PLP Urge Govt To ‘Urgently Reconsider’ Permit

December 29, 2016

“The PLP is profoundly disappointed with the Minister and her refusal to grant Rev. Nicholas Tweed a renewal of his work permit,” Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Walton Brown said, with Mr Brown urging the Government to “urgently reconsider this provocative decision at such a delicate time for Bermuda.”

Rev N Tweed

Rev Tweed’s Work Permit Refused

Earlier today Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said, “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

“The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies. On the basis of these failures to fulfil the requirements of Immigration policy, the work permit application was rejected,” the Minister said.

BIU Call Meeting

Following the Minister’s statement earlier today, BIU President Chris Furbert announced that he has called a Special General Council meeting at 12 noon tomorrow [Dec 30], and said that all BIU Special General Council Members and Shop Stewards are urged to attend.

Walton Brown’s Statement

Mr Brown said, “The PLP is profoundly disappointed with the Minister and her refusal to grant Rev. Nicholas Tweed a renewal of his work permit.

“While successive governments have always worked closely with the critical sectors of our community, including international business, tourism, and the social sector, to ensure the critical leadership they require is in place, the handling of Rev Tweed’s application has not been given the same weight of consideration.

“The AME Church was informed that the work permit application for Rev Tweed was being carefully reviewed by Immigration. Ongoing correspondence between the Church and Immigration suggested that, once issues were resolved, the permit would be approved.

“For the Minister to now simply revert to the formal position taken at the beginning of the application process “that the rules are the rules” suggests an insincere review process.

“Historically, in cases involving key personnel in the church or international business, the approach has always been for the Minister to work through the challenges with the invested parties, rather than used them as road blocks.

“Moreover, considering the extreme flexibility and responsiveness granted to work permit applications for America’s Cup staff where “the rules were made flexible” it seems abundantly clear Rev. Tweed has been treated unfairly by the Minister and her decision.

“One conclusion that can be drawn is that the denial of Rev. Tweed’s work permit renewal is directly related to him being a firm and outspoken advocate for social justice; so much so that the OBA government views him as a threat to them.

“It seems impossible that the OBA government could make a convincing argument that the decision regarding Rev. Tweed is devoid of political considerations. I urge the Minister and the OBA government to urgently reconsider this provocative decision at such a delicate time for Bermuda.”

You can view all our coverage of Rev Tweed’s work permit here.

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  1. jt says:

    Perhaps they should ask that someone urgently consider following proper procedures for a permit renewal – but that wouldn’t create the desired effect.

    • Hair says:

      Tweed needs to stay out of the political situation, if he is a so called minster of the church!!!

      • So Martin Luther King should’ve stayed behind de pulpit. Well you had people back then that didnt like him either.

        • Deedles says:

          Dr. King was an American citizen protesting in America. Tweed is not a Bermudian and has come to Bermuda for the sole purpose of political agitation in a foreign country. He should go.

        • Bobby J says:

          MLK was an American, living in his own country so DO NOT compare Tweed to him. Please do not belittle MLK’s struggle with Tweed. Tweed is a guest in MY country and I don’t want him here.

          • Sickofantz says:

            Onion Juice is in America. You rarely read a tweet from him that doesn’t feature America.

        • Black Soil says:

          Comparing Tweed to MLK is sick. Tweed is a non-Bermudian who has investing NOTHING in Bermuda.

          • Facts says:

            Yea, the only thing he has brought here is HATE and unrest! Any other expat would have been told to get cracking’ LONG AGO!

        • Paradise Reclaimed says:

          MLK “The church must be reminded that is is not the master or servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state . . .”

          MLK “It’s always the right time to do the right thing.”

          PLP/People’s Campaign – Read second quote first, act in the spirit of the first, please.

        • JAYBIRD says:

          Absolutely. This is an outrage! The PLP should call for a blockade of the House of Assembly! Oh wait, it’s not in session now.. that’s it then – call an Island wide general strike – immediately! That will show the upstart OBA who really rules the roost around here..

