Dr. Kenneth Hardy’s Visit & Training Cancelled

September 12, 2016

The Family Centre has announced that Dr. Kenneth Hardy’s visit to the island and all scheduled training and activities have been cancelled.

A spokesperson said, “On Saturday evening September 10th, Family Centre learned from Dr. Hardy’s assistant that his mother had an unfortunate fall. Today it was confirmed that Dr. Hardy will not be arriving in Bermuda as planned as his mother is unwell and in ICU. We ask Bermuda to pray for Dr. Hardy’s mother and his family.

Dr. Kenneth Hardy, Ph.D. is a renowned family clinician and at the request of Family Centre was scheduled to provide training to social service providers on the dynamics of racial trauma, and also to provide an interactive session with the public on the same topic.”

Dr. Stephanie Guthman said, “It is undetermined at this time if Dr. Hardy’s visit to Bermuda will be rescheduled. The public will be notified.”

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