Dockyard Will Be “Place To Work, Rest & Play”

March 9, 2017

The Royal Naval Dockyard will be a place to “work, rest and play,” as more than $10 million has been invested in renovating historic buildings this year to make new office space and upgrade homes, WEDCO said today.

Andrew Dias, General Manager at the West End Development Corporation [WEDCO] said: “The work was always in the pipeline, but was given fresh impetus as a result an insurance pay-out from recent hurricanes and the America’s Cup.

“Many of the buildings being renovated will be used by people from the America’s Cup as well as the ACBDA team, but after that, they will be available to locals.

Dockyard-Clock-Tower-Bermuda-Night-generic hh

“We always wanted Dockyard to be a vibrant, 24/7 place and hopefully these developments will go some way towards that ambition.”

He added: “We are investing an enormous sum of money and we will see the transformation or protection of many buildings.

“When finished, we anticipate that it will be home to a range of commercial activities adding even more life and more attractions to Dockyard. People will be able to work, rest and play in the Royal Naval Dockyard.”

Some of the major restorations include work on Prince Alfred Terrace which is being renovated and restored to apartments at a cost of approximately $4.5 million.

Once the renovations, which include a complete interior restoration including additional bathrooms and layout improvements, have been completed. First use will go to the ACBDA, until the end of the America’s Cup.

The Spar Lane Apartments are being given a new lease of life and once work is finished they will again be used as homes.

Moresby House, or HMS Malabar, is being restored and will be office space, the Sail Loft [pictured below] has been restored and will also be available for use after the America’s Cup.

WEDCO Sail Loft Bermuda March 9 2017

The old Police Barracks is enjoying a new life as home to Artemis Racing, one of the teams taking part in the America’s Cup.

As well as major work, WEDCO has done work on less obvious projects including roof upgrades, asbestos removal and electrical, plumbing and painting work.

Some examples include: North Basin Building #10 – the Canvas Shop – on Smithery Lane, has been restored over a four-month period and North Basin Building #14 – West End Yachts – on Camber Road, has been restored; North Basin Building #3 – the Anchor Restaurant – has also undergone renovation work including a roof replacement.

Mr Dias added: “Dockyard is a very important part of Bermuda’s tourism product and it is imperative that we at WEDCO do not stand still. We have to continually invest and reinvent ourselves to keep us ahead of the competition.”

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  1. While our schools and seniors are being neglected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kidder says:

      Have you considered whether we may be in a better position in the long run to help schools and seniors because of this investment?

      Or does that not fit your narrative…

      • Using “whether we may be” and “investment” in de same sentence sounds like an unsure gamble.

    • Andrew Dice Clay says:

      What came first the chicken or the egg…..

      • Billy Bob says:

        As long as the omelet come out nice it don’t matter to me

    • sid says:

      It’s about time. I could not understand why so many government-owned buildings were being left to rot away until they fell down.

    • sid says:

      Those are government buildings that could be put to good use and make money for the government, which would generate money for things like schools.

      It’s horrifying that the government just let most of the Dockyard dilapidate for 50 years.

  2. InquiringMind says:

    Wonder what Terry says now after saying the below in Nov2016 re the redevelopment of Moresby House (#ijs):

    November 17, 2016
    What a load of sheet.
    Who the hell is going to pay for this. WEDCO? Government?
    April 2017?
    That’s like just under 6 months.
    Which Government department will inspect it so it is sound to be occupied.
    If I ever needed a dark and stormy it is right now.
    Folks………you can’t make this sheet up.

    Like(19) Dislike(13)

    • Terry says:

      You hit the nail on the fake cup handle “InquiringMind”………

      Well done.

      When your finished sitting on the COI give YETTB a call…………………

  3. Enough says:

    Fantastic stuff going on up there.

  4. Janice says:

    You can’t fix stupid neither can any government , head to Russia and try that first before buying