US Air Force Plane Doing ‘Touch & Go Practice’

December 12, 2017

The L.F. Wade International Airport continues to host unusual visitors, with today [Dec 12] seeing a 757 US Air Force plane visit, doing what officials described as “routine touch and go practice.”

Yesterday the airport first welcomed Bermudian pilot Finnie Holder who flew the JetBlue flight from Boston into the island, and later that evening a Boeing 747-400 British Airways plane landed, and we also had a Thomas Cook plane land today.

Mr. Holder’s visit marked his first commercial flight into Bermuda during his many years as a pilot, while the British Airways flight was unofficially understood to have landed with just a flight crew, as one of its four engines was inoperable and it was here in order to refuel.

United States of America Plane Bermuda, December 12 2017-4869

United States of America Plane Bermuda, December 12 2017-4888

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  1. The Gvt will spin this.. says:

    as airport arrivals increase!! The “new plan” is working.


  2. joe blow says:

    That would be Air Force 2 the USA vice presidents plane.

    • 32N64W says:

      actually the US Vice President does not have an official aircraft assigned for his use – only the President has an assigned airplane. the designation ‘Air Force One’ applies to any aircraft that is carrying the President – there is no such designation for an aircraft carrying other executives. there are two Boeing 747-200s, identically equipped with extensive communications and other special stuff, available for the President’s use – there is discussion about replacing them as the current aircraft are over 30 years old. the 757s like the one practicing touch-and-go at BDA today are VIP transports that might be used to carry the Vice President, or a cabinet officer, or a senior military officer, or senior personnel of a government department. there are also several smaller aircraft, Gulfstreams or LearJets, that serve as VIP aircraft – and there are also helicopters. several cabinet officials have gotten into trouble (and one was fired) for misuse of the VIP aircraft for personal or unnecessary flights.

  3. facts of the rock says:

    Bermuda has hosted these touch n go training many times before.