuda August 11 2016 2

“I had this idea years ago and started to look at what bike washing systems were available,” Mr. Denwiddie said.

“I knew that Bermuda’s bike population would love to have a quick, inexpensive way to clean their bikes.

“And it’s not just making the bikes look good, it’s also about washing off all the salt and dirt that can cause corrosion.”

BikeSpa Bermuda August 11 2016 1

Mr. Denwiddie decided that seeking a partnership with Bermuda’s only automated car wash was the perfect idea.

Denise Riviere, Bull’s Head Car Wash co-owner said, “When Devray reached out to us we were definitely interested in the idea.

“For years we’ve had customers asking us to wash bikes. We didn’t even know that a bike wash existed, so when Devray came to us with the idea we were excited to help by providing a space for his business.”

BikeSpaBda had a soft launch last week just in time for Cup Match, and is now open for business, with each wash costing $20.

For more information, please visit their website or call Bull’s Head Car Wash at 295-1916.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram @bikespabda to hear about opportunities to win a free wash, get discounts and to hear about their launch celebration in September.

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Looks great! Genuine question: What if we have decals, stickers and designs on our bikes, will this system peel them off or mess them up? Can I get a guarantee with that?

    • Terry says:

      Then do it yourself lazy ***.
      Or pay some young person to do it.
      Spend all that money and smear it.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    It will appeal to some but I’ll stick with my soft brush & a bucket of soapy water followed by a hose off & chamois wipe.

  3. sage says:

    That Vespa retails at over $10,000 overseas! What is that landed? Jeesh.

    • Jeesh says:

      11,000 before tax in the US. Probably talking about $16k landed. Madness

  4. I LOVE MY LIFE !!! says:

    Well first of all I would like to congratulate you Devray! I’m really proud of you kid!! You have definitely been an inspiration to me and I’m sure many other people even if they don’t come right out and tell you! Such a good idea bredren! Aside from being my personal bredren I’ve always seen the potential in you! REMEMBER THIS 1 THING!!! There will always be HATERS! Please, Please, Please, use your haters as your INSPIRATION!! Don’t ever forget that!! Remember if you don’t have 1 hater your doing something wrong in your life and you need to fix it immidiately!!! So the more you have the better!!Keep up the good work man! And for the record I hate cleaning my bike on a Saturday morning but I always want it to look good so this is the perfect solution for that! And on top of that its TOO HOT right now for all that! So thanks again!!

  5. I would use it.. says:

    Hmmm, good idea! I’d use it so yes, you’ll see me there in a couple of weeks! I Hate washing my bike!

  6. TimBuc says:

    I seen it all from PokemonGo to now this ooh how I loved the 80′s.

  7. Kangoocar says:

    Congratulations Mr Denwiddie, you are what all should be, you are making things happen as opposed to a heck of a lot of others who spend their time either watching things happen or wonder what the f**k just happened? good luck!!!

    • sage says:

      Comment disguised as praise but only serves to run down and demean all others who have not done what one person is trying to do, typical brainless f**kery from this literary giant.

  8. BERR says:

    Can’t wait to hear of all of the waterlogged “electrical” issues this is going to cause cycles…..

    • Bermy says:

      Shouldn’t be any worse than riding on a rainy day or leaving parked in the rain.

  9. Hummmm says:

    Smh I’ll pass $20 for a bike.

  10. Bermuda Daze says:

    Finally…what a great idea. I look at my bike every morning and think “she needs a clean” but then I don’t clean her!! Good luck with this new venture. I will definitely be one of you patrons!

  11. JohnBoy says:

    If I stay on the bike can I get a shower for free or is there an extra charge for that?

  12. Patricia says:

    Nice idea. Good luck.But no thanks. Most likely this system will peel off decals, etc. I’ll stick with my own hand washing. Just like the car wash brushes may do damage. But owners of these business never take on that responsibility.

  13. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    What about electricals? Looks like the soap/water sprays directly on the sides too meaning it would go in the fan, electricals, etc. Might just skip…

  14. Pong says:

    Congrats to my bredren Dev and blessings to him and his new business. My boy you saw a great opportunity and you took it. People will hate and judge but you cant let them detour you from your goal always keep your head up. Wish you great success on this new milestone.

    To those commenting about decals getting ruined, the same way decals on cars dont get damaged after going through the wash and hot wax, yours wont either. Just stop hating on my boy dont talk bad unless you try it. Shotta Dev I got you. B.a.B.Ent4Life

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