          • Betty Boop says:

            The OBA is the Government and they rule the roost, not the BIU or PLP or People’s Campaign either, so get that right! An outrage is one who is trying to stop a Bermudian from working. This man is not a Bermudian, neither is he married to one, what gives him the right to just work here without going through THE PROPER CHANNELS? Like everyone else. The BIU/PLP always state Bermuda for Bermudians first and all of a sudden that doesn’t apply to this man? HYPOCRITES all of you!

        • steve says:

          Was MLK a work permit holder? No he had plenty of work to do in his country of birth. I guess Rev Tweed left the UK cause there was no longer has any work to be done.

    • Bobby J says:

      The PLP and BIU are only using the Tweed issue for the destabilizing of the Government. They want to create as much strife between now and the Americas Cupso that it will fail. All for them to win power. They do not care for the people of Bermuda to survive, they just want power no matter what.
      They want to take us down.

      • Johnny says:

        The OBA is only using Rev. Tweed in hopes of destabilizing the PLP and the Peoples Campaign. They dont want anyone getting in their way or speaking against The Americas cup holding Bermuda hostage for the next 2 years.

        • Ringmaster says:

          The OBA did not deny the renewal. An impartial Immigration Board denied the renewal and gave the reasons. The OBA Minister upheld the denial. If you don’t understand that difference, you clearly don’t see what’s coming to impact Bermuda and jobs, and it has nothing to do with Bermuda.

          By the way, if you think AC gets what it wants it doesn’t and that’s another black mark on Bermuda.

    • steve says:

      OH no, some one just fired up the PLP “dislike machine” Ruuuuun!!

    • Rightok says:

      I thought the OBA was a pro foreigner party? It’s only because Rev Tweed was active with the People’s Campaign that they decided not to approve the work permit.

      This is sad for the OBA. They are going against their own ideals.

  2. Jam Bermuda says:

    PLP I will never vote for you again! You are an embarrassment to my country! Asking the Government to break the law for political gain?! I am done! And, so are you!

    Will the silent majority, please stand up?! It’s time! The loud minority is ruining this beautiful country! Our children’s future depends on it!

    • Ringmaster says:

      You can’t make this stuff up, except in Bermuda. The PLP calling on Government to break the rules for an expat? So much for Bermuda for Bermudians. Now we know the PLP prefer non Bermudians over Bermudians. Their true intentions are now clear. 2 Bermudas indeed. At least the OBA are working for Bermuda and Bermudians.

    • oba/UBP welcome back says:

      Ask someone who works for immigration and they will tell you the oba/UBP has granted permits before using the same set of rules. It’s political and nothing more. Don’t believe Patricia Gordon-Pamplin made this ruling on her own she’s weak. At the end of the day 2017 is an election year the oba/UBP have nothing to lose and nothing to gain by telling the church stumpers to go stuff it.

      Most voters have already made up their minds. Whites will vote solid as always for team UBP. The real question is will they convince the 15% blacks to vote with them for the win?

      • bdaboy says:

        ” Whites will vote solid as always for team UBP. ”

        ….and blacks will solidly vote for the PLP, as they always have, regardless. Your point?

      • hmmm says:

        This shows that the PLP have no regard to the laws and rules to protect Bermudians. How many others slipped into our country under the PLP ignoring the rules and disadvantaging us Bermudians.

        Those suffering today need to vent their anger at the PLP for disenfranchising Bermudians.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      So who are the PLP/BIU/PC for, Bermudians or foriegn workers in jobs that a Bermudian can do. Does this mean that the PLP/BIU/PC supports the violation of our immigration laws that are designed to give Bermudians access to jobs first. Or do the PLP/BIU/PC stand for a double standard where it is acceptable to ignore those immigration protections when it is for one of their own… simply put the PLP/BIU/PC want it both ways and are hypocrites for it… Bermudians first?… unless it is one of their imported political operatives.

      • Facts says:

        Exactly! I’m so confused – didn’t we all just march against immigration? Don’t we want all of these nasty foreigners to get the heck out of our country? I can’t keep up! Why did I make all of those fabulous signs?

