Minister Greets Returning Commonwealth Team

April 16, 2018

Following the conclusion of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, some members of the Bermuda team returned tonight [April 16] with Minister of the Cabinet Office with Responsibility for Government Reform Lovitta Foggo welcoming them back at the airport.

Commonwealth Games Bermuda Team Airport, April 16 2018

In what has been an exceptional performance by Bermuda’s team this year, the island’s team claimed multiple distinctions, including one gold medal, one national record and six top 20 finishes.

Flora Duffy raced to victory in the triathlon, winning a gold medal, becoming the first Bermudian woman to achieve the honour, while Tyler Butterfield set a new Bermuda record in the marathon.

The island was represented by four triathletes in total, with Erica Hawley and Tyler Smith, who are both only 19, also turning in stellar performances, and all four competed in the team relay, marking the first ever appearance by Bermuda in the Commonwealth Games team triathlon.

Micah Franklin claimed victories while competing in squash, and Bermuda also made a strong showing in track and field, with long jumper Tyrone Smith making it to the finals, and the island fielding two sprinters at this elite level, with both Tre Houston and Kyle Webb in action.

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Minister of the Cabinet Office with Responsibility for Government Reform Lovitta Foggo

    Where’s the Minister of Sport? Prolly on a taxpayer junket lmfao…

    • shrew says:

      I never understood why it was necessary for ANY govt official to be there or anywhere regarding sports. Sports should be one of the places that politics stays the hell away from. Sports and Education: get govt out!