Fire Service Responds To “Propane Explosion”

June 1, 2017

Bermuda Fire and Rescue personnel attended the Hamilton Health Centre on Victoria Street in Hamilton this afternoon [June 1] following a report of “a propane explosion”.

The BFRS said, “At approximately 3:38pm on Thursday June 1st, 2017 the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service responded to a report of “a propane explosion” at the Hamilton Health Centre on Victoria Street in Hamilton.

Fire Service spokesperson Acting Lieutenant Russann Francis stated that “there was a report of a bang and on inspection a strong smell of propane gas engulfed the area.”

“The Fire Service responded to the incident with two vehicles staffed with 8 firefighters, two of which dressed in breathing apparatus to complete a thorough search of the area. Firefighters turned off the propane cylinder valves to isolate the system as a matter of precaution.

“At the time of this press release, the cause of the explosion is unknown; however, there is a power outage in the area and the propane service provider will conduct an inspection of its distribution system.

“No one was hurt as a result of this incident.”

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