U.S. Military To Give Four Vehicles To Regiment

February 3, 2017

The United States military will hand over three refurbished vans and a truck to the Royal Bermuda Regiment [RBR] next week.

The vehicles, three Toyota vans and an Isuzu truck, were formerly based at a U.S. Navy base in Japan and gifted to the RBR by the U.S. Northern Command [NORTHCOM]. They traveled thousands of miles to Georgia for a makeover before being shipped to Bermuda for use by the island’s soldiers.

U.S. Consul General Mary Ellen Koenig said, “We are pleased to see the continuation of the long, strong tradition of close ties between the U.S. military and Bermuda.

“These vehicles will be used by the Regiment to provide support to relief efforts for events and emergencies across the island.”

NORTHCOM Chief of Security Operation Colonel Andrew MacLean and Ms. Koenig will hand the trucks over to RBR Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel David Curley and Minister for National Security Jeff Baron at the RBR’s Warwick Camp next Tuesday.

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  1. San George says:

    Still benefiting from the Uyghurs – the gift that keeps giving from America. You can thank the PLP and Dr. Brown for these.

    • Just the Tip says:

      That is bull and you know full well that it is

      • Kathy says:

        Not bull. There has to be a reason they are donating and delivering them. And the Uyghurs are a great reason!

        I would like to know what they said when they called up and said they would make a “donation” to Bermuda.

      • In All Fairness. says:

        Ya right San George. None of the people involved in those talks are even involved in politics anymore. By the way I don’t think you or anyone got the full picture. We as a people would have liked to know what was happening with the Uyghurs, the real risk, the terms and conditions and cost. You know… sorta like you and others demand on the Airport project. Except every opportunity you have to know more – you disrupt

    • No , we can thank Trump.

      • Terry says:

        Read the article fool.
        It said three ‘vans and a truck’ not a Trump………………………………………

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Ouch, that had to have dislocated a joint with that stretch.

    • Bermy says:

      Put down the kool aid homie

    • Really says:

      Shall we Thank them for all the debt and oversized civil service as well?

  2. Real Deal says:

    we need cutter boats not vans.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      No thanks, all the same, do you know how expensive those boats are to operate and maintain.

  3. sage says:

    US military buys Japanese vehicles?

    • Bermy says:

      Yes when stationed in Japan it would make sense

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        They do drive on the left in Japan you know.

      • In All Fairness. says:

        Yes that may be true, but the question asked by Sage isn’t that silly. We drive on the left, and for decades we had a US base here and they imported their own military vehicles.

  4. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Hummmmm. are those the same vehicles Isis uses?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Same Toyota 1/4 tons W&E buys then blings up for the foremen.

  5. Bermy greens says:

    All good but we don’t even use our toy army .they should be guarding the cabinet grounds . Tell me what our taxpayers dollars actually go on for the bermuda regiment . 2 week camp and salarys to be paid all year round so we can play toy soldier here. Come on bermuda start using the regiment for some of our matters rather than for just around the island power boat race .oh and hurricane clean up. Put the veichels and ammunition to good use .

  6. Green House Gas says:

    I agree! If we have a full time regiment with men and women being employed 365 days a hear and 100% of part time recruits then they should be visible and of service 365 days a year and we should get more bang for the buck. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT suggesting that those employed at Warwick Camp and the recruits are not working hard every day. All I am saying is that I believe (like many) that their services can be used better, like relieving the pressures from a reduced police department and fire service. Our Firefighters are asked to put out fires, and expected to be first responders and EMTs. They are often the first on the scene, attending to victims, securing the scene, directing traffic etc… until the ambulance and police arrive. Why can’t the men and women in the Regiment be trained to do the same and relieve the pressure of the firefighters and provide support to the Public between Hamilton and Port Royal Fire Stations?

    Also in these tough economic time do we really NEED to take the recruits overseas for a few weeks to JA or NC? If other services and department have had to do more with less, shouldn’t those trips where we must charter planes, pay for lodging and training overseas be one of the first to be cut, or reduced? Again, not saying they are doing nothing, just saying their time can be used to better serve the community. Did my son and the community really benefit from his trip to the US in NC and his time spent training in a tank, or on the firing range shooting guns we don’t have here? Or could it have been time and money better spent on him being trained assisting the community and supporting the fire, police and St. johns?