    • WHAT? says:

      I hope you don’t now tell the Dunkiiy to call the election now. Oba/UBP has the majority votes to stay in power :)

  3. joly says:

    So why are the PLP are advocating political interference in the immigration process?

    • Kangoocar says:

      Because the plp interfered with everything for their PERSONAL again when they were ruling this island! This is more proof they have learned nothing by their mistakes and only have their OWN interest at heart still to this day! The plp are a disgrace and anyone that bpvotes for them camnot be considered anything else either!!

  4. joly says:

    Why was Tweed’s work permit application not submitted properly?

    • Its me again says:

      This is my point.

      Doesnt take an astrophysicist to fill out the application and to place a job ad.

      I’m a PLP supporter and memeber and I’m out.

      This is bait and the OBA took it hook line and sinker. Now the balls in the opposition possession and they are going to call for a strike or two and everything falls to bits.

      I need the Americas Cup. I have plans I dont care who makes money or not I just know that I have a plan and these guys are getting in my pocket now. I catch the bus to work. No buses tomorrow (probably) and for once the OBA does something that I can personally profit from and these guys decide that they’ll do everything in their power to take this away from me.

      I’m done. Politics is dumb in this country and I’m going to pack and up leave before we end up like Jamaica. The OBA and their policies didn’t chase me out, the “black” party did.


      An “original” black bermudian

      • Sickofantz says:

        I sincerely hope you can stay. Ultimately a united fully integrated Bermuda will triumph. We NEED people like you.

  5. BdaBoy says:

    We cannot let these bullies continue to dictate to government how and what decisions are made.

  6. Just wondering says:

    So – let me get this right……. the PLP want the Government to “bend” the rules – why???? What is so special with this applicant that he doesn’t need to comply with the same rules and requirements us “ordinary” people have to?

  7. Kevin says:

    will the PLP and Biu now want an open door policy on work permits …its a real shame when its ok now but not when businesses who needed positions filled with qualified people but couldn’t and had to restructure to make it work …you should be ashamed of yourselves ” For Bermuda ” really ???? the BIU and PLP are the wolf in sheeps clothing …Beware those of you who fall for it ..this island is on the Brink of British Rule and then see who is happy

  8. Fedup says:

    So get ready to be held at randsom Bermuda because we all know as soon as Chris Furbert opens his mouth it means a strike is around the corner. What is the difference between Tweed and other that get denied? Why is he so special? Government needs to look at making ALL our ESSENTIAL SERVICES – and yes I mean bus, ferry etc private and let’s see how quick the same puppies that run up behind Furbert will run. Just about hand enough of the double standards and his personal selections.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Stand firm…….

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Guess if trash collection goes on strike, we should take our trash to the BIU or Furbert’s house.

  9. Torian says:

    Go long PLP

  10. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Here we have it, folks. Conflating America’s Cup work permits with Tweed’s. And by the PLP, no less. There’s the whole game, right there.

  11. Sage says:

    They can just bring his sorry tail back if they become a legitimate government!

  12. Jam Bermuda says:

    I am done with PLP! I will never vote for you again! Show me what you are working with instead of hate for all concerned! You’ve become an embarrassment to my beautiful Island! Stop ruining the future of my children! They are watching your hateful behaviors and they are scared!

    Will the silent majority please stand up?! It’s time we took our Island back!

  13. Terry says:

    More propaganda from the PLP.
    Using the BIU they think they can channel this to the masses.

    Just another move to create anarchy.

    Every hour of everyday they will inform, hold a press conference eta l.

  14. Enough is enough ! says:

    Don’t worry the OBA will give in like normal ! Mob rule will continue!

