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December 5, 2017

Bermuda College Dual Enrollment, developing a virtual business, IT Internship, a gaming computer course, hairdressing training, and horticulture are just some of programmes and initiatives CedarBridge Academy has put in place with an aim to “enhance each student’s learning experience and foster a better learning environment.”

CedarBridge Academy provided an overview of their course offerings and new initiative programmes, saying that at “CedarBridge Academy, where excellence is valued, we cultivate Bermuda’s achievers.” This is the motto the school lives by. The goal of building up our young individuals and holding them to a high esteem. Working to make them Bermuda’s leaders and the world’s innovators.

“Now settled into their classes; returning students are strategizing on how to succeed and make it to graduation. New students are hoping they can keep up with the change in pace. No matter their focus, CedarBridge has put in place a number of new programmes and initiatives to enhance each student’s learning experience and foster a better learning environment.

“Recognizing the need to prepare students for life after school, CedarBridge is ensuring students succeed by receiving qualifications and skills necessary to move on and into work placement all whilst contributing to a daily enrollment in secondary education.

Advanced Placement Courses. An array of subject areas are now available as Advanced Placement [AP] Courses where students have the opportunity to earn college credit. Such courses available are English Language, Literature, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, Environmental Science, Music and Psychology to name a few. All courses earn students 1.5 credits towards their Bermuda School Diploma.

Bermuda College Dual Enrollment Programme. Students can receive credit towards college certificates and degrees commencing in their Senior 2 Year. Programmes available are the Associates Degree part‐time or full time, Applied Technology, Nursing Assistant and Hospitality.

BILTIR Math Honors Programme. Offered as an extended Math course, the BILTIR Math Honors Programme is for Senior 2 Year students preparing for IGCSE examinations. Classes are scheduled once per month from January to May. There is an option to be tutored in insurance and reinsurance in which there is potential for internships.

Virtual Enterprise International [VEI]. VEI is a course that allows students to develop and operate a virtual business. All work is carried out online and students take on key roles within an organization. All those enrolled have an opportunity to travel overseas to participate in an international competition.

Credit for External Certifications. Students from all year levels can earn credits for certifications undertaken outside of school. Some examples are Life Guard Training or Scuba Diving. Students can decide on up to three [3] certifications to earn extra credit. Each certification earns them 0.5 credits towards their Bermuda School Diploma.

Government Procurement Office Partnership. Students in their Senior 3 and 4 Year who are enrolled in Physics and NCCER courses are eligible to attend and participate in weekly sessions at the Bermuda Government Procurement Office. In partnership with CedarBridge, the Government Procurement Office will expose students to quantity surveyors.

IT Internship Programme. Students who show exemplary performance in their IT courses throughout the school year have the opportunity for selection into the IT Internship Programme. Geared towards all year levels and registered as co‐curricular hours, students can earn $15.00 an hour.To enroll, students must submit their resume and their is potential for summer employment.

Entertainment Technology. CedarBridge has embarked on a new gaming computer course designed to offer students engaging content and assessments. Students will collaborate with other students on production and delivery of a shippable video game. They will gain skills in visual scripting of a game engine and build a comprehensive portfolio of digital art. Developed by professionals within the video gaming industry, this course is geared towards Senior 3 and 4 Year students who wish to pursue this type of career and progress into apprenticeship programmes and future employment. In order to optimize students’ chances of success, they must have achieved four GCSEs at grade C or above, including Math and English and would also benefit from having studied art and design. Senior Year 3 student, Mathew Ivo had this to say about the course,

“The coding and everything else involved in it will help you increase your math thinking skills, help you become more organized with your work, and you will gain a better knowledge with the use of modern technology… you are able to create games exactly how you want, so you have full customization on the look, sound, movement, different levels, characters and much more.”

Maintenance and Light Repair. Students at CedarBridge have the opportunity to enroll in an automotive course in Maintenance and Light Repair. These students are able to obtain the Real World Automotive Certification. The course prepares them for the exam in which they sit at the end of the year. This is the same exam that individuals within the industry take to become certified.

RSJ Internship Programme. For the many events that take place at the Ruth Seaton James Center for the Performing Arts, there is opportunity for Senior 3 and 4 Year students to assist. They will learn about such areas as lighting, stage and technical skills. Interested students must submit their resume to enroll and will earn co‐curricular hours which can lead towards part‐time employment possibilities.

