Video: Kyle Fisher Wins RUBiS Free Fuel For Life

August 22, 2016

RUBiS Energy announced the winner of their ‘Fuel For Life’ promotion as Kyle Fisher, presenting him with his prize today.

The promotion, which launched in 2015, featured the prize of a lifetime’s worth of free fuel to one individual. Mr. Fisher becomes the second recipient of this prize, which the company values at $112,500.00.

2016 Fuel For Life Bermuda August 2016 (1)

The promotion, which began on June 7 and ended on August 8, was available at all twelve RUBiS Service Stations to members of the RUBiS Rewards Programme.

During the nine-week campaign, there were also multiple opportunities which enabled 36 additional customers to win free fuel for periods ranging from one month to three months.

2016 Fuel For Life Bermuda August 2016 (2)

RUBiS’ Managing Director Graham Redford said, “Last year RUBiS was pleased to introduce the Fuel for Life Promotion, which at the time was the largest fuel giveaway in Bermuda’s history.

“As 2016 marks our tenth anniversary, and as part of our anniversary celebrations, we decided to offer this incredible promotion again to our RUBiS Rewards Members.”

2016 Fuel For Life Bermuda August 2016 (3)

“We understand that the public have a choice where they purchase their fuel and we know that we must provide exceptional service for our customers to be worthy of their repeat business and referral.

“Customer loyalty is something we work hard to achieve at every station – every single day and with every single transaction so to offer our repeat customers, and new customers, the possibility to win free fuel for one, two or three months along with the incredible opportunity to win free fuel for life is our way of saying thank you.”

2016 Fuel For Life Bermuda August 2016 (4)

Jermaine Simons, Sales Manager, said, “The amount of passion displayed by the public during last year’s Fuel for Life promotion was so intense that we decided to give Bermuda another free fuel for life winner.

“As RUBIS won a Best of Bermuda Award for the Most Clever Customer Incentive for the Fuel 4 Life Promotion last year, our challenge was to evolve the programme into something better for our customers, and to give them greater value and an even better RUBiS experience.”

“Having the Fuel for Life as a benefit of the RUBiS Rewards Programme proved to be a positive transition, and assisted in making our customer’s journey to RUBiS even more rewarding. The overwhelming response from our Rewards members during the promotion was an inspiration.

“We would like to congratulate all 37 free fuel winners. We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated, and hope that everyone will continue to enjoy the RUBiS experience during all of their visits with us in the future.”

More information about RUBiS and their products and services can be found on their Facebook page and website.

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  1. Res says:

    Hey Kyle can you fill my boat up please ! Well done !

  2. cmoan says:

    well done kyle… love the irony you work for BE solar hahaha! That is pure dollas tho, u can borrow my bike anytime!!!!

  3. Will says:

    What would happen if rubis were to be bought out by another company? Seems that’s happening with our petrol suppliers here every few years!

  4. jiggs bda says:

    @Will Where you getting your facts from?

    First time our fuel providers have changed in all my life. I am over 60.

    Rubis bought Shell
    Sol bought ESSO

  5. Boater says:

    Hey Kyle, you can use my boat if you fill it up.
    Your pop will need the whaler filled up this weekend.