BFA On Safety Initiatives For Youth Programmes

June 22, 2017

The Bermuda Football Association said they note the recent conviction and subsequent sentencing in the courts, adding that they “hope that this brings closure for the three men and their families and signals the beginning of the healing process for them.”

“The Bermuda Football Association applaud the bravery of these men and re-iterate our call for any others who are “suffering in silence” to seek out the helping organizations and the judicial bodies as we believe these cases are a matter for the courts of Bermuda as there is no statute of limitation on cases of child abuse,” the BFA said.

“The BFA will continue to introduce policies and programs like GLAD, BASBEC; Coach Education & Licensing and our Club Licensing program.

“The SCARS and First Aid requirements contained in these initiatives help to ensure our players can learn the game in a safe environment conducive to football development. Our clubs are well on the way to achieving the requirements for Club Licensing as the list of SCARS and First aid trained persons grows exponentially.

“In a further step, we have asked for Child and Welfare Officers to be assigned to each organization that has programs for vulnerable persons.

“Our goal is to work with the Department of Social Services to have this is in place before our youth season commences in September. We believe this step is a must for all youth organizations operating in Bermuda.”

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  1. vamos says:

    Ok, sensible words BFA, but your bigger issue is that older teenage boys cannot play in a league because of gang violence.

    It’s terribly sad, and your biggest challenge.

    This is a forum, and all about begging questions, so mine is what are you doing about your biggest challenge?

    • Spotty says:

      Yo Vamos. What is you saying their ‘biggest challenge’ is? Yo , if you’d got somethin to say- jus’ say it!!! For real!!