Digicel Launches Fibre Internet & TV Services

December 1, 2017

Digicel has launched their new fibre service, offering customers the ability to bundle internet, TV and voice services.

“We’ve brought a world-class fibre service to Bermuda that will finally deliver the much-awaited true fibre experience customers have been waiting for,” announced Paul Stafford, CEO of Digicel Bermuda & BTC.

“Think of it as a brand new internet highway with no congestion allowing for fast download and upload speeds with zero buffering; so you can live stream your favourite movie in one room, while online gaming and video calling take place in other parts of the house. Only true fibre gives you super-fast speeds that won’t suffer no matter how many devices you use.”

“For years customers have had a confusing and expensive array of tiers and add-ons in order to get the channels they want. We’ve made things simply better”, Mr Stafford added.

“Customers will finally be able to watch more of the shows they love in HD, a bigger and newer Video on Demand library as well as a whole host of new features including pause and rewind live TV, seven day catch up and multi-screen. Plus with 50 hours of recording time binge-watchers can save their favourite shows and catch-up on their viewing at their comfort.”

Internet-TV-Bundles Bermuda Dec 1 2017

“Our pricing is extremely competitive when compared to what’s already in the market and people will now get what they are pay for with a world-class TV and internet service. We’re giving customers big savings when they bundle internet, TV and voice. For example customers can save $85 per month with our Premier Bundle which contains 129 channels and 100Mbps.

“In addition customers have peace of mind of having one bill from one provider. As BTC is a Digicel company we’ve also added a Digicel Fibre Zone to the BTC store on Cedar Avenue making it easier for customers to learn more about the fibre bundles and to sign up.”

To get the fibre experience, call 500-5000 or talk to a sales agent in the Digicel or BTC store. You can view the bundles and pricing here.

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  1. Trufth says:

    Those prices are beyond ridiculous. No thank you.

  2. josh says:

    I was on the friendly user testing and the delivery was awful, took four visits to get mine connected.

  3. lloyd says:

    $385 a month?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Weebles says:

    Digicel needs to drop their prices , I was also a tester , i know bermy is an expensive country , but you people over do it with pricing, and i some of your channels don’t work , $185 for 105 channels and 25Mbps