  15. Kevin says:

    Is there a way to vote out the opposition and ask for a legit one . Burt and the rest of the sesame street band must be banished from politics. they only know how to create disruption they are not smart enough to create change through the democratic process

    • DJO says:

      the muppets would make a better opposition and for that fact the cartooon network hAS PLENTY THAT COULD FILL THE UNION LEADERS oposition

  16. BdaReally says:

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but from my understanding as a work permit holder you are not to meddle with the political affairs of the Government which is what Tweed done. I just don’t understand if he is the son of a Bermudian as he claims why doesn’t he just apply for his Bermudian status or is there missing information we have not been told which makes him unable to qualify. The Government is here for the running of our country which means putting Bermudians first so why would you ask for an exception to be made for someone who is not even Bermudian. If you do it for Tweed then who else is going to fight when their time is up. Anyone who is Bermudian and supports the Immigration Minister to reverse her decision should be ashamed. Support your people not the political chess piece.

    • Lualaba says:

      Twice Tweed appears to be heavily involved in the blocking of Parlement, which there are laws against. And the PLP and Union wonder why his work permit is not renewed?

      • JD says:

        Wrong – did the AME Church advertise the position locally? This is a yes or no question. Don’t make this political, just answer a yes or no question.

        • hmmm says:

          1)There are inaccuracies in the application.
          2)the application wasn’t submitted in time
          3)the position wasn’t advertised.
          4) there is a Bermudian who wants the position and it qualified and able.

          The only politics here are being played by the PLP in an attempt to leverage emotional votes just like Donald Trump.

    • Kangoocar says:

      You are not wrong! The preacher is NOT Bermudian no matter how many times the plp tries to deceive you! The plp spent 14 yrs deceiving Bermuda and they even after after taking a pounding at the election have still not learned their lesson that deceiving people is not the way to go! PLP, really stands means, people’s lying party! They will do anything to regain power and should not be considered anything other than disgraceful!!!!

    • Just saying says:

      I believe you have to apply for status during your 21st year but before your 22nd birthday if you have Bermudian parent ( in this case father) .Failure to do so results in you never being able to apply again…..that’s what my children were told..and had to comply with…
      This is a sad state of affairs and I pray it doesn’t become a huge political football. We have so much to fix on this beautiful island ..long overdue injustices ..

      • wondering says:

        …..and part of the Pathways to Status – Tweed was and is against!

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Tweed is not the son of a Bermudian. His father and mother were West Indians. Tweed was born in England, he also has a US passport. He shouldn’t belong in Bermuda.

    • Sojourner says:

      Tweed’s grandfather immigrated to Bermuda with his family, one of which was Tweed’s father. His father left the Island, eventually marrying and later Tweed was born (in London). Non of Tweed’s ancestors were born in Bermuda and that is why he cannot currently apply for status.

    • Shanky says:

      Someone should reveal if Kingsley Tweed is the father or stepfather as it may be be. What year did he leave Bermuda and get with the mother and what year was the minister born? You may have raised eyebrows

    • had enough says:

      Mr. Tweed was adopted by a Bermudian Gentleman and his English Wife, his adoptive father never applied for Bermudian Citizenship for Rev. Tweed so that is why he is not a Bermudian. If his father had followed procedure (which it seems like this family don’t like to do) then Rev. Tweed would not be in this position right now and probably wouldn’t even be in Bermuda and posted somewhere else in the world.

      • Facts says:

        Maybe if he had been a good expat and kept his mouth quiet and done his job without getting messed up in the BS he wouldn’t have this problem.

  17. Four says:

    Guess the trash won’t be picked up anytime soon.

  18. Dunn juice says:

    Well maybe the next country he goes and if he’s not a citizen of that country Mr tweed might want to consider running his other country would accept what he has gotten away with here….

    • JD says:

      Wrong – stop making this political! Did the AME Church advertise his position in line with immigration requirements?

      • Betty Boop says:

        No they did not, and that;s is a basic rule when applying for a work permit. He knows that, so does the BIU/PLP, so no permit, too bad, so sad, go home.

    • steve says:

      Actually, many countries do accept an expat getting involved in politics and many countries do not(punishment varies). I think we are far more tolerant now than we were 6 years ago…however that can revert back very quickly and may well do.

  19. Kevin says:

    the news it seems like the PLP has said the immigration dept gave special consideration to the americas cup applications can we ask what those applications were for …. i am going to think those were for individuals with skills quite unique to the americas cup. again the PLP will try to create a scenario that they need you to fall for but I want to weigh it on their accusations versus the truth and hopefully one day …all accusations are held accountable and those telling lies made to apologize and be found in contempt

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And all those permits issued for AC people are very very temporary. By the end of July next year all of those people will be long gone.

