37 People Certified As Guest Room Attendants

April 24, 2018

Thirty-seven people, who successfully completed a Guest Room Attendant Program – a joint initiative of the Bermuda Hospitality Institute [BHI], Ministry of Education and Workforce Development, Department of Financial Assistance and Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism – were awarded certificates and pins at a special presentation.

Held at the Fairmont Southampton, the graduates were congratulated by BHI Executive Director Malika Cartwright and Minister of Education and Workforce Development, Diallo Rabain. Also in attendance at the awards ceremony were several Government representatives including: Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Jamahl Simmons; Minister of Social Development & Sport Michael Weeks; and the Director of Workforce Development, George Outerbridge.

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Mrs. Cartwright said: “We are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment these 37 individuals have put into finishing this certification programme. We see this as not only an opportunity for them to find gainful employment as guest room attendants, but more importantly, we hope they will use this as a launching pad towards other successes in their careers.

“Since it was founded in 2010, BHI’s mission has been to encourage the development, growth and sustainability of Bermudians in the hospitality industry – and thanks to this joint initiative we have dozens more Bermudians, who are qualified and ready to make a winning impression on the hospitality industry.”

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Facilitated through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, successful participants leave with a Skills, Tasks and Results Training [START] Guest Room Attendant Certification. In addition to the in class curriculum, participants are given hands-on, practical experience cleaning guest rooms, thanks to support from the Fairmont Southampton .

Minister Rabain praised the graduates for “staying the course” and completing the Guest Room Attendant Program this year.

He stated: “I hope this has been a rewarding experience and that the results of your hard work will bring you employment success in the hospitality and hotel industry. This program was put in place to give relevant training and development opportunities for Bermudians.

“Based on discussions with industry partners, it was clear that there was a need for professionally trained and a certified persons for Guest Room Attendants for the upcoming tourism season.”

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According to the Minister, the Department of Workforce Development team has worked hard to ensure potential candidates were security vetted, skills assessed, and had updated resumes. He said prospective candidates were assisted with job coaching and interview skills in preparation for the recent 100 Jobs Initiative.

“I want each of you to know that your Government is committed to diversifying training and getting work program initiatives up and running so that Bermudians are working in all sectors of the island’s workforce,” said Minister Rabain.

“Your Government’s mandate is to prepare Bermudians to be in positions that lead to work and to being financially successful. We are committed to ensure that the Bermudian workforce can live in dignity and earn the proper wages for their work.”

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He said more programs would be announced in the coming weeks with other career development and advancement opportunities, as well as a comprehensive National Workforce Development Plan.

In addition, the BHI currently has two spring training courses being offered – one which trains people on how to serve guests with disabilities and another on reputation management on Trip Advisor. For more information on those offerings, visit here.

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  1. nerema says:

    It’s a two-weeks training course. It’s all good, but do 4 government ministers really need to be there? They can’t resist a photo op can they.

    • Wha.. says:

      Yes because they are representing their ministries who sponsored the program….then if they dont show up people will be saying that they dont care..I am so sick and tired of the bias in this country. Grow up people. They are showing support and still there is always someone to try and find some sort of negativity!

      • Double S says:

        I laugh at such false outrage as displayed in the comment above. You and your team couldn’t stop the daily negativity whilst in Opposition. Now you demand that everyone not to act like you guys did for 4.5 years.

  2. G says:


  3. flikel says:

    Are we becoming ‘over certified’? In my travels, room attendants or ‘maids’ are minimum wage jobs, requiring no formal education or training.

    However, in Bermuda, these jobs are heading toward requiring formal certification? Why?

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      The hotel the president and COO of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute worked at calls this position a straight up “Room Maid” and the only qualifications are, “Minimum 2 years work experience in hotel operations. Good customer service, communications and interpersonal skills are a must.” no certificate of any sort asked for. PLP and BTA are wasting tax payers money on Bermuda Hospitality Institute and American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. Just get Bermudians back to work and tell their employers to leave the embellishments to dessert decorations not the job criteria. Bermuda needs to get away from being a corporate colony and start being a nation that stands up for it’s people.

  4. Thank you PLP

  5. aboogiewitdahoodie says:

    why ya gotta be certified as a room attendant? how hard is it really smh

    • Ya Mama probably still makes ya bed, wash ans iron ya clothes and cooks ya food.
      If um paying $300 a night for a hotel room …………..

      • Anbu says:

        Oh OJ lets be real here brah. U know full well that ya mama still makes your bed too. Youre prob using her computer to post your message too huh?

    • shrew says:

      your attitude is exactly what is wrong with Bermuda. i bet you don’t even know how to make a bed properly. your momma still do it for you pet?

    • Kindley says:

      It’s not an easy job. The certification is more training on how to do the job better and to give you pride in your accomplishments. Guests appreciate an efficient room attendant.