Video: “Paradise Lakes” Song Showcases Island

November 21, 2017

Greg Morrison, a writer and singer who has lived in Bermuda, has released a song and video titled “Paradise Lake,” which highlights “Bermuda’s hidden oasis.”

Mr. Mossison said, “I wrote the song Paradise Lakes and recorded it with the help of Steve Easton at Just Platinum Studios. I played guitar and sang. Steve sang some of the background vocals and mixed the tracks.

“I came to Bermuda from Canada over 14 years ago and have worked in international business. Like many others, I am taken by the beauty of the island. Paradise Lakes is a very special place, one that would be hard to duplicate anywhere in the world. It is strikingly beautiful. I was moved to write a song about it.

“John Woolridge, who wrote and produced the song and video Proud to be Bermudian, produced the Paradise Lakes video. John and I intend to collaborate on a couple other Bermuda-related songs that I have written.

“A local couple, Anuli Roberts and Chris Ferriera, acted in the video. They had no previous acting experience.”

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  1. wahoo juice says:

    Okee dokee

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  3. Hmmmm says:

    Bermuda is the perfect place to fall in love!

  4. bdaboy says:

    …as long as you’re not gay….