Katerina Troitskaya To Hold Dance Workshops

January 10, 2017

Katerina Troitskaya, the Russian-born dancehall and Afrobeats choreographer, will be returning to the island to teach a series of high-energy dance classes from January 16 to February 12.

Organiser Fajr Bashir, owner of Rebel and Island Physique, said “it was a very easy decision” for her to bring Ms Troitskaya back a second time.

“The experience we had with Katerina last November was high quality and life changing,” Ms Bashir said.

“She is extremely humble, inspiring and a true master of her craft. Her energy is uplifting and contagious.

“The participants loved her and learned a lot from her in such a short period of time and many of them begged for her to come back, so I didn’t hesitate to make it happen again.”

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A spokesperson said, “This time instead of a short weekend workshop, Ms Troitskaya will be leading three different series – all four weeks in length and including eight sessions.

“They include Dancehall for the Ladies [a ‘grown and sexy’ workshop teaching women to wine, bruk out and learn the hottest dancehall steps sweeping the world] on Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 2.30pm.

“Also on offer will be Dancehall Funk classes for Adults [Men & Women] on Mondays at 6pm and Saturdays at 2.30pm; and Teens [Boys & Girls] on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4.15pm. These classes combine the technique of authentic Jamaican dancehall with other styles like Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Jazz, Belly Dancing, Ballet, House, Salsa and many more.

“Participants will be given more time to master the steps and develop their dance skills,” Ms Bashir explained.

“They’ll have the chance to learn more choreography and will be challenged to come out of their comfort zone and unleash their inner Rebel. “By ‘Rebel’ I mean the person that they truly are, the part of them that is free and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks.”

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“Our goal through this programme is to create a space for each participant to feel safe, release their inhibitions and enjoy the freedom of their own unique expression through dance.”

“After Ms Troitskaya left the first time, Ms Bashir said participants were messaging her days and weeks later sharing about how much they enjoyed the experience and wanted her to come back to stay longer.”

“A few of the ladies were former dancers who said Katerina inspired them to get back into dancing again,” Ms Bashir said. “We also had mothers who said the experience was a fun way to let loose and give back to themselves.”

“Jozelle Escolastica was one such person. The mom said it was rare for her to find adult dance classes on island, so when she heard about the dance workshop last autumn she jumped at the chance.”

Jozelle Escolastica and Katerina Troitskaya:

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“Katerina was so humble and she not only has an amazing talent when it comes to dancing, she also has this genuine passion to learn the meaning and background behind the dance moves.

“She dances with her soul. I learned not to think too hard about nailing the move, but rather just enjoy the movement.”

“Ms Escolastica said it was great seeing women from all backgrounds and dance levels encouraging and inspiring one another.”

“Often times us as mothers, wives, women in business and so forth, get caught up in giving so much of ourselves that we forget about doing things that uplift our spirits every now and then. Therefore, I encourage women to go out and try something as adventurous as an adult dance workshop.”

“Dance lover Tyka Edness urged others to sign up or risk losing out.”

“Katerina has this gift of humility that doesn’t normally come with dancers who perform at her level with artists like Shaggy. She constantly reminded us to forget about the choreography and to just paint, just sweat, just move, just smile. I learned from her the art of breaking tradition, which can often be detrimental for women.

“This speaks to a woman feeling she must wear a waist trainer, never sweat because it isn’t lady-like, always have gel nails or a pair of Louboutin’s to appease the masses. Katerina, through dance and the empowerment rebuffs these foolish expectations that many of us practice unknowingly.”

All programmes are beginner friendly, starting with very basic steps and building on as the weeks progress.”

For more information or to register, visit the website.

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