Photo Set #2: Heroes Weekend Parade Of Bands

June 19, 2017

Thousands of people made their way to the east end today [June 19] fighting long lines of slow moving traffic to either watch the finish of the Edward Cross Long Distance Comet Race in St. George’s or attend the Bermuda Heroes Weekend ’Last Lap’ Parade of Bands at Southside. The streets of Southside were lined with pop-up canopies and saw spectators flock in high numbers to watch the Parade of Bands revelers.


Bermuda Heroes Weekend got underway with the ‘Five Star Friday’ event at the National Sports Centre on Friday [June 16], continuing with the Raft Up at Shelly Bay on Saturday [June 17], and the Pan in the Park at Victoria Park on Sunday [June 18].

The J’Ouvert celebration took place from 3.00am until 8.00am this morning [June 19] at Bernard’s Park. You can see all our coverage of BHW here.

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  1. Islander says:

    Truly truly truly enjoyed ourselves – looking forward to next year. Only thought is Midnight on Sunday to put their stakes up or rope up their spots. And it is not about removing tape trusting people had placed on the curb or sidewalk to secure their spots. Bermuda is definitely another World!!!

  2. Johnny says:

    So we don’t allow thongs on our beaches and too conservative for gay marriage.. but have you seen the amount of flesh people are showing?! I think some of those costumes go TOO far, it’s disturbing and unnecessary- keep it in the bedroom people. And you want to talk ‘two Bermuda’s’ and woe are the locals who can barely make ends meet…. you know some of these costumes cost up to $1000?! Maybe that money should go to the mortgage, the Belco bill or children’s uni fund.

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