Mountain Bike Race Series Points Standings

February 24, 2018

After Seven Races in the 2017-2018 Furniture Walk Mountain Bike Race Series, now bring you the current Championship Points Standings.

Charles Swart is the leader in the Male A Division with 92 points, Adam Kirk is in second with 72 points and Matthew Oliveira is in third with 50 points.

Hans Hirschi leads the Male Veteran Division with 175 points, Andrew Hern is in second with 119 points and Garth Fleming is third with 105 points.

Sarah Bonnett is the leader in the Female Veteran Division with 75 points, while Karen smith is second with 44 points.

With 161 points Nicholas Narraway leads the Male B Division, Blake Camara is second with 129 points and Alan Potts is third with 129 points.

Ashley Robinson is leading the Female B Division with 139 points, while Earlena Ingham is second with 54 points and Sarah Bonnett is third with 50 points.

The current leader in the Male Novice Division is Cesar Oliveira who has 160 points, Simons Hanrahan is second with 144 points and Sherman Darrell is third with 125 points.

Jennifer Wilson leads the Female Novice Division with 159 points, while Zina Jones is in second with 133 points and Sarah Hicks is third with 74 points.

Manning Smith leads the Junior Male 13-15 Age Group Division with 141 points, Cameron Morris is second with 128 points and Kieran Malott is third with 114 points. Megan hands leads the Junior Female 13-15 Division with 75 points.

Gordon Smith is leading the Junior Male 12 and Under Division with 169 points, Milo Dasilveira is second with 134 points and Armand Trew is third with 127 points.

Hailey Trott is the current leader in the Junior Female 12 and Under Division with 117 points, Charlotte Millington is second with 45 points and Lindsay Hayward is third with 44 points.

The full 2018 Bermuda Mountain Bike Championship points standings follow below [PDF here]:

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