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November 2, 2016

The Commission of Inquiry updated their website with transcriptions of the hearings as well as an updated Frequently Asked Questions document.

A spokesperson said, “Please note that the Commission of Inquiry has posted an updated Frequently Asked Questions document on its website at www.inquirybermuda.com.

“This includes a question and answer regarding the status of the Commission’s investigation into aspects of the airport redevelopment project.

“The Commission will resume its public hearings on Monday, November 28, 2016. Hearings will be held in St. Theresa’s Church Hall on Laffan Street, Hamilton, beginning at 10:00am.”

As far as the FAQ about the airport, the reply on the Commission website said, “The Commission has been guided by Article 7 of our Terms of Reference – to ‘consider the adequacy of current safeguards and the system of financial accountability for the Government of Bermuda’.

“The Commission’s intention with regard to the airport redevelopment project has been to examine the manner in which a tender process was considered and to assess the outcome of that consideration.

“Government initially objected to civil servants answering any questions advanced by the Commission about the airport project. [Please see Letter of Objection re: L.F. Wade Airport Redevelopment, posted in the Documents section of this website.]

“Following a press conference at which the Acting Attorney General announced Government’s position in the matter, formal objection was received by the Commission in accordance with Commission rules.

“The Commission ruled on the objections [see posted Ruling on Airport project objections] and the two civil servants who had received written questions concerning the airport redevelopment project from the Commission, [Accountant General Curtis Stovell and Financial Secretary Anthony Manders], subsequently appeared before the Commission and answered those questions and others asked at the hearing by Commission counsel and Commission members.

“These questions and the answers can be found in the posted witness statements of Accountant General Stovell and Financial Secretary Manders as well as in the posted transcripts for Friday October 7 and Tuesday October 11, along with any documents that they provided.”

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