Visitors Injured In Collision In Hamilton Parish

May 18, 2017

[Updated] There are currently traffic delays in the Shark Hole Hill, Hamilton parish area due to a collision involving two visitors which the police said “may involve serious injury.”

At 1.45pm, a police spokesperson said, “A collision has been reported in the Shark Hole Hill, Hamilton parish area.

“Details are limited at this time. However, initial information suggests that two visitors were involved and the incident may involve serious injury.

“Motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible until further notice and to expect delays in that vicinity.”

Update 2.58pm: The police said ‎the collision scene has been cleared and an update on the two injured visitors will be provided later.

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  1. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Oh no.

  2. Micro says:

    Wish W&E would clear and cut back the vegetation. May or may not have been a factor but it’s been pretty ridiculous far too long how much trees and brush have been allowed to encroach on the roadway on both public and private properties the entire length of Harrington Sound Road.