Photos & Live Video Replay: Town Criers

April 20, 2017

[Updated with photos] After initially getting underway in St. George’s yesterday, the Bermuda International Town Crier Competition continued today [April 20] at City Hall, with sixteen Town Criers from around the world participating in the competition. The Town Criers will head back to St. George on Friday, April 21st, when the finals will take place at 11.00am in Bob Burns Park.

Slideshow with over 100 photos:


The 70 minute live video replay is below:

Click to enlarge photos:

click here Bermuda Town Criers

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  1. Real Onion says:

    Both Bermuda Town Criers outfits are lacking in colour and design and it’s clearly reflected against these Visitors every time they come to Bermuda.

    • Murray Burns says:

      Typical Bermudian attitude, not happy unless miserable and what a dreadful attitude to take towards visitors. Sorry, can’t agree, I was very impressed with the turnout. Yours, Murray Burns, son of Bob Burns (town crier)