Flora Duffy Named “Female Athlete Of The Year”

December 20, 2016

Bermuda’s Flora Duffy‘s amazing results in 2016 has led to her being voted as the female athlete of the year by TriathlonWorld, who said her performances “have been huge for Bermuda,” as with a “population of 65,000, it’s not too often the country enjoys a world championship, let alone three in the same year.”

A story in TriathlonWorld said “Flora Duffy started to get the world excited about new possibilities in the world of women’s racing early this year. Her go-for-broke style from the gun helped set up Helen Jenkins’ dramatic win at the WTS Gold Coast race in April and, for the first time in a couple of years, people started to imagine that Gwen Jorgensen might actually have a challenge ahead of her if she was to take the gold in Rio.

“Duffy suddenly made it OK for the rest of the women to dream of a gold medal. In many ways it elevated Jorgensen’s amazing performance in Rio – the American lifted her cycling to new heights and became an even better athlete by the end of the summer [hard as that is to imagine].”

Flora Duffy Bermuda Athlete of year

“While Duffy didn’t have another of those break out days in Rio, she did manage to pull out all the stops in Cozumel, leading from start to finish and holding Jorgensen off to take the WTS title. She followed that up with her third straight Xterra world championship, a second [to Jorgensen] at the Island House Triathlon and then successfully defended her ITU World Cross title.

“Duffy’s performances in 2016 have been huge for Bermuda, too. With a population of 65,000, it’s not too often the country enjoys a world championship, let alone three in the same year.

“All of which, no doubt, inspired our readers to name Flora Duffy our female athlete of the year. An amazing accomplishment considering the two women behind her either set a new course record in Kona or won an Olympic gold medal [amongst other accomplishments].

“Congratulations Flora Duffy!”


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  1. Clare says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! After pushing through years of hard work and many struggles, Flora really earned this recognition. Well done, Flora!

  2. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    CONGRATS Flora!

  3. Oh,I see now says:

    Simply amazing,maybe a Duffy Ave. in the future.

    • Gotta have a Clerance Hill something first for Bermuda’s only Olympic medalist.
      But I agree Flora deserves it.

      • Point boy says:

        I’m at a lost for words. Me and the juice agree on something!

        Tiss the season! It must feel nice to get a few (likes) for a change.

        Merry Christmas

  4. who cares most says:

    Congrats Flora you have done well and Bermuda is proud of you.
    Continue to let your light shine and may you be Blessed in the upcoming season.

  5. Thinker says:

    Congratulations Flora!!!
    You are a GREAT role model!!!

  6. Jus' Askin' says:


  7. Athena says:

    Congratulations, Flora. This is well earned.

    You are a terrific role model for young up and coming triathletes in Bermuda.

    May 2017 bring you much success.

  8. Tulani O. Bulford says:

    Congrats! She should be also named Bermudas athlete of the year period. Simply outstanding.

  9. FYI says:

    Congrats, Flora, on your accomplishments!!! To be honest, I only learned of you when my daughter’s teacher invited you to speak to her class a few years ago at Harrington Sound school. Since then, we’ve followed your accomplishments and are inspired. Your example of resilience, determination and hardwork is commendable!! Thank you for your positive example!!! Bless

  10. Maddog says:

    Tremendous achievement. She has shown where hard work and determination can get you. She has worked her butt off! This is well deserved – a true champion!