  20. Its me again says:

    Face meet Palm

    The PLP just lost a supporter

  21. Infidelguy says:

    Let’s just say it….the PLP are opposed to this decision because Rev. Tweed is an ideologue who supports their political agenda. Maybe the OBA has other motives for rejecting the application. Who knows! But in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I have to conclude that Rev Tweed’s work permit application was rejected based on legitimate reasons. Why haven’t we heard from Rev. Tweed on this? He’s quite capable of speaking up for himself.

    • JD says:

      Exactly – Did the AME Church advertise the position? This is a pretty easy question. Anyone from the AME want to chime in here?

  22. Just wondering says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember the infamous “Chicken in arsenic” joke an (expat) chef made at an upcoming PLP dinner about Dr Browns starter course – if wasn’t very funny – it was in bad taste BUT the PLP heavies had him shipped off the island that night – no revocation of his work permit – no ability to access the courts – where was the outcry when they did that?? What a bunch of hypocrites!!

  23. TSOL says:

    The elephant in the room on this island is that the BIU/Peoples Campaign/PLP don’t believe in the rules of law for themselves. If any expat not connected with these organizations, no matter what their race, had missed the period to submit their paper work to renew their work permit, or had dabbled in politics on behalf of the OBA they would be in a mad frenzy to have them escorted to the airport by the police kicked off the island as soon as possible. Think about it.

  24. Fur says:

    Good job sticking with your decision….rules are rules PLP and BIU.

    Move on

  25. Zario says:

    Yes, reconsider, give him three days, not three weeks.

  26. steve says:

    Hey PLP, i watched you cats for years, if a preacher was on the island and sided with your opposition in any political capacity whatsoever…you would have had him on a plane and never allowed him/her to even apply for a permit at all. You got rid of folks for far less. Disgusting hypocrites.Not enough sense to be embarrassed.

  27. DJO says:

    do NOT RECONSIDER under any circumstance. the rule of democracy will and must NOT bend to the hypocritical oppositioin

  28. Jadon says:

    Looks to me like all the PLP is asking for is the same thing the OBA/UBP does for their friends… think they have never “bent” the immigration laws ?? He is a minister…. why wouldn’t they rush it through? He has to get back to serving the people of his church.

    • Deedles says:

      Because he is not serving the people of his church, he is pursuing a political agenda as suits his needs. The preacher thing is an interesting cover.

  29. Jadon says:

    Not like he is stealing the job of a Bermudian…. like many of the OBA’s friends.

    • Rhonnda O says:

      We don’t know since the advertisement wasn’t done. As for the ‘OBA’s friends’ who’ve stolen the jobs of a Bermudian… name ‘em.

  30. O.M.G says:

    So chris Furbert are you going to stand for every work permit holder. What a bloody hypocrite and you say you are for the people of this country BS. Now you and the great PLP and that stupid talk show want to make the people anger again for nothing. Don’t you want your country to go forward or you still taking your people back. Don’t blame anyone except yourself s if your people can’t get work because you are casing away potential businesss to come here to provide job opportunities.. Thank god my people don’t act in anger like this to embarrassing.
    Tweed go you don’t help your people one bit you don’t want to either you just want them below you so you can control them.

  31. John says:

    Bermudian pastor stand up please

  32. Enough says:

    Walton Brown is not fit to be in office.

    • Bobby J says:

      Walton Brown you should be ashamed of yourself.
      It should be “Bermuda for Bermudians”.
      Shame, shame, shame on you.

  33. Deedles says:

    Furbert is angling to be the next PLP Premier and is utilizing the same methods as any other small minded dictator. The good reverend should be tending to the flock and not drumming up votes from easily manipulated voters.

