Power Restored After Truck Pulls Down Poles

September 9, 2016

[Updated] Traffic is presently being diverted in Sandys as a “tractor-trailer has inadvertently taken down power wires on Somerset Road,” the police said this afternoon.

A police spokesperson said, “Please be advised, a tractor-trailer has inadvertently taken down power wires on Somerset Road in the area of Market Place. Traffic presently is being diverted in the area.”

Update 3.13pm: BELCO confirms that 513 customers are without power due to this incident, and said “every effort is being made to bring power back on as soon as possible.”

A BELCO spokesperson said, “At approximately 12:20pm this afternoon a tractor trailer carrying construction equipment was involved in an incident that resulted in the downing of 3 utility poles. 513 customers are currently without power.

“BELCO crews have assessed the situation and are onsite working to isolate the area to ensure safe working conditions. Repairs will include the installation of three new utility poles and re-cabling conductors. Every effort is being made to bring power back on as soon as possible; however, it is anticipated that work will continue well into the night and may possibility continue in the morning.

“Motorists should anticipate traffic delays as traffic controls will be in place to ensure safety for both the BELCO crew and motorists. BELCO appreciates the patience of all those impacted by this event.”

Update 10.37pm: BELCO said, “As of 9:55pm all repairs were completed and power was restored to all customers. We would like to thank all those effected for their patience and our crew for their commitment to completing the restoration so quickly.”

Downed Poles Somerset Bermuda, September 9 2016

Somerset Power Lines In Road Bermuda, September 9 2016 (1)

Somerset Power Lines In Road Bermuda, September 9 2016 (2)

Somerset Power Lines In Road Bermuda, September 9 2016 (3)

Somerset Power Lines In Road Bermuda, September 9 2016 (4)

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I remember back in the day these things never happened because you had Police escorts for everything. Nowadays anything goes and some of these cranes on the road need to slow the hell down as well. If I want to drive a tank down Front Street I probably could without a raised eyebrow!

    • Smh says:

      Also Belco needs to step up its game with these power wires and cheap wooden posts everywhere!

      • Point boy says:

        In this age, all power lines (most) should be underground. It would be money well spent in the long run.

        Hurricane season is just starting for us.

        • Onion Juice says:

          And you would be the first to complain about traffic because the roads are being dug up to put the cables underground.

    • Kal says:

      Oh hush up! A police escort could not have prevented this. Wires over time tend to sag lower and lower and if the trucker is not paying attention 100 percent, ACCIDENTS of this nature can happen. I know first hand as I’m out here everyday driving these big rigs. Just glad no one got hurt. Smh at the asinine comments

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Any old excuse innit Kal(sagging power lines)…keep shaking your head. Somerset lost power because of this. Think of the elderly having to put up with no ac in this hot humid weather while Belco have to deal with asinine drivers and that goes for drunk drivers on a weekend licking out poles as well. That should be making you Smh!

        • Micro says:

          Sure, blame the truck driver but if the digger arm is under 16′ high, BELCO/Telco/Cablevision/etc is the one to blame.

        • Point boy says:

          I see your message and point. But this doesn’t seem to be the case here. (Accident)

      • Factual says:

        If you are out there everyday driving waaay over-sized loads like this then the only thing that’s asinine here, sir, is you and the company you drive for.

        And do ya’ think maybe ya’ oughta’ report these sagging wires that you supposedly see when you are “paying attention 100 percent?”

      • Young Bermudian says:

        This situation could have been prevented. The hundreds of business and residents without power would probably agree. Yes no one got hurt, but the costs to the surrounding businesses, to commuters, and to BELCO should not be negated. Maybe the owner of the tractor will receive a traffic fine too. A simple policy of traveling the route in a vehicle prior to use of the tractor is sufficient. Let’s suppose that there was road work, trees being trimmed, or a funeral at the church…these along with sagging power lines could be noted and plans adjusted accordingly.

        • um just saying says:

          That would require preventative thinking and common sense. Both of which are not very common.

    • Second says:

      In those days We knew the roads would not be able to handle such trucks than and they still cannot now. These trucks are too big for our current roads , they are not only pulling down poles and lines but creating accident spots rhroughout the island because the weight causes the asphalt on the roads to move over time. Several accidents are happening to tourists and locals alike on the corner of Somerset and Cambridge Roads. Someone with authority please just come and look at the quality of the asphalt there and how the loads are moving it and causing hazardous conditions.

      You can’t blame the Police or BELCo, both do their best. Let’s look at these companies using these large machines and force them to use the roads when the traffic is minimal – late nights, weekend mornings and holidays. Most of all W&E must get the roads up to a better standard

    • Ants says:

      Back in da day machines were smaller a#%

  2. Terry says:

    Thank God Granny Simmons was not crossing the road to go take her nephew his lunch he forgot.

    Valid points Truth.

  3. Kat says:

    oh dear …. now they Belco lads have to work on a Friday afternoon pretty sure they were on their way to Woody’s Oh Wellll

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    What people don’t realise is that the power lines are usually the highest ones. Phone & cable lines are the low ones & should be a minimum of 15′ above the road. That is much higher than a container on a trailer.

  5. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Probably not a factor here but…that excavator looks to be too wide for the trailer…half the track is over the edge…now I don’t know if it shifted in this incident but not safe at all from my perspective…

  6. Proud bermudian says:

    People make me laugh with the comments they post. You honestly think these truck drivers havent complained about the power lines and the trees that need to be cut in the past let’s be for real. Everyone is so quick to put someone down over circumstances like these. Look at it this way can you do what they do day in and day out. It’s there job no one is out there intentionally saying lets go knock down poles or walls today. It was an unfortunate mishap which in the end will get resolved. No one was hurt which should be the main concern.

    • Proud bermudian says:

      Let me not forget the businesses and homeowners that were affected in this situation. Sorry that you had to go through this today.

  7. Y-Gurl says:

    Stupid idiot can’t read or operate a measuring stick and causes havoc for people, hope they are paying for it

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Let’s hope that the BPS did measure the air draft of that load. If it is less than what the wires are supposed to be, then what do you say?

  8. Hair says:

    As a business owner in the west end, I did get affected but Belco got me up and running in an hour!!! Thanks Belco guys!!! woo hoo

  9. Tom Cooke says:

    And… all the guys an girls that had to leave work and pick there children up from somerset primary. ..as the school had to close….

  10. betty says:

    School children lose half day of school. These drivers must drive slow and be experienced . I remember when big machines and trucks had to move early hours of the mornings 500 am. I guess it was heading to dockyard. To the land of the AMC. Thank the lord the driver or people were not hurt or killed.

  11. bluebird says:

    Well done BELCO you always do a fine job.(no i dont have any shares in Belco)
    But it does give those whom have too much time on there hands to complain.

  12. Second says:

    Excellent job BELCO.