Court: Trott Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison

April 6, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A man was handed a 25-year prison sentence for gun crimes committed on Mother’s Day last year.

Jahmico Trott, 30, was sentenced to 15 years in jail for the attempted murder of a man and an additional ten years to run consecutively for using a firearm.

He was also given 12 years each to run concurrently for handling a firearm and carrying a firearm to commit an offence.

Judge Carlisle Greaves, in handing down the sentence, said he would be eligible for consideration for parole in 10 years.

Justice Greaves said this was a unique case in Bermuda as it was a case of attempted murder with a gun that was not gang-related and it deserved consideration for less time than the standard 15 years.

However, he added that the statement Mr Trott read in court today showed he still had anger and vengeance bubbling inside him, which still presented a danger to the victim, and maybe to others.

In his statement, he likened Justice Greaves to a master “magician” and the “devil”.

He said: “The magician, now he is ready to go on to his next show to perform for his next sellout crowd. The same script, just a different cast, but still one of the greatest shows on earth.

“The courtroom of Carlisle Greaves, the greatest magician in modern day times. People, please open your eyes and don’t wait until it happens to you or someone that you love.

“I was wrongfully convicted of a crime that I did not commit nor did I have anything to do with and my life is about to be taken away from me but let my story be a lesson to all and don’t be fooled by the illusion because the greatest trick that the devil pulled off was proving to the world that he did not exist.”

Mr Trott received a smattering of applause from his family and friends in the courtroom after he finished.

Justice Greaves complimented Mr Trott, saying, “That is a great talent that you have there writing a script such as that.”

The Justice added that he would look forward to buying the defendant’s future books if he puts his time to good use while he is in prison.

The Justice said in handing down his sentence the fact the crime took place on Mother’s Day, one of the most loving days of the year, was sad.

“The karma is reversed,” Justice Greaves said. “For it was on her day you committed an act that will now put you in jail.

“The sins of anger, spite, vengeance, hate have ravaged men and families for centuries. Yet, we would not learn. That Mr Trott is the true magicians.”

The Justice added he hoped Mr Trott would learn the rudiments of love and forgiveness.

He said Mr Trott’s invading a residence of a citizen and then his dogged pursuit of his intended victim down Court Street after jumping from the second story showed how much vengeance he had.

Justice Greaves said the firing of shots from the gun down Court Street was reckless and endangered innocent citizens’ lives.

“The evidence, in this case, is strong and convincing,” Justice Greaves added. “It appears even now you have not let go of that trick. You will not progress until you shake him off.”

He said his lawyer’s argument that Mr Trott should not get the 15 years because previous cases in which the 15 years were handed down were gang-related and caused considerable injury was a “persuasive argument.”

“This court saw to draw a distinction between gang-related attempted murders using a firearm and one-off attempted murders by other citizens. It may be persuaded in some cases that the sentence should be one of less than 15 years, but I think your case is different.”

Justice Greaves pointed to the aggravating factors but added, “Your elocution persuades me even more of your intent and that you still constitute a real danger to him, and, perhaps to who else?

“Your anger, spite and vengeance is still so strong that I think you fall right into the category of the sentences that the gangsters have received.”

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