Power Outage: Harrington Sound School Closed

March 6, 2018

Harrington Sound Primary School has been closed this morning due to a power outage, the Department of Education has confirmed.

A Government spokesperson said, “Due to a BELCO transformer that has blown in the Harrington Sound area this morning [March 6] there is no electricity to the Harrington Sound Primary School.

“As such, the Department of Education would like to advise all parents that the school has been closed; and encourage them to make arrangements to pick up their children as soon as they can.”

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  1. Stevie says:

    Really? The kids could be doing stuff at school. Typical government run school.

  2. San Patrick says:

    Thanks BELCO for keeping the power on.

  3. Honestly says:

    Sometimes it is necessary to close schools. Harrington Sound is a rather large school. If they kept the students for the day, they would end up with major plumbing problems.