  34. Steve Thomson says:

    The rules should apply equally to everyone. What shocks me is how the PLP /BIU (which is the same organization) play lip service for sticking up for Bermudians. In this instance they are fully backing a non Bermudian that simply didn’t comply with the work permit requirements. Now back off as you are not the government and do not represent the majority of our country no matter how loudly you yell or how many businesses, offices or roads you block. Our patience too is wearing thin.

  35. Shameful says:

    Thank God for Walton Brown. He is a responsible and forthright leader who cannot be matched. I did a study of those who think the decision is fair. Their responses are almost exactly the same to those made during the anti slavery drive, the drive to remove discrimination and the sentiments expressed about the PLP. Yet they will talk about change and ask us to sing Kum-by-ya as they relax in their hot tubs and never once reach out to the other side. No interest. No genuine caring for working people. Just want to dump them and their leaders and after the battle when the dust settles they jump on board and benefit from the change and say “we wanted it all along.”

    • Just wondering says:

      how can you possibly equate this to a slavery issue – this is about an employer who has repeatedly refused to properly submit a work permit application and given no resin for failing/refusing to do so – the rest of us all have to comply with the law – why not him? why is he so special? Why does the BIU/PLP think there is one rule for them and their friends and another for everyone else?

    • Up D Hill says:

      @shameful, you should be shameful after writing that trash!!!

  36. BIG says:

    Omg !!!! boy you can’t make this crap up…. I will not be paying any fri66in BIU dues. DO NOT MAKE ANY OF US MARCH. Are you bloody serious????? Is it that serious. Maaan you PLP jokers are really jokers. Chris, I bet you want to strike for this bulls..t too. It aint happening. Pickup this Christmas trash in the east tomorrow too. Brown, you are a fool for even mentioning Americas Cup when comparing to this. I along with other small businesses will be so excited when the Americas Cup comes here because we need the business. The truth is out. You loss my vote. By the way quit blocking Parliament and let the real Government handle the business before you guys really really truly eff up this island ffs..

  37. Acegurl says:

    Walton Brown I am shocked at your reaction to this situation. Everything you have stood for politically has just flown out the window. You no longer fight for Bermudians as a whole. You have become selective in who you support. How could you propose a reconsideration of Immigration policy when it has been clearly articulated to all that Reverend Tweed did not follow the rules, as clearly defined by the Department of Immigration. Your reaction to this case is sheer hypocrisy. Reverend Tweed has been extremely lucky during his short time on the island, in that he has been radical in his approach to the local community. This would NEVER have been tolerated in the other 99% of the expat population.

  38. 32n64w says:

    “While successive governments have always worked closely with the critical sectors of our community, including international business, tourism, and the social sector, to ensure the critical leadership they require is in place, the handling of Rev Tweed’s application has not been given the same weight of consideration.”

    This is fundamentally untrue, disingenuous and misleading. When an employer REFUSES to comply with Governement policy, even after being given the opportunity on multiple occasions to do so, they have no excuse.

  39. Silence Do Good says:

    The PLP and Chris Furbert should be questioning the powers to be at the AME Church for not getting the work permit application right the first time and after multiple extension etc still not getting it right. It would appear that the AME Church wanted Tweed gone more than anyone else. This song about we never had to do it like this before is all just noise to cover their true motive of ensuring Tweed’s permit was not renewed.

    PS I love how the PLP and BIU are fighting for a work permit holder and confessing how the law should be bent in their interest. Well with no creditable opposition I guess the PC is the only alternative for people to gravitate to when they feel a slim majority government is running a mock.

  40. it seems mr. tweed and mr. furbert have some kind of bromance goin on.
    Hey you lot can ways host each other in your respective countries of origin… visit each other now and then… be buddies… sing the song
    Butt for now… unless this church pays taxes… it cannot take part in process as process requires monies.
    A guest… is a guest… when you accept a guest in your house… do you let them act up?

