Advisory: Diversions Due To Road Works In Paget

January 21, 2017

On Sunday [Jan 22], the Ministry of Public Works is expected to begin road paving along a section of South Road in Paget from south round-a-bout to Grape Bay Drive, and traffic diversions will be in effect from 7am on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said, “The motoring public is advised that the Ministry of Public Works is expected to commence road paving Sunday, January 22nd along a section of South Road in Paget from south round-a-bout to Grape Bay Drive.

“To facilitate the roadwork, the following traffic diversions will be in effect from 7am Sunday:

  • Traffic travelling east on South Road from Paget traffic lights will be diverted onto Stowe Hill, then onto The Lane.
  • Traffic travelling west on South Road from south round-a-bout will be diverted onto the east bound carriageway until Stowe Hill.

“Ministry of Public Works personnel will be on duty to assist with traffic management in the area, including at Paget traffic lights.

“Weather permitting this resurfacing work will be done in stages every Sunday from the 22nd until its scheduled completion, at the junction of Middle Road and Valley Road.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    This section of road desperately needs resurfacing but I have to wonder exactly when it’s ‘scheduled completion’ date is? Does W&E even have a target date or just a target location?

    Sunday work must be racking up the bills at double time.

    Why can’t this work be put out to tender for entrepreneurial Bermudians to bid on?

    • Safety says:

      Dont think a company can compete against govt when it comes to paving. We are a small country so its kind of like public transport you just have to provide it and suck up the costs. You cant close these roads in the middle of the week…

    • This work may need to be done but the timing of it is not been thought out to well. we have Harbor road closed on weekends for the next 5 week’s, so which brainiac came up with the idea that we should close down one main road leading west and have one lane traffic on the other main road while they resurface middle road paget between trimmingham hill and Grape bay drive.

      Traffic was so backed up at most times that it was not needed to inconvenience the public like this, and there are far worst roads that need fixing on the main roads then the stretch that they are presently dealing with, the person in charge of our highway’s has to be a real joker, and if not for the repairs of a section that was not that bad, it will definitely be for the timing of it all.hopefully they can give a time line to how long and how much stretch of road they are undertaking.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    America’s Cup Bah I Tell You…

  3. Lone Wolf says:

    It’s great that you’re doing that, it really is. But why at the same time as Harbour Road? That’s going to be a traffic nightmare.

    • Hope says:

      My thoughts exactly. Harbour Road is for the next six weeks. Both are needed an unavoidable, but I wish they hadn’t done them at the same time. Luckily the road paving is only on Sunday’s, whereas Harbour Road is on both Saturday and Sunday.

  4. Sick & tired says:

    I agree with you lone wolf certainly no thought was used in this decision.

  5. whatever says:

    Paget traffic light is also out and harbour road is closed.

    • sage says:

      Brilliant strategy isn’t it? Let’s hope it doesn’t look like the recent “paving” done in Somerset.

      • Safety says:

        Welp looks like i gotta leave home an hour early. Can gov’t suppliment my extra hour i will be “working” having to leave home early amd get home late and pay me for this crap…

      • @ sage, maybe you got a point here, and just think we are having all this confusion under a O.B.A Government, and I thought they all went to the best colleges and got the best education and the P.L.P was just wanna be’s in their eyes, well seems like a different day but the same crap.

        So they are not as smart as they say they are. I think W & E , ie Public works did a better job under the P.L.P,

  6. peoplewatcher says:

    As well as being a huge inconvenience to half of the island, it is unsafe. Emergency response times will be affected.

  7. Y-Gurl says:

    Who is the idiot that approved Watlington to close Harbour Road and also allow for road surfacing work on South Road at the same time??
    Harbour Road has been dug up at least 20 times in the last couple of years because Watiington don’t really have a grasp of how to properly maintain things and quite honestly should be fined or made to pay for that entire section of Road to be resurfaced, last night along comes the clowns from W&E who despite knowing Harbour Road was closed decided to off load equipment by the Paget roundabout and had traffic backed up from Paget roundabout to the birdcage, one W&E clown was allowing 4 cars at a time leaving town to pass!!
    Why is “only in Bermuda” used to give justification for these screw ups, we need to change the parties responsible and become “accountable in Bermuda”

  8. who cares most says:

    W&E knew that Watlington was doing those works on Harbour Road, and if you check the news these road works will be done same time every weekend.
    The Engineerer in charge needs to ensure we have one road working as this could cause problems for emergency vehicles.
    As AC gets closer there will be road works to ensure they have good roads to drive on.
    It is my understanding W&E be working at least 4 weekends to accomplish the works on this project.
    For the Finance Minister to say we have no money how we paying these wages?

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Who is the Einstein that decided paving a section of Middle Road while Harbour Road is closed for utility maintenance is a good idea? Is this the type of decision a 6 figure salary gets you at W&E? Quick Finance Minister, here is a job that can be eliminated.