Horticulture Programme. For Senior 3 and 4 Year students interested in learning about growing fruits and vegetables, the Horticulture Programme is offered between October and June. Classes occur once per week during the school day and a change of clothes is required. Interested students who wish to enroll in the programme must submit their resume in which there is potential for summer employment opportunities. This programme earns students 0.5 credits toward their Bermuda School Diploma.

Landscaping Programme. Offered between November and June on weekends and after school, students at every year level can enroll in the Landscaping Programme. There is also potential for employment. Students are required to bring a change of clothing.

City & Guilds Hair Dressing. This certification course is available to students at every year level and runs from September to June. Students have the opportunity for employment possibilities.

BFA Junior Referee Programme. Organized by the Bermuda Football Association [BFA], the Junior Referee Programme is taught two times a week by local referees between October and December. It is held at the BFA Field [Old Gymnasium Field]. Students are required to bring their PE kits. This course is free to students and earns them 0.5 credits towards their Bermuda School Diploma.

Junior Painting Programme. Students interested in the art of painting can sign up to learn about painting facilities. The programme requires students to be available after school, weekends or during school holidays when most painting jobs occur. Those who apply must submit their resume and will be assigned designated areas within the school. There is opportunity to earn $15.00 an hour and enrollment is open to all students at every level.

Fashion and Textile IGSE. CedarBridge facilities have undergone major renovations over the summer break. One of those facilities is a new purpose built sewing room outfitted with new equipment. Students at every year level can now experience a state of the art classroom designed for the Fashion and Textile IGSE Certification course, ensuring students have access to all essential equipment.

Sailing Programme. The Vision Sailing Academy headed by Mr. Rajae Woods has partnered with CedarBridge Academy to offer students sailing instruction between September and December. The course is free to students and earns them 0.5 credits towards their Bermuda School Diploma. This course is offered at every year level and sessions take place at the West End Boat Club in Sandys Parish. Transportation is provided.

Ocean View Golf & Country Club. In collaboration with the Ocean View Golf & Country Club, CedarBridge has put together various offerings for students to learn and discover their area of interest.

Golf Programme. Students have the opportunity to learn from golf professionals Brian Morris and OJ Pitcher in a 10 week programme where a basic golf introduction is given including etiquette and short game rules as well as driving range practice. At the end of the 10 week programme students will participate in a mini tournament. No prior golf experience is required and the programme is open to all year level students.

Day Release Programme. Working to produce well rounded students, CedarBridge is exposing them to a variety of opportunities. At The Ocean View Golf & Country Club, students can decide to train in the food and beverage area; working within the restaurant concession run by Mr. Ramon Dowling. They can get involved with the golf course maintenance aspect working under Superintendent, Mr. Dennis Pilgrim or devote themselves to the front line of the facility within the Pro/Golf Shop.

“With the vast number of programmes in place, CedarBridge has also implemented new initiatives to ensure students have necessary access to equipment and applications. Each department now has access to designated computer labs to assist students in producing high quality papers, projects and electronic presentations expected in colleges and in today’s society.

“Recognizing the importance of technology in education, students can utilize the My I‐Math computer application to practice school material at home and prepare for exams. Parents also have the option to monitor their child’s progress. Coming in January, CedarBridge will be rolling out with the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiative in which Senior 3 and 4 Year students are permitted to bring in their laptops and tablets for school use. Devices must be approved based on specific criteria.

“With the desire to streamline services all students and staff have been assigned IDs to aid in electronic attendance for entering the building, early departures and attending school events.

“This is especially crucial in the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support [PBIS] Project where students can earn passes to celebrations and events based on meeting academics, attendance, conduct and uniform standards. To maintain such standards, students are asked to review their progress every two weeks with Data Day, an advisory checkpoint.

“Wanting to boost school pride and a sense of cohesiveness, students organize monthly house meetings and pep rallies. The Wildcats Running Club is also offered to all students. Between October and May, practice is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in which students meet in the Gymnasium dressed in their PE kit. There is no cost for this club and participation goes towards co‐curricular hours.

“For more information on available courses and programmes please contact CedarBridge Academy on 296‐5665.”

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