  41. The answer is… “NO… YOU DO NOT.”

  42. Merry Christmas good tidings to all.


    I am sorry Mr.Tweed but… you did stinky boo booz and we will not let you act up in our house.
    See… if you are a guest… in a house… any house in Bermuda… and you act up… 9 times out of ten you will be asked to leave.
    Well sir… you acted up at cabinet house… and you are a guest…. this is one of those nine times mate… no offence… but you are a guest…

  43. aceboy says:

    Proof positive the PLP will do EXACTLY what they did when they took control in 1998 if they get back into power. Ignored all the rules and did what they wanted. Rules do not seem to apply to them or their *friends*.

    That is EAXCTLY why the economy is in the state it is in now.

  44. Shanky says:

    What happened to the promise made by the BIU about no wildcat strikes ,etcwhen they were let off, and millions were written off by the then government so as not to end the BIU as we know it. Should have made them pay up, they say one thing and then continue to do as they like

  45. karen says:

    what is so special that the PLP want the Government to BEND the rules for Tweed to stay on the Island, whats good for the goose is good for the gander, he has to go its that SIMPLE is the PLP going to scream over this, seems like anything the Government says or does the PLP are totally AGAINST IT. STOP BEING HATERS THE LAW IS THE LAW, but if the PLP was in leadership BET YOUR BOOTS TWEED WOULD BE STAYING.

  46. bermy bud says:

    Work permit holders can NOT involve themselves in Bermudian politics! Which he has done!

    • WRITING ON DE WALL says:

      So if that’s the reason then say so!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No need to. After numerous opportunities the applicants did not abide by the requirements for renewal of the work permit.

        Seems obvious that the AME board wanted him outta here found a way to have somebody else do the dirty work for them. Notice that the AME church is not protesting the denial of the permit.

  47. Moderate says:

    The PLP are the ones being political here. They harp on about putting Bermudians first but now they’ve shown that it’s all a lie. They are exposing themselves as a right wing authoritarian movement that won’t allow the elected Government to meet and wants laws and policies disregarded for their insiders. Rev. Tweed is entitled to work as a permit holder but needs to follow the process as defined by Government’s including the PLP themselves. No amount of work stoppages, blocking of elected officials from meeting and vilifying of a very deferential police service will change that.

  48. Terry says:

    Onion Juice.
    You have it all wrong.
    Martin Luther King was an American by birth.
    Tweed was not and is not.

    This is a church issue which has been made into a race issue by the PLP and will probably help to be the demise of Bermuda because they want it political.

    It’s an AME issue but once again it will be a issue of race.


  49. Jahstice says:

    Will mob rule continue or democracy prevail?

  50. WRITING ON DE WALL says:

    All you people sound really stupid, do you really think his permit hasn’t been bent all this time before he became vocal on the political scene. I beg to differ!
    I bet their application was made no different from their previous applications since he has been here working BUT now they are following the rules because he has expressed publicly his dislike of the current governments policies and practices. SMDH
    It’s so obvious people!!!!

    BET THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF RULES BENT FOR AMERICAS CUP, which we’ve been told by previous host that it is a complete fail unless it’s held here more than once.


    • aceboy says:

      Please list the rules being bent for the America’s Cup?

      Or are you just repeating a myth you heard somewhere?

    • Up D Hill says:


    • steve says:

      I am Glad we got Americas cup cause it gives us a foreign entity to blame as well as an event to Hijack.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Dear Writing.

      You seem to have information about malpractice in submitting work permits. It is your duty as a Bermudian to report it to the anonymous Immigration line.

      If you don’t one can only assume that you have been making this all up.

  51. LostinFlatts says:

    People are missing the truly terrifying part of this: the PLP/BIU know how utterly hypocritical and ridicululous their position on Tweed is, and they don’t care. They believe they can say anything and still win, that is how little credit they give their supporters.

    But, we now live in a world where a racist liar said he could shoot someone in the face and still win an election – and he was right.

    The PLPs best chance of getting elected is to reduce politics back to a single issue. That’s all this is: feeding their narrative regardless of reality: real Bermudians vote PLP regardless of what they do, what their policies are, their adherence to law, their lies and self-serving because, well, because.

    2/3rds of those who voted Trump believe that the US had higher unemployment today than when Obama took office, despite that not being remotely true. Why? False narrative. If we truly want the best for our island’s future, we have to take the time to call all politicians in their lies, but sadly nothing today suggests the majority of voters will do that.

