Video: Future Leaders Programme Launched

June 22, 2017

[Updated with photos] The Future Leaders Programme was officially launched today, featuring remarks from Programme Director Ryan Robinson Perinchief, Premier Michael Dunkley, Opposition Leader David Burt, David Astwood of Conyers Dill & Pearman and Pearman and Collin Simmons of the Bermuda Industrial Union.

The Future Leaders Programme is a summer course for ambitious, committed students with an interest in service, citizenship, activism or leadership that will empower them to recognise their roles as leaders within their community and develop a sense of civic duty through hands-on education and meaningful service.


Students will explore some of the social challenges in Bermuda through academic study, hands-on education and meaningful service to local organisations to develop the knowledge, experience and leadership skills they need to make a positive change in the community.

This summer, Students will focus on the following areas:

  • 1. Service and Community Building
  • 2. Poverty, Violence, and Inequality
  • 3. Identity and Privilege
  • 4. Leadership
  • 5. Social Justice & Entrepreneurship and
  • 6. How to become Agents of Change

Students participating are as follows:

From the Berkeley Institute:

1. Taj Donville-Outerbridge
2. Kwensi Cann
3. Dakota McDonald
4. Kazaya Sealey
5. Robert Thomas
6. Seon Tatem

CedarBridge Academy:

7. Shi-Shun Burgess
8. Ashley Pacheco
9. Adriana Burchall
10. Jhazii Johnson
11. KaRi Richards `
12. Jibri Smith

Bermuda Institute:

13. Justin Bascome Dickinson
14. Riley Christopher
15. Chervonne Hodsoll

Somersfield Academy:

16. Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Sandys Middle School:

17. Marli Butterfield

Saltus Grammar School:

18. Z’Ajae Lee

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Comments (11)

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Dont look like Dunkley is afraid to go round de Union.

    • Frosty says:

      Say it again!

    • No way Jose says:

      Onion Sluice , I’m not a bit surprised that you would be surprised by that.

      • No way Jose says:

        Was the invitation to the future leaders camp by “invite only”? I can’t put by finger on it , but it just seems like this isn’t a true reflection of Bermuda and our youth? Just asking because it appears that there does not seem to be equal representation amongst schools? were the kids “selected” based on a certain criteria? Or were some omitted? Is this what Burt means when he talks about two Bermuda’s?

        • Whimsical says:

          I recall seeing an advert pertaining to this and you had to REGISTER if you were interested…..

        • bee says:

          Indeed! Onion Sluice and Burtie have a Bermuda in mind where it’s all one colour.

  2. Open invitation says:

    @No way Jose
    There were ads in various media advertising the camp. It was open to all young people.

  3. watching says:

    Amazing how Dunk can go to the UNion for this but not for a debate.
    What is the difference?

    • wahoo says:

      The people who would show up at the debate would yell and scream when it was his turn to talk, I call them the “no no’s” they only want one side of a story. Mr. Dunkley is intelligent enough to know that – pity that you need it clarified.

      Keep “watching” but talk less because it makes you sound like you are not up to date.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Good observation.

    • Silvery says:

      Two reasons. the issue (not wanting to debate) and it being election time (must be seen to have a relationship with the people).

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