Video: AC Endeavour Program Goes ‘Off Grid’

November 10, 2016

Local company Alternative Energy Systems recently donated 10 solar panels to the America’s Cup Endeavour program, with the installed solar panels not only helping to lower costs and reduce the program’s footprint, but also helping to educate its young participants and ensure that the program continues “well beyond the America’s Cup.”

AC Endeavour Community Sailing Manager Tom Herbert-Evans said, “This is a total first in Bermuda. What we’re doing today is we’re installing some solar panels. It’ll be linked to a battery bank down below and we’ll come entirely off the grid.

“There are three reasons for doing this. First and foremost is taking away any overhead and electricity bills from the program so this can last well beyond the America’s Cup.”

“The second part of it is just having a totally eco-friendly footprint within our data centres, and last is just to educate all the participants, the students that are coming through the program week in and week out.”

Alternative Energy Systems CEO Tim Madeiros said, “It was a costly donation, but I think that the cause is so worthwhile. It’s all about getting the children into being on the water.

“I wasn’t able to do that as a kid, I wasn’t afforded the opportunity, but I wish I had. So I’ve introduced my children to sailing and I see the wonderful benefit its had for them in terms of their independence, in terms of their decision making.”

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  1. wahoo says:


  2. Athena says:

    Thank you AES for supporting our young people and contributing to a win/win situation for the future for the community, sport and the environment.

  3. Kathy says:

    Tim Madeiros – you rock! You are showing us how we can get off grid. With today’s technology and a little collaboration between wind, solar and battery storage coupled with conservation and education we can all come off grid!!! No more BELCO bills!

  4. voltage says:

    A wonderful example of how generosity and innovation can come together and be a model for all our children that are invited to participate in this educational, environmental and sport focused programme.

    Thank you AES and Mr. Madeiros for your willingness to get behind something that has created a pathway to get on the water for all Bermuda children.

    In our Bermuda community often separated by class, race, education, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age and gender – programmes that focus on inclusion can and should be our priority.

    Thank you for investing your skills, talent and material in Endeavour.