Chronology Of Bus Problems In Bermuda

November 16, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Bermuda’s bus problems date back to at least February 2011 when 35 to 45 buses were off the road on a daily basis.

Over the years, there have been driver shortages, mechanic shortages and tyre shortages which have all plagued the system keeping buses off the roads.

February 25, 2011: [Bermuda Sun] 35-45 buses are off the road on a daily basis.

September 28, 2011: Transport minister Terry Lister says 47 of the 121 strong fleet were out of service.

February 21, 2012: [Bernews] Transport Minister Derrick Burgess says that three new mechanics are being hired and they should work between 4pm and midnight as that is when most of the busses are parked.

June 20, 2012: [Bernews] 18 buses are off the road because of a lack of tyres. Transport Minister Walter Roban said an additional 24 buses were out of service, bringing the total to 42.

November 29, 2013: [Bermuda Sun] 10 new buses will arrive before Christmas. Bermuda has 112 buses.

January 9, 2013: [Bermuda Sun] The Buses still haven’t arrived and Government plans on ordering another 10 to meet demand.

August 23, 2013: [Bermuda Sun] 32 buses out of 112 were out of service. 10 new buses were expected by the end of the year.

June 13, 2014: [Bermuda Sun]: Buses are cancelled at the last minute because PTB is short 15 drivers.

March 17, 2017: [Bernews] 105 buses but adds there were 123 in 2007. Average age of the fleet is 10 years. The last new buses were purchased in 2014, before that 2009, which contradicts statements from 2013 saying buses were purchased then.

August 24, 2017: [Bernews] 72 out of 105 buses out of service. Four new buses are on order for $1.2 Million.

September 8, 2017: [Bernews] Government says in the Throne Speech it will immediately hire six bus mechanics, but there were 14 vacant bus mechanic positions.

September 12, 2017: [Bernews] The bill for minibuses to take children to school because the bus breakdowns could cost as much as $630,000 – as much as two new buses.

September 15, 2017: [Bernews] 58 out of 105 buses are out of service.

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  1. Kevin says:

    That is Management at its best , and we expect a balanced Budget from these same folks ….Good luck with that
    They need to fire the PS of Transport who I will take a wild guess has been at that post for quite some time

  2. UM JUS SAYIN' says:

    Would it be possible to start charging schoolchildren again, as this may provide the revenue required to support hiring new mechanics, ordering required parts or new buses, and possibly the hiring of new drivers?

    • PBanks says:

      Possibly, but no political party is going to want to even think of such a gesture. The horse has long ago bolted.

  3. um um says:


  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Inept management at its worst. What will it take to force the Government to privatise the public transport. Yes, it will still have to be subsidised but with revenue, far better management & a smaller cost to Government a reasonable profit can be made & the public gets reliable transport.

  5. Jenn says:

    Still no solutions yet the public are paying the same fare costs. If the buses were maintained properly we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    • Onion says:

      To balance the budget, as we promised, we will simply raise the prices! On everything. Smile 24/12.

  6. Wait what says:

    Wow….that’s a lot of money for a temporary service….isn’t that nearly 1700 a day for 1 year?…do the minibuses fly?

  7. Onion says:

    Don’t forget that on top of all these costs this Government also has a contract to provide independent / private mini bus services!

  8. Onion Jiuce says:

    No personal responsibility, or public!