Air Berlin Flight Diverts For Sick Passenger

December 4, 2016

An Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 landed at the LF Wade International Airport at approximately 2.00pm this afternoon [Dec 4] after the pilot diverted the plane to the island to disembark a sick passenger.

Air Berlin flight #7408 which departed from Düsseldorf International Airport in Germany was met at the main air terminal by Bermuda Fire and Rescue personnel, airport officials and an ambulance. The passenger was transferred to the ambulance and transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment.

After taking on fuel the plane is expected to continue on its journey to Hato International Airport in Curaçao.

Air Berlin Bermuda, December 4 2016

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  1. Average Bermudian says:

    Bermuda Police Force

  2. concerned family Man says:

    Airberlin and Eurowings have several daily direct flights to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Florida, and Curacao from several German airports. Why not to Bermuda? There are 80 million Germans, world champion in traveling, with 6 to 8 weeks of holiday every year. Egypt and Tunisia used to have over 1.5 million German visitors, but instead of offering Bermuda as a destination they can reach easily, they go to other markets. Try to find a flight from Frankfurt, Berlin or Dusseldorf to Bermuda on Expedia. The cheaper offers involve 33hrs travel time with 2 or more stops in USA or Canada, or BA with changing airports in London. That is not inviting. While some Germans are low budget, there are lots of middle and upper class people who prefer quality over quantity.

    • Micro says:

      A plane with the range to fly direct from Germany to Bermuda would never be full enough to pay for the fuel let alone be profitable. I mean, yea maybe we can market the region as a destination that’s a slightly shorter flight than the Caribbean and just as good but that’ll be a steep sell.

      BA flies in and out regularly with less than 100 people on an aircraft that can hold 300 people depending on the seating configuration (I believe it’s regular flight is configured for around 275 seats).

      Air Canada cancelled a flight this week because the passenger load was too low.

      That Air Berlin A330 features 260-300 seats depending on the configuration and a range around 7,000 miles. Tomorrow’s DUS to CUR flight currently has 32 empty seats.

      • Raw Onion says:

        SO besides the distance, what are the prices? You done some research but left out very important details concerning prices of tickets to fly. That could be a major deciding factor in flying to Bermuda.

  3. Terry says:

    Oh no!!!!
    Hope they were able to get fuel.

    Anyone see a bus …….?

    • Someone says:

      Well I was there at that flight and yes it did take on fuel.. plenty of it

  4. No it was out of service says:

    Like the escalator after security and kinda like the leaky ceiling in the men’s room that creates the puddle of water which everyone slips in.

    LFW International ROCKS!!

    No new airport unless we pay double for it!!!

    • Harry Buttle says:

      Don’t forget the oh so sexy “premium lounge” where you can pay to breathe in mold spores from the ceiling tiles, assuming the tiles haven’t fallen down already due to leaks.

      Talk about sick building syndrome; I’d hate to be a full time employee in that building.