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April 7, 2022 | 1 Comment

Bermudian and North Carolina-based entrepreneur Kennette Burgess has been featured on NBC news affiliate WXXI encouraging entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit.

Ms Burgess made a decision to go full time in 2020 during the start of Covid-19 as she launched her business operations in the USA. She is the CEO of Focus Marketing & Development Solutions, a strategic marketing, design and business development firm with virtual global operations and who also has a clothing design branch, Distinct Apparel.

Ms. Burgess said, ‘This is a dream come true. WXXI, an NBC News affiliate in North Carolina, was searching for entrepreneurs who have successfully transitioned their passions into a business and who can empower other entrepreneurs to do the same.

“They reached out to me based on my leadership profile for the interview and of course I said yes. It was what I had prayed for and built my business to receive all this time. I am always glad to help other entrepreneurs reach their dreams.”

Since 2017, she has helped over 100 clients – mostly based in Bermuda and the USA – launch or grow their businesses. She provides everything from corporate client consulting, marketing and development strategic sessions, business plans, logos, websites, social media and advertising opportunities.

Her main goal is not only to encourage more entrepreneurs, whether part-time or full-time, but to ensure that they are successful, fulfilling their passions, and have succession plans to create legacies with their families and expand their businesses.

As she said in the news interview, she is passionate about what she does and seeks clients who are also passionate about doing business. She encourages entrepreneurs to conquer their fears, be removed from any workplace bias, invest in themselves, and secure their financial freedom to become successful entrepreneurs.

She stresses the importance of building her network with fellow Bermuda and American entrepreneurs who can also support her clients with “services she does not offer for them to have a all around successful business.”

Ms. Burgess said, “In college we learned the importance of networking to secure jobs, but I decided to use this principal to also secure a network of other entrepreneurs, many of them my clients, and business professionals that can help my clients launch and grow their businesses. In the past year I have built my network referral program to include lawyers, tax agents, businesses that register companies, accountants, social media gurus, designers among other related business fields.

“I believe in providing holistic customer service, so my clients can more easily focus on their core business versus other aspects I can help them with. I am always seeking more partners, so if you are interested, contact me.”

She will launch her new online courses soon and asks future or current entrepreneurs reading this to reach out to her if they ever have any business or marketing related questions. You can email her at, visit her website, or inbox her on her social media pages @GetWithFocus.”

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  1. Brownin says:

    Amazing! So inspiring Kennette! I will be contacting you soon!

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