  52. Warwick Lizard says:

    I have been loyal to the PLP as a supporter all my life as has my family. No more though. This was a big topic of discussion over Christmas and what we concluded is best for BDA at this time. Former BC Lecturer Walton Brown, the BIU and the PLP should be ashamed of how 1) they encouraged the blocking of parliament (protests are fine just don’t block the people’s business from being done in the house) 2) how they are twisting Rev Tweed’s declined permit in the hope for their own political gain. The OBA is not perfect but they are turning Bermuda’s economy/tourism around and have my family’s vote in the next election. God and the voters will have the last say.

    • bdaboy says:

      Warwick Lizard. I wish more people were like you. Much respect.

    • aceboy says:

      Here’s hoping there are many more of you. Thank goodness you can see this for what it really is.

  53. trump supporter says:

    Urgently reconsider, what you going to do STRIKE, AWE not getting your way.
    What you should do is read some of the discussions in the AMOUNT of PLP supporters you have mad e disgruntled.

    Going take my trash to the dump, might not get picked up.

  54. Seriously says:

    Why should he stay? Who is he that it’s important for him to remain on this island with his controversial ways?? What good does he bring here? I am curious? He breeds a lot of hate for a preacher. Maybe he’s a quack preacher.

  55. Ya serious says:

    I got a rule bend. Next rule should be if they block the house, than the meeting of the government should be held anywhere approved by the governor ASAP.

  56. Reese says:

    Is the separation of Church and State not a thing anymore?

  57. Jahstice says:

    Send the non Bermudian home. Bermudians want jobs, including his!

  58. Wondermutt says:

    Stand strong OBA. You should never give in to a petulant child having a temper tantrum.

  59. Up D Hill says:

    How many work permits were revoked in the last 3 months? I don`t hear Chris Furberts BIU making any noise to help them, I don`t hear the PLP making any noise to help or support them who will have the end of this month and the end of next month to leave, I don`t hear the PC , I don`t hear the AME Church, WHO SHOULD BE SILENT ANYWAY ,Your a church,,MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!

  60. BRIER says:




  61. EXPAT says:

    OK, so serious question: my permit is up for renewal in a few months. Will there be a march or protest when it gets denied? I can start making signs now. I just want to know who I need to thank when they protest and demand the OBA renew my permit even though there is a Bermudian who can do my job.

    Thank you in advance for helping me, an obnoxious Expat, stay in your country…cuz that’s what Bermuda does now, right????

  62. Bermudian voter says:

    How soon we forget. PLP immigration policies when they were in power
    forced international companies to relocate and many locals lost jobs, families were split up and family members had to relocate. And now all of a sudden a church minister is indispensable. Once again the PLP is attempting to cause discord in an attempt to get elected. I voted for you once. NEVER AGAIN

  63. Enough says:

    Walton Brown – November 26, 2014
    The Shadow Minister added that in the hospitality field, there is concern that “one major chain turns its back on Bermudian talent,” saying they have a “hiring policy that has seen eminently qualified Bermudians not even make it to the interview process. This is deeply disturbing and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

    “Recently, this has meant two very qualified and experienced Bermudians were denied even the opportunity for an interview for a prominent position…”

  64. thief says:

    it does not seem right that a foreigner should be so involved in our politics.

  65. Frank says:

    Why not just advertise the position? Maybe there is a Bermudian out there that would be great at the position and if not give Mr. Tweed the position.
    I am sure there more to this story that the Church should make public.
    Please inform us before this gets out of hand or do the powers that be want that to happen? I think not

  66. BRIER says:




  67. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Send the foreigner packing…who cares! That’s what we all want anyways. A BORN BERMUDIAN can do that job better and some!

  68. Rumsoak says:

    Bye Bye birdie, don”t let the broken door at the airport hit you on the way out .

  69. Y-Gurl says:

    Why? Because he’s someone’s friend? Sounds like a typical and often heard PLP threat

  70. Mary says:

    in the words of Ray Charles …. hit the road jack

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