Ocean Rock Launches ‘Healing Bermuda’ Book

April 11, 2018

Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot, the Medical Director at Ocean Rock Wellness, along with colleagues Dr. Sabrina Famous and Beth Hollis, are launching a book titled “Healing Bermuda”, which has been a year in the making.

Dr. Peets Talbot said, “Seven years ago when I moved back to Bermuda to start my medical practice, I was greeted by a serious health crisis; of the 65,000 or so people living on the island, 70 percent of the population was either overweight or obese.”

“With heart disease, diabetes, and cancer on the rise, I knew I wanted to do something to help.”

She further explained that she was dismayed by the amount of money being spent here in Bermuda and overseas on health care, with no significant improvement in quality of health to show from it.

When Dr. Peets Talbot first arrived back in Bermuda, she was eager and excited to help Bermudians tackle their toughest health problems. Unfortunately, at that time, she was also suffering from her own health issues and did not have the energy or desire to be impactful.

Dr. Peets Talbot said, “In order to help others, I knew I had to heal myself first, and that is exactly what I did.”

“Once I made consistent changes in my diet and lifestyle, everything else fell into place beautifully. I went from low energy, restless leg pains, and infertility to feeling amazing.”

Now Dr. Peets Talbot and her team are keen to share health information with Bermuda, and their book, Healing Bermuda, was a collaboration from each of their unique specialties.

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Dr. Peets Talbot said, “Our book has been a year in the making and we are truly excited to finally be able to share it with Bermuda.

“Your goals are our goals, like feeling good, having high vitality, maintaining your ideal weight, sleeping better, managing your pain well and decreasing your dependence on toxic medications.”

“Another exciting fact about the book is that Stedman Graham wrote the forward,” added Dr. Peets Talbot. “We all know that Bermudians love the author and speaker, Stedman Graham, and in Healing Bermuda he talks about his wonderful connection with our beautiful island, Bermuda.

“We truly believe this book is going to help Bermuda fight their health care crisis. Our mission is to get this book into as many hands as possible, thus arming our fellow Bermudians with the necessary tools.”

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“Thanks to an amazing sponsor, we are gifting 5,000 books – that’s right, 5,000. It sounds like a lot, but given the fact that 45,000 people [70% of the population] are overweight and/or obese, 5,000 books, well that’s merely scratching the surface.”

“By getting this book in your hands you will be amongst the fortunate few on their path to optimal health.”

Dr. Peets Talbot said, “Our free book giveaway has a limited time offer, you have to take advantage of this gift by April 25, after that they go on sale island wide. The book is valued at $29.95. To get your free copy of Healing Bermuda, register here.”

For more information about Ocean Rock Wellness, you can head to their website or follow them on social media via @oceanrockwellness They are located on the second floor of Charities House, 25 Point Finger Rd. Paget.

Ocean Rock Wellness Healing Bermuda April 2018

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  1. Dangel says:

    Excellent initiative!

  2. Ty